How to sit at the sewing machine

To find the proper sewing surface heights just sit on your chair and hold the magazine in your hand such that it is in front of your eyes and read the magazine if you could read the magazine comfortably then you are probably sitting in the right position at the chair. To confirm it measure from your elbow to the floor if it is of 5.5” to 7’’ to this amount where in the difference between your elbow and your hands will be falling hen you are sewing. The sitting position at the sewing machine is as follows. Your forearms … Continue reading How to sit at the sewing machine

How to adjust your sewing machine for comfort

When you are using the sewing machine for long time then sure you will be suffering from the back pain and this will also lead to the body pain when you use it for whole day. The sewing machine is the machine in which for stitching the materials the whole parts of the body work into the action. So it is very important t choose the sewing machine and setup at the right position with the needed additional things to avoid the back pain and to be more comfortable while you are stitching the dresses. While purchasing the sewing machine … Continue reading How to adjust your sewing machine for comfort