Foot or start button?

The sewing machine with the start or foot button unit enables you to operate the sewing machine by hand so controlling the machine sewing with the foot is no longer required where this accessory consists of a start/stop button and a speed control. The first press of the button starts with the sewing process while the slide control allows you to have the infinite variations of the speed. Pressing the start/stop button once more time makes the sewing process to stop where the start and stop unit ensures you to have the relaxed sewing and the start button sewing is used especially for long, big sewing projects.  Using the start button or the foot makes the sewing to be much easier and following are the some of the benefits of having the start button sewing machine.

  • It is useful in sewing long seams for example window treatments
  • By using the start button sewing machine you can make many decorative stitches for long period of time
  • Acufeed or quilting with a walking foot
  • It provides the variable zigzag in the sewing

When you have the sewing machine with the above features then you can sit in front of your sewing machine will be more comfortable and you do not have to press the machine continuously or keep reaching further with your leg as the foot control creeps away.

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Simple steps for using the start/stop button sewing machine

The following are the simple steps for using the start/stop sewing machine in which you can feel comfort while you are using the sewing machine and when you use this machine you can feel more comfortable while you are doing stitching work.

  • As a first thing you need to remove the foot control from the sewing machine
  • Place the fabric under the pressure foot at the desired position and then lower the needle to hold it in place
  • When you lower the pressure of the foot then the machine will be starting to sew at very low speed so that make sure that the fabric is moving under the foot properly
  • Once you have determined that everything is correct then release the start button from the machine then it will speed up the sewing process
  • You can also setup the control slider for speeding up your machine such that you are comfortable with it
  • When you come close to the stitching then press the start/stop button then the machine will slow down so you will be getting the complete control of the machine

When the needle reaches the end then the start/stop button will be released automatically and the machine will immediately stop its process. The sewing machine with the start/stop button will provide you more comfort when you are stitching the fabric cloths for longer period of time and the most important thing is that you will be getting any knee, neck or backache pain. So for getting more comfort while using the sewing machine just you attach the foot control system unit at the machine.

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