How to sit at the sewing machine

To find the proper sewing surface heights just sit on your chair and hold the magazine in your hand such that it is in front of your eyes and read the magazine if you could read the magazine comfortably then you are probably sitting in the right position at the chair. To confirm it measure from your elbow to the floor if it is of 5.5” to 7’’ to this amount where in the difference between your elbow and your hands will be falling hen you are sewing. The sitting position at the sewing machine is as follows.

  • Your forearms level should be in the position that it should layout on the table of the sewing machine
  • The seat in which you are sitting should contain the backpack that too it should be positioned at the angle of the 90o or 110o.
  • Your knee should be positioned at the angle of the 90o or 110o.

When you place the chair at the above mentioned angle you will be having more comfort and you can do your work for longtime without suffering from the back, leg and knee pain.

About the Risk factors at the sewing workstation

The employees are encountering the several risks at the sewing workstation like leg postures, trunk, neck and awkward arm in which these postures are influenced by the design of the workstation and the size of the worker. The major issues to these risks is that how the sewing machine is placed and what kind of the sitting chair the employee is using, the position in which he sits and place his arms. When you change these things you can feel better and comfort able when you’re at the sewing machine. For example when you are setting up the sewing space then it is important to be aware of the proper sewing postures and without having the proper posture you could not be able to work comfortably and it will leaves you to have the fatigue and backaches health issues. While setting up the sewing workstation you need to consider these three things for good and better comfort working they are.

  • Chair
  • Table
  • Pedal/Treadle

Where you should also use the chair that allows you to put both of your feet on the floor with your knees making to be relaxed at the angle of the 90 degree and you should also make the table to be low enough height to place your hands as same level as the sewing machine needle. The most important thing is that your elbow should be at the position of the right angle in order to avoid the joint pain where this will create the strain in your hands.

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When you consider these things and setup your sewing machine you could sit at your comfort place and do your work and the important aspect is that when you are sitting at the right positions itself ensures that you have placed your machine to be at right position setup.

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