How to adjust your sewing machine for comfort

When you are using the sewing machine for long time then sure you will be suffering from the back pain and this will also lead to the body pain when you use it for whole day. The sewing machine is the machine in which for stitching the materials the whole parts of the body work into the action. So it is very important t choose the sewing machine and setup at the right position with the needed additional things to avoid the back pain and to be more comfortable while you are stitching the dresses. While purchasing the sewing machine try to choose the needed requirements for making the sewing work to be more comfortable. The need of making the sewing machine to be comfort is that because when it is comfortable to you, you can stitch more dresses in the short period of time without having any pain the body.

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Steps for sewing in comfort

Being comfortable while quilting and sewing is found to be more important than your fabrics, tools, threads and sewing machine because you can have the best sewing machine equipment with you but when you are in pain and straining when using the machine then you are body will not be supporting to perform the work properly. Where this will be making the stitches will not be straight and it makes the dress to look dull and following are the some of the important factors of sewing which you need to consider for having the comfort use of the machine.

  • Height of the sewing table – A dining room table with the average height of the 29-30 inches high is enough to provide you more comfortable sewing and when you add the additional base to the sewing machine then its height is increased by 3 inches. Where this additional 3 inches will create the body pain and strain throughout your body.
  • Height of the chair – While using the sewing machine you should use the adjustable chair for having the proper sitting positions where this will avoid you from getting the back pain.
  • Position of sewing machine – You should always keep your sewing machine in one position and the machine should not be kept too close to your body by placing the sewing head to be off center to your body where this will be making your shoulder and the arm muscles to be strained.

When you keep above three things in your mind while using the sewing machine then you can avoid getting the body pain and strain and you can also use the sewing machine comfortably for long time without having a pain in the body. The comfortless is the most important thing which you need to keep in mind while using the sewing machine and when you are a professing sewer then you will be using the machine for whole day and you will be suffering from the body pain. So when you consider the above factors while sewing then you will be feeling vey comfort in doing the work.

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