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Imagine yous desire to read a story well-nigh the near recent Facebook privacy scandal or how Bitcoin actually works – what site would you get to? Some sites will requite y’all clickbait headlines and the same old recycled arguments. Other sites, even apparent ones, offer unremarkable second-hand accounts. Rarely practice you go to hear the in-depth story from the first-person perspective from the best tech professionals.

Hacker Noon delivers an independent tech blog with honest and unfettered stories and opinions written by real tech professionals, with:

  • 7,000+ contributing writers,
  • 200,000+ daily visitors,
  • 8,000,000+ monthly pageviews

Our traffic is ranked in the summit 5K of all websites worldwide and in the tiptop 3k of all Us websites past Alexa. Nosotros publish ≈ 20 stories per day from effectually the internet. Hacker Noon has been
consistently profitable for ii.five years and is now raising funds for the first time.

Hacker Noon can become a much amend destination for tech publishing with your help today.

In 2017, to create a steady revenue stream, Hacker Apex started a weekly sponsorship bundle and worked with tech companies like Pubnub, Manifold, Pusher, Segment, Mixpanel, & Amazon’s Bot Division, educational organizations like Edx & Total Stack Academy, and blockchain companies like Odem, Ingot Money, and Dmarket. 52% of companies had renewed or committed to renewing with us.

In the Autumn of 2018, Medium, our Content Management Organisation (CMS), decided to ban all third-party ads. This meant that our revenue stream would be cut off and frankly didn’t make much sense to the Hacker Apex customs. How tin can Medium, a 3rd party to Hacker Noon, go on their own ads on hackernoon.com? Medium fabricated an offer to buy hackernoon.com, simply the offer was rejected.

The Hacker Noon story that bankrupt the Internet. Read more than


Manifold, PubNub & Pusher are amongst our echo customers

We ended the Weekly Sponsorship in fashion – with Amazon.

– says Codacy CEO & co-founder Jaime Jorge

– says CosmicJS’s co-founder Carson Gibbons

We don’t desire to annunciate the shoes you’ve considered buying effectually the web, we do want to surface sponsors that are relevant to the bailiwick matters existence read, such as blockchain sponsors on blockchain content. We believe sponsorship is not evil, if done right. What’southward evil is surveillance. Our sponsors volition be either site-wide or by subject matter.

We call back in that location is a major difference between a “sponsor” and an “advertiser”:

  • Sponsors are long term. Ads are short term.
  • Sponsors say why they’re here. Advertisers distract from you lot from being here.
  • Sponsors care about demographics. Advertisers care near individual user data.

Hacker Apex runs on sponsorship promotions, never personalized ads.

Our promotions are like billboards – relevant to the content and not the individual reader.
Without sponsors, nosotros tin’t make the site costless for readers forever.
Our sponsorship placements are minimalistic & non intrusive. No sidebars, no popups, no video ads. Nosotros care about reading quality and will never take that experience away from the reader.

One of the main reasons Jonah Peretti left Huffington Post and started Buzzfeed was because the ad organisation was non baked into the tech. By increasing the advert elapsing and having no sales middlemen, Hacker Noon has been able to offer customers better rates and ameliorate relevancy, and we’ll have healthy margins with longer term customers. We want to own the relationship with the brands and take quality brands that validate the content. We have been extremely selective in choosing which brands to exist Hacker Noon sponsors and will continue to practise so going forward.

– says Antair Founder Andrey Butov

– says VC Business firm Founder Collective

Source: Google Analytics (excludes all RSS traffic)

Source: Source: Alexa (2018).

With upcoming guests like Tracy Chou of Pinterest & Projection Include, Gary Tan of Initialized Capital Partner, & Suhail Doshi of Mixpanel, The Hacker Apex podcast, hosted by Trent Lapinski (formally, Crypto Disrupted) will explore new mediums for delivering the truth about how the tech manufacture actually functions.

While Hacker Noon is primarily text-based, in a recent Hacker Noon survey, 71% of readers said they would like to listen to a Hacker Apex podcast. The community asks – we heed. Hacker Noon is on the path of diversifying our content and scaling our voice.

And yeah – this podcast is too run on sponsors. Our lineup includes Datadog (a echo customer), Harbor & Treehouse Tech Grouping.

Upwards next: quality video content on YouTube.

The Hacker Noon job board is where tech leaders hire, and the brightest people in tech find jobs. This marketplace is a natural extension of our publication. What’s a better place to hire tech talent than where people already read about tech & tech talent?

This chore board stems from our demand to rent our own tech talent in anticipation of the transition off Medium. Instead of paying for a talent acquisition service, we create our own! Then far, we take had over 100+ applications and we take interviewed 30+.

Some great companies are already hiring on our task lath, like Decent, LeafLink, Noson, the Nakamoto Terminal, the Gritti Fund and yours truly (front finish developer & backend developer).

Up adjacent: Jobs integration with Hacker Noon contributors’ stores.

Hacker Apex’south Acting CTO

The founder of v1labs & Techstar-backed Knowtify, Dane is one of the all-time production minds around. He is joining Hacker Noon as interim Chief Technology Officer. Hacker Noon CEO David Smooke previously worked with Dane’s visitor Knowtify before it was acquired by Kissmetrics.  His primary responsibilities will be evaluating tech talent (front end & back terminate) and working with the new team members to build our ain infrastructure.

“To build a good product, you’ve got to embrace change. When you have a product and you alter something about the product, there’s really only iii outcomes. It’south going to get better, it’south going to go worse, or it’s going to stay the same.”

Dane Lyons

i-CTO, Hacker Noon

Up adjacent: a full 3-person tech squad led past Dane to build our ain CMS.

To Our Readers:

  • Tech stories (from actual tech professionals)

  • Free to read forever

  • The choice to not share their reading information

To Our Writers:

  • Quality distribution

  • Customs driven editorial line

  • Multiple means to monetize content & earn coins

To Our Sponsors:

  • Top navigation site wide takeovers

  • Branding of relevant writers, subjects & stories

  • Minimalistic tech stores

To New Visitors, Nosotros Do Non:

  • Runway readers

  • Force readers to login

  • Run intrusive ads

Hacker Noon’s Market Position

We strive to provide a forum to acquire about and publish what matters in the tech world.

We intendance deeply about our contributors. What makes Hacker Noon truly stand up out is the fact that
we are independently-owned
community-driven. Our customs drives our editorial, not just our traffic. By staying truthful to our spirit (publish what the community wants), we naturally become ane of the virtually trusted blogs in blockchain & cryptocurrency. Going forward, nosotros will harness the ability of our community even more than by empowering subject matter experts to go verified writers and community editors (more below).

We alive in the beautiful cyberspace infinite betwixt corporate blogs and the New York Times – providing tech professionals a raw destination for what is actually happening in the tech manufacture. Past having a niche – engineering science – nosotros will always accept more than focus than past contributor networks like Medium and the Huffington Post.

“Hacker Apex tin can exist a much better destination for readers and contributors than information technology is today. For the first time, nosotros’re raising money.

Readers want to read more and writers want to write more. Support will go a long way with this community. We made Hacker Noon into a staple of tech media with a lean team and we are primed to expand. I made a questionable publishing partnership with Medium. Our goal is to build a new infrastructure that is optimized for how people use and desire to utilise Hacker Noon.

I’1000 looking forward to becoming the best identify for tech professionals to publish.”

David Smooke

Founder & CEO, Hacker Noon

Linh Dao Smooke & David Smooke

The construction of Hacker Noon 1.0 leaves much to be desired. Users either accept admin access to every unmarried page of the site (as an editor) or none at all and tin can only submit stories for review (as a writer). In Hacker Noon two.0,
verified writers
earn the right to hit publish &
community editors
earn the right to control the site’due south curation.

A writeris someone who can submit stories for publication on Hacker Noon after an editorial review process. Based on the quality and functioning of their stories, all writers can become verified writers.

A verified writer
is someone with proven rail tape in an area of expertise. They will not exist subject to the normal 3 business organization day review process. They tin can automatically have their stories published.

A community editoris someone who can curate pages and publish story submissions. For example, if they are an expert in blockchain, they can curate, edit & distribute stories related to blockchain.

– says Hacker Apex’s CEO David Smooke

Ultimately, Hacker Noon contributors want – and deserve –
choice. The contributing writers are at the center & soul of our platform and nosotros want to serve them first and foremost.

In Hacker Noon two.0, the contributing writers volition have the opportunity to gain:

  1. Audience & Community
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Freebies
  4. Points and Coins

Nosotros will double downwards on quality story distribution, and improve how contributors gain value from that exposure.

In Hacker Noon 2.0, nosotros desire to better how we help contributors scale their own communities. For example, instead of gaining followers on our site,
nosotros will supplant the ‘follow’ push button with a ‘give email’ button. We prefer contributors electronic mail their community through us, but they are more than welcome to take their emails and communicate with their community how they encounter fit.

Contributors earn the right to take their stories optimized for their own call action – we will encourage pattern that drives real business activity.

In Hacker Apex 2.0,
embeddable call to actions
will exist baked into the site. We will likewise build
minimalistic stores then that contributors tin can capture interest for things related to their stories.
Utilise cases for these leads are: software demos, software purchases, email newsletter subscriptions, ebooks, long-class reports, consulting services, jobs, and more than.

Nosotros will leverage the brand and aggregate of the community to provide additional benefits to the individual contributor.

This will offset past systemizing activity that is already happening effectually Hacker Noon, such as
complimentary tickets to the all-time tech events.

Starting with verified writers and community editors, Hacker Noon 2.0 can move into boosted benefits, such as
free software and even the Airdropping of tokens, a la Earn.com. The best tech brands want their products and services in the easily of height tech influencers.

Nosotros volition as well brand it uncomplicated for readers to tip the contributor with fiat and crypto, and earn points for their contributions.

All contributors will earn hacker points, and in the futurity these points could serve equally the basis for non only site influence, only also a hacker apex cryptocurrency. It will be an iterative process to map points to value. More tangibly in Hacker Apex 2.0,
our design will arrive uncomplicated for contributors to collect appreciations from their readers
in the course of fiat and crypto collections.

– says onetime Wired writer Joseph Flaherty

– says Dimension Data’s Global Head of Talent + Innovation Antony Shaw

                                          – says Huckletree Full-Stack Developer Alex Hughes

                                      – says Hack Mental Wellness Founder Stephen Cognetta

The plan starts with a new infrastructure where more revenue opportunities are broiled into how it’s made – we plan to use approximately half of the funding to build a profitable site without Medium’southward Content Management System. We plan to use the other one-half of the funding (in addition to acting revenues) to dilate what’s been working.  To attain this goal, here is the anticipated breakup by function:

We are raising $i,069,993.40 for 14.32% ownership of the company with a $vi,404,200 pre-coin valuation. If this crowdfund round is fully subscribed, Hacker Noon’s mail service-money valuation will be about $7.5M.

This is our first circular of funding. While we don’t plan to make fundraising a habitual exercise, we have plenty of equity bachelor to do another crowdfund or venture raise if we choose. As we publish a lot virtually cryptocurrencies and blockchains, our contributing writers take given us enough of ideas almost how we could create a Hacker Noon token. A token raise is the most likely and highest-ceiling road for Hacker Apex iii.0.

Our company is entirely common stock (#equality), just as a thing of logistics, all crowdfund shareholders will grant their voting rights to the CEO.

Minimum Investment


All investors can have their stor(ies) of selection reviewed by a man editor for publication on Hacker Apex, as well as free access to all Hacker Noon content forever or as long as at that place is Hacker Noon (hopefully that’south equally long as in that location is internet). Costless content is really true for anyone who visits the site, but equally many sites accept readers’ information, attention and/or currency in exchange for consuming stories, we want to remind you that by supporting Hacker Noon, you support one of the internet’s best principles – freedom of data.

$ane,000+ — all the above, plus access to the
company’s quarterly
overview and quarterly investor video briefing

$iii,000+ —  all the above, plus “investor of the calendar week” feature atop our weekly newsletter to 175k+ ppl, linking to your social media of pick

$10,000+ — all the above, plus
an interviewby a Hacker Noon contributor; and
2 stories published
about y’all or your company on Hacker Apex

$25,000+ —  all the to a higher place, plus a
guest appearance
on the
Hacker Apex Podcast

— all the above, plus a limited edition Hacker Apex t-shirt (#painfullygreen). Isn’t the startup life too much about schwag? If you invest the max, nosotros’ll give you a day. Just permit u.s.a. where you live and what yous practice then David our CEO will go to
your city and place of businessand work on your tech, your media, your story,
helping build whatever it is yous’re building
in whatever fashion we tin can help. We hope people considering investing $107k would do the aforementioned for the states. At this level we’re looking for partners who desire to spend fourth dimension bettering Hacker Apex. Yes, we are not kidding near the t-shirt. Information technology is painfully greenish and it’s all yours.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

** If any of the perks isn’t applicative to you, the greenish T-shirt is yours.

Early Bird Disbelieve

Investors who invest on or before
November 5th, 2018 – November 6th, 2018 (11:59pm PT)
will receive a 10% early bird discount on the price per share ($7.38)

Investors who invest on or before
Nov 6th, 2018 (12:00am PT) – Nov 9th, 2018 (xi:59pm PT)
will receive a 5% early on bird discount on the price per share ($7.79)

We at Hacker Noon accept created a successful tech blog, providing free stories for readers, quality free distribution for writers, a community-driven editorial line and high performing campaigns for sponsors.

Your investment tin can help us grow into the #i contained tech blog on the web and keep us free of platform dependence. All platform dependence and venture investment create bias and vested interest.  We want to amplify voices based on merit of their work and their story.

Nosotros believe At present is the best time for you to invest in Hacker Noon, because:

ane. Superlative 5k sites in the world
rarely have full raises this low.
There are 644 billion sites in the world & publishing platforms in the top 10k global Alexa ranking have a median Total Raise Corporeality of $28M (see nautical chart beneath). We tin can and we will greatly improve our valuation when we successfully build our own content management designed around our workflow.

Source: Alexa (for ranking) & CrunchBase (for amount raised)

*We believe Amount raised is a factor in having an idea of a company’s valuation.

** For Hacker Apex: bold that this crowdfund is fully subscribed

two. We have been
greenbacks-catamenia positive
for the by 2.5 years. It is rare for an early-phase startup to be immediately profitable similar us.  (run across our Turn a profit & Loss chart below).

Source: Source: Hacker Noon’south Quickbook Intuit

3. Our team is
extremely lean. Well-nigh other tech sites with like traffic are much larger than u.s.a. (come across chart beneath). Going forward nosotros will go on to stay lean with a team of 5.

iv. We have
never taken whatsoever investmentbecause we didn’t demand to. We don’t even own a concern credit bill of fare – 100% of our operating cost has been derived from our revenue. To build our own CMS, we are raising money for the outset time. And what better style to showcase the power of our Hacker Apex customs by doing an equity crowdfund offset?

5.  Our community of
7,000 contributing writers
(and growing) is our biggest nugget. The new site volition offer more than benefits to contributing writers. Our contributing writers will actually gain their followers email addresses, have the opportunity to earn coins, and the telephone call to action to their related business will be baked into the blueprint. Nosotros will give our contributors choice & distribution.

6. Over
52% of customers have renewed
or committed to renewing with us. We’ve already pre-sold sponsorships for Hacker Noon 2.0 in 2019. This is possible because nosotros believe sponsorship if washed right is not evil. What’south evil is tracking users.

seven. Over the past three years of publishing xx+ stories every single day, we’ve cultivated
rare industry noesis
of how to publish wildly successful content. Our library of ≈ 25,000 weblog posts is something people keep coming back to. We will curate that knowledge in a cleaner way with the new site.

8. We are i of the
internet leading publications in cryptocurrency & blockchain. Nosotros saw the ascent of blockchain through our own growth & nosotros believe tokens are the hereafter. Nosotros have the manufacture knowhow, the community & strong connections with blockchain companies. We are also introducing Points & Coins in Hacker Noon 2.0 in preparation of a potential coin offering.

nine. Support
independent tech media
for a better net! Equally many media sites take readers’ time, information, and currency in exchange for content, nosotros want to remind you that past supporting Hacker Noon, you lot support what the internet was created for – freedom of data.

When yous invest in Hacker Noon, you lot are investing in a civilisation of experimentation. Nosotros are always looking for new ways to make amend publishing destination and tools. While future experimentations volition be under the Hacker Apex hood, this experimentation commencement culture has produced additional digital avails (with varying degrees of traction) that tin can help grow Hacker Apex.

ArtMap Inc (dba Hacker Noon) owns a number of digital media sites, publishing tools and social media accounts, including but not express to:

Pageviews over the last year (in parentheses):

  • ARTplusMarketing.com (ii,120,000+)
  • FutureTravel.Today  (624,000+)
  • FitYourself.Club (740,000+ )
  • SmallBusinessForum.co (67,000+)
  • MyStudentVoices.com (820,000+)
  • 42Hire.com (182,000+)
  • ResponsibleBusiness.co (21,000+)
  • TheLacesOut.com (46,000+)
  • FestivalPeak.com (120,000+)
  • MovieTime.Guru (235,000+)
  • HealthcareInAmerica.us (248,000+)
  • Medium.com/Athena-Talks (792,000+)
  • KeepingStock.net (789,000+)
  • ExtraNewsfeed.com (5,129,000+)

Functions of these sites, and learnings from their performance, will exist in Hacker Apex two.0:

  • PaidStory.com is a contributed content service and branded content marketplace .

  • StoryLicensing.com is a marketplace to republish high quality blog posts. Also ain related domains: storylicense.com, bloglicense.com and bloglicensing.com.

  • AMIpolls.com is a site for our savory twitter polls.
  • AMI.network is a search engine of the AMI library.
  • WeeklySponsor.com sells Hacker Noon Weekly Sponsorships.

Twitter (75,000+ followers):

@ami, @hackernoon, @artmapinc, @athenatalkssf, @hackerinsights, @fityourselfclub, @thesmbforum, @mystudentvoices, @42hire, @keepingstock, @extranewsfeed, @lacesoutson, @movietimeguru, @americanhcare, @techtalented, @assesstalent

@startuphires, and more.

Hacker Apex has its proper name reserved on other meridian social platforms that we plan to expand on: Youtube, GitHub, Twitch, Minds, Instagram, Reddit, Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Pinterest, Linkedin, GIPHY and Facebook (17k Likes).

In the Printing

Next Steps In The Integration Of Artificial Intelligence And The Blockchain

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Lauren Glass, “Mastering Python Web Scraping: Get Your Information Dorsum,”Hackernoon, September 12, 2017, https://hackernoon.com/mastering-python-web-scraping-get-your-data-back-e9a5cc653d88.

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“Explain Delegated Proof of Stake Similar I’m 5 – Hacker Noon”. Hacker Apex. 2017-09-28. Retrieved 2018-09-25.

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I Tracked My Screen Time In iOS 12 & Hither’s What I Learned

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Just this is an evergreen topic, and it’s back in the news thank you to a HackerNoon commodity by Georges Abi-Heila. Anyone tin can download their information (on a computer, non on mobile) in a pretty straightforward way.

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Run into Our Team

Offering Summary

Maximum 130,487* shares of mutual stock ($1,069,993.40)

*Maximum field of study to adjustment for bonus shares. See 10% Bonus below

Minimum 1,219 shares of mutual stock ($ix,995.lxxx)

ArtMap Inc (dba Hacker Noon)

Corporate Address
Colorado Workspace
1099 Capitol Street, Suite 221
Eagle CO 81631

Clarification of Business

ArtMap Inc (“AMI”), is a digital publishing visitor that owns 16 different publications, averaging 10M+ page views monthly. Hacker Noon is the largest AMI publication at 8M+ monthly folio views, 7k contributing writers, and 200,000 daily readers.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock (the “Shares” or “Securities”)

Voting Proxy

Each Subscriber shall appoint the CEO of the Company, or his or her successor, as proxy and attorney, with the ability to (i) vote all Securities, (ii) give and receive notices and communications, (iii) execute any instrument or document that the CEO determines is necessary or advisable in the do of its authorisation under this instrument, and (iv) take all actions necessary or appropriate in the judgment of the CEO for the achievement of the foregoing.

Purchase Price of Security Offered
$8.twenty per share

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor)


All investors can accept their stor(ies) of choice reviewed by a human being editor for publication on Hacker Noon, equally well equally free admission to all Hacker Noon content forever or as long every bit at that place is Hacker Noon (hopefully that’s as long as at that place is internet). Complimentary content is really true for anyone who visits the site, simply as many sites take readers’ information, attention and/or currency in substitution for consuming stories, we want to remind you that past supporting Hacker Noon, yous support 1 of the internet’s best principles – liberty of information.

  • $i,000+ — all the above, plus access to the
    visitor’southward quarterly
    overview and quarterly investor video briefing
  • $iii,000+ —  all the above, plus “investor of the week” characteristic atop our weekly newsletter to 175k+ ppl, linking to your social media of selection
  • $ten,000+ — all the above, plus
    an interviewby a Hacker Noon contributor; and
    2 stories published
    well-nigh you or your visitor on Hacker Noon
  • $25,000+ —  all the above, plus a
    guest appearance
    on the
    Hacker Noon Podcast
  • $107,000

    all the above, plus a limited edition Hacker Apex t-shirt (#painfullygreen). Isn’t the startup life also much about schwag? If you invest the max, nosotros’ll give you a solar day. But allow u.s. where y’all live and what y’all do then David our CEO will go to
    your city and place of concernand work on your tech, your media, your story,
    helping build any it is yous’re building
    in whatever way we can aid. We hope people considering investing $107k would do the same for us. At this level we’re looking for partners who want to spend time bettering Hacker Apex. Yes, we are not kidding almost the t-shirt. Information technology is painfully green and information technology’s all yours.

*All perks occur afterward the offering is completed.

** If any of the perks isn’t applicable to you, the green T-shirt is yours.

Early Bird Discount

Investors who invest on or earlier
November fifth
, 2018 – November 6th, 2018 (11:59 PT)
will receive a x% early on bird discount on the toll per share ($7.38)

Investors who invest on or before
November 6th, 2018 (12:00 PT)
 – November 9th, 2018 (11:59 PT)
will receive a five% early bird discount on the cost per share ($7.79)

Irregular Employ of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Utilise of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary fabricated to one’due south self, a friend or relative; Whatsoever expense labeled “Assistants Expenses” that is non strictly for administrative purposes; Whatsoever expense labeled “Travel and Entertainment”; Whatsoever expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

  • Offer Details

  • Form C Filings

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Near recent fiscal year-end:
Prior financial yr-end:

Cash And Cash Equivalents


A crowdfunding investment involves hazard. Yous should not invest whatever funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the claim and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or canonical by any federal or state securities committee or regulatory potency. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.Due south. Securities and Substitution Committee does not pass upon the merits of whatever securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of whatever offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; withal, the U.S. Securities and Substitution Commission has not made an contained determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


But 11 hours left!

over iii years ago

Can you believe it??? iv months finally come to an end.

We welcome lxx+ new investors
for the
past ii.5 days. You will all exist added to our waitlist, in case space opens up!

For those interested in investing, there is no time similar NOW! If you deed fast enough (inside the next xi hours), there’s a very good run a risk that you will be an official investor in Hacker Apex.

A large, big, big shoutout to our investors at Monday Majuscule (Katerina Stroponiati & Konstantinos Stroponiatis), who have been then graciously lending us their office space at 441 Brannan Street, San Francisco. Also, shout out to Nick Larson of Onepiece who runs such an impressive co-working space!

Thanks, Monday Uppercase! Honored to be your outset not blockchain/crypto investment!

Afterward x days in San Francisco meeting as a team, we are finally dorsum to our normal routine. Our last work session lasted until 2a.1000. early Saturday morning. Now, Austin is back in Michigan, David & I are in Colorado (reunited with our daughter Norah), and Dane is alone again in San Francisco. 🙂

During our 10 days in San Francisco, we have had a lot of fruitful deep-dives, several project sprints, and of form, a successful effect @Github HQ (videos to come later this week). Nosotros are looking for volunteers, sponsors, & speakers for our next event in London effectually May/June. E-mail [email protected] if you are interested!  Nosotros have A LOT of proficient progress to testify you, and can’t wait for Hacker Noon ii.0 to launch whatever day now.

I’ll leave you with this set of Hacker Noon two.0 emojis below. They will exist incorporated in story reactions  👀 👀 👀 Check out this tweet to see the prototype of Emoji Reactions GIF.

Until side by side fourth dimension… at that place’s simply 11 hours left and so… what are you waiting for??? hit that invest button 💰 💰 💰

– Linh Dao Smooke

Hacker Noon #devstories @GitHub HQ, and officially oversubscribed campaign!

over 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

Two great things happened last night:

Firstly,120 developers showed up to our Hacker Noon #devstories @Github upshot, which was the first time 3 of our 8 speakers (all veteran developers btw) gave a #devtalk (what?)

And secondly, our disinterestedness crowdfunding is now officially oversubscribed! Woohoo! Regardless, at that place’re still chances to invest some more. I’ll explain in a bit.

Thank you – Stefan!

Hacker Noon’s humble start equally a tech blog was a identify for the overqualified and nether-glorified engineers to share their stories, from the first-person perspective. We’re a place to publish how they do they job: what they’re edifice, why it’s cool, and how exactly they’re edifice it.

“Too frequently, the story of the software is framed past the tech executive who doesn’t brand the thing. The person who makes the thing is the all-time to tell the story because they actually made the thing. The writer of code is the dictator of experience.” read the full transcript here.

And for us to unabashedly and fully dedicate an entire evening honoring the developers, it was fulfilling, wholesome, and much needed.

Hackers Welcome indeed!

The presenters grappled with questions like: can engineering reflect, or ameliorate however, predict human being behaviors?, how to deal with the paralysis of pick when information technology comes to pattern and iteration (pitting fourth dimension confronting money to decide endeavour)?, and the duality between “open” & “close” in an inherently contradicting organisation such as the blockchain. More than videos & pictures to come.

Dane showing Hacker Noon 2.0’s emojis to readers 🙂

Everyone lovesssss Brian’s talk

The audition was ecstatic. Near 2 hours long, and no 1 left. Afterward the consequence, people lingered around for more in-depth conversations, and suggested we practice more than events like this. And you know what, after
one, we might just.

Two of the presenters Lily Chen & Crystal Beasley

Thank you for coming, Jackie!

Our next stop: London – one of our top three cities in terms of readership. We are looking for volunteers, sponsors, & speakers for our next event effectually May/June. Electronic mail [email protected]hackernoon.com if you are interested.

Switching gears….


$1,069,985.71 raised! What a number.

It’s been a long road, merely we are nearly there. We’ve now entered a phase called oversubscription of a entrada.

What does this mean?

Aye, you tin can nonetheless invest in Hacker Apex. And no, we don’t actually have $1.07M in the bank yet.

Even though the SEC’s limit for a Regulation Crowdfunding is $ane.07M, commitments to the campaign in a higher place the maximum corporeality are listed as “non-binding indications of interest” and placed on the waitlist. As nosotros speak, StartEngine is working on getting all past investors’ confirmation of their investments. If for some reason, a past investment didn’t go through (due to inaccurate or expired payment info, or no response on certain communication emails from StartEngine), space would open upward for oversubscription/waitlist investors. The potential investor in the waitlist will have 24 hours to confirm before the spot is offered to others.

So what to exercise?

  • For investors who committed before Feb 28 (when nosotros reached max level):
    please ostend your investment. Search your inbox for that latest email from StartEngine, and respond it!

  • For investors who committed later Feb 28 (and in hence are on the waitlist):
    please be sure to act inside 24 hours if you get notice that infinite has opened upward for y’all.

  • For potential investors who are thinking about investing:
    delight do join the waitlist, at that place’s a skillful adventure that space will open up for you lot.

Information technology still feels surreal to me that we at present have over ane,000+ true fans. Cheers for those who’ve invested, spread the word, or simply been rooting for Hacker Noon since solar day 1. The squad is hard at work building the best identify for tech professionals to publish. And it starts past honoring the OG fans of Hacker Noon (the developers), and successfully moving off a Content Management System we’ve been so very dependent on. Any day now.

Until next time, don’t forget to hitting that invest button

– Linh Dao Smooke

Only 6 days left!

over three years ago

Only a friendly reminder that
at that place are only 6 days left to commit to Hacker Apex’due south equity crowdfunding.  Invest today before it’s too tardily!

Nosotros’ve been difficult at work building Hacker Noon 2.0,
in person together! Much thank you to our awesome Hacker Apex community to host us. We’ve been coworking place-hopping since last Wednesday and it’s been crawly 🙂

The whole full-time team together in
Node San Francisco. Question: can we make a stone band cover instead?

From all of us at Hacker Noon,

– CPO Dane, Full-stack Developer Austin, CEO David, and COO Linh

Run across the New Hacker Noon Editors!

over three years ago

Happy Friday everyone!

Shoutouts to our newest investors who have signed up to our community forum: Jonathan Rankins, Simon Zhu,
William Hoffmann, and Amrit Virdee! Again, if you haven’t yet seen the invitation, delight e-mail usa at [email protected]  to claim your spot! If you are already an user, check out
this thread where Dane discussed our progress and so far building the Hacker Noon 2.0 editor
. Comments are gladly appreciated!

Our goal is to be the all-time place for tech professionals to publish. Today, I’d like to innovate you to four new
Hacker Apex Staff Editorswho will help usa get at that place: Natasha Nel (Tech Editor), Ethan Jarrell (Software Development Editor), Utsav Jaiswal (Blockchain Editor), and Pirate Beachbum (Bitcoin Editor).

You can attain the new editors by emailing [email protected] or direct messaging them on Twitter. These staff editor positions follow the increase of inbound need of story submissions from revamping our contributing author catamenia (available at contribute.hackernoon.com).

Now let’southward encounter our new Hacker Noon Editors:

Pirate Beachbum (Bitcoin Editor)

Pirate is a long fourth dimension Hacker Noon contributor and co-founder of a popular social network. Pirate’s experience in edifice a popular social network — and before that a pop print mag — brings rare expertise to making Hacker Noon a better contributor community and reading destination. Also, check out his crypto influencer series
BITCOIN Comport Marketplace DIARIES

(interviews with
Akin Fernandez
, and
 Jimmy Song

Natasha Nel (@HackerNoonTech)

Natasha graduated from the Academy of Cape Town with a Journalism degree and four years’ experience as a freelance news reporter in 2012. The vi years in between then and now have seen her atomic number 82 the content marketing team of South Africa’s biggest edtech acquisition success story, GetSmarter; manage marketing for Custos — a blockchain-based media protection company that won terminal twelvemonth’s Blockchain App of the Year Award in Africa; and, most recently, help a squad from LA accept a Leafly-style app to marketplace in the wake of very recent cannabis decriminalisation in South Africa.

Ethan Jarrell (@HackerNoonDev)

Ethan graduated from Utah Valley University in 2009 in graphic design. He spent much of the adjacent 5 years as a graphic designer for a major sports company in North Carolina. In 2017 he shifted careers into spider web evolution, and somewhen ended up on a development team at AT&T. Through his different roles and positions, he has focused on writing about the technology he works with through blogging and other mediums.
Read more than of Ethan’south stories

Utsav Jaiswal (@HackerHODL).

Utsav enrolled to become a dentist in 2008 simply got seduced by Blockchain in 2009. He’s been contributing to the development of the narrative around Blockchain technologies ever since. He calls himself an API between the technologists and the general public. Every bit a not-engineer, he understands the requirements of businesses, equally well as, the constraints of engineers, and then, he makes the twain see.

Hacker Apex is working its way toward a community editorial line. Long term,
we think Hacker Noon can become a decentralized editorial procedure based on meritocracy of subject area matter expertise, i.east. the best blockchain contributors drive the blockchain stories’ curation and publishing; the all-time software writers drive the software stories’ curation and publishing; and so on. But we have to walk before we run, and that means, providing more editorial time.

Until adjacent time, don’t forget to hit that invest button!

Kind Regards,

David Smooke

Find of Funds Disbursement

over 3 years agone

[The following is an automatic notice from the StartEngine squad].


As you lot might know, Hacker Noon has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it’s near to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Hacker Noon be on the lookout for an e-mail that describes more than almost the disbursement process.

This campaign will go along to accept investments until its indicated closing appointment.

Thanks for funding the future.


Join Hacker Noon at Github’southward SF HQ on Feb 28 [Tech Event]

over 3 years agone

Hello everyone,

What a week! Our full raise is now up to
$1.013M, and we welcome
23 new investors
in less than v days. Shoutouts to Angel Velarde, Jarvis Luong, and Alex Grand for joining our community forum.  If you oasis’t yet, please send an e-mail with your full proper name and email used for Hacker Noon titled “request to bring together community.hackernoon.com.”

This calendar week, the team is working in San Francisco for ten days.
Bring together Hacker Noon @Github for our commencement-ever developers result on Feb 28, if you are in boondocks.

Hosted in Github’south San Francisco headquarter,
the event
volition feature eight 5-minute talks loaded with technical details, cleverness and real globe applications. Much thanks to our sponsorsPubNub(real time apps at calibration) andGitHub(how people build software) for supporting San Francisco’s developers, makers, and free thinking tech professionals.

Issue Schedule (February 28)

  • vi:30–7:00 Run into and Greet
  • vii:00–8:fifteen
    Awesome Dev Storytelling Fourth dimension. Introduction past Hacker Noon Founder/CEO David Smooke and MCed by COO Linh Dao Smooke.
  • 8:15–viii:45 Talk and Leave

Tech Talks (5 minutes each):

  • “How Humans Create Technology and How Technology Creates U.s.” past Crystal Beasley, Founder, podcaster, Mozillian, technical advisor to the American Psychological Clan Div 44
  • “Reader Emojii Reaction Iterations”
    by Dane Lyons, Hacker Noon CPO & Forbes Engineering science Council Member
  • “Making the Outset Open Source FIDO2 Security Cardinal” by Emanuele Cesena, Security engineer at Pinterest & co-founder at SoloKeys
  • “Understanding GraphQL through the lens of Hip Hop”by GitHub’s Developer Advocate Brian Douglas
  • “Realtime APIs that Amend Human Experiences” by Jordan Schuetz, PubNub Developer Relations.
  • “Characteristic Fatigue Kills UX”
    past Lily Chen, senior software engineer at Apollo.io and award winning competitive dancer.
  • “How a CDN Saved Our Hosting Bill”
    by Austin Pocus, Hacker Noon Fullstack Developer.
  • “Productivity Hacks using Modern Text Editors”
    past Pranava Adduri, Director of Programming for AWIP and Founding Engineer at Rubrik

All story presentations volition be videotaped and published on Hacker Apex. Beer and wine will exist complementary. Promise to see you there!

Until next fourth dimension, don’t forget to hitting that invest button.

– Linh Dao Smooke

Join the Hacker Noon Customs, and meet our awesome Fullstack Developer Austin Pocus

over 3 years ago

Hello everybody,

All the same another week has passed and we are now at
1038 investors
full heighten. Shoutouts this calendar week go to
Paul Roberts,
Andriy Marchuk,
Kevin Weiler, and

Vinícius Bittencourt Goulart

. Thank you for believing in united states of america.

This calendar week, let’south talk community. Equally the crowdfunding is terminal, we would like to invite you to join our community forum at https://community.hackernoon.com/. We will be winding downwards answering comments on this StartEngine page and moving all questions, concerns, and comments to the forum instead. It’due south a place to hash out the future of Hacker Apex and the future of tech media. The forum is in beta, and we are rolling out invites to all hacker noon contributing writers and

It’s been less than 24 hours since we started inviting people to join community.hackernoon.com

We are working toward becoming the best place for tech professionals to publish. Your input will help us get in that location!
 Nosotros did an equity crowdfund partially considering we believe many shareholders will aid grow the Hacker Noon community.
Comment or mail service a new topic to help determine what we build and how we improve Hacker Noon (and if we’re lucky, the whole tech media industry)… or merely post a random or full general tech idea. In the forum, we’ve already started sharing 2.0 product developments, site metrics and have had heated debates nigh which beast is the most resourceful.

So if you received an email in your inbox with the title “Exclusive: Hacker Noon Customs Invite for Shareholders” from [email protected] – please click on that magic link. If for some reason you haven’t seen the invite, please electronic mail [email protected] from the email business relationship associated with your StartEngine business relationship.

This community forum is not possible without help from our partner/sponsor DigitalOcean and our Fullstack Programmer Austin Pocus who whipped upward his magic wand and put upwards the Discourse instance in less than a day! And nosotros would love to introduce you to Austin today 🙂

Hailing from Roseville, Michigan, Austin started working office-fourth dimension with us from beingness a long-time partner in law-breaking with our CPO Dane Lyons. He’south been our full-time Total Stack Developer since January. In his own words:

Hi there! My name is Austin, and I’one thousand a Total Stack Developer here at Hacker Apex. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself, and over time, I’d like to get to know you lot besides. 🙂

I started didactics myself to code when I was 13, inspired by Steven Levy’due south Hackers and David Kushner’southward Masters of Doom (John Carmack is my hero). When my computer died, and my family couldn’t beget a repair or replacement, I congenital machines from boxes other people threw abroad, nerveless on flake metallic searches with my dad and brother — it took some pretty light custom Linux builds to run in nether a gig of ram, on these puny, underpowered machines.

Anyway, subsequently my initial disillusionment with C++ and Windows APIs, I spent a few years on the sysadmin track, simply to discover Perl. At that point I came to my senses, started hacking, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve co-founded 2 startups, one of which, YesInsights, was acquired in February 2017 by Pattern Pickle. In between my ain startups, I’ve worked for a few others, did the freelancing thing for a while, and even stepped out of the startup earth at my final job. Suffice it to say, I’grand extremely happy to be back in startup-land, hacking the twenty-four hour period abroad.

I honey to make game demos, web apps, and especially anything that helps people create. I also thoroughly enjoy quality SF and fantasy books/brusque stories, playing video games, and playing fetch with my cat (yep, seriously).

tl;dr I’m a developer on Hacker Noon two.0! Enquire me annihilation!

So at that place you have information technology – very succinctly put, we are excited to launch our community forum , and give thanks you Austin!

Until next fourth dimension, don’t forget to hit that invest button.

-Linh Dao Smooke

Hacker Noon Podcast Growth, Story Submission Numbers, and Monthly Traffic Update

over three years agone

Happy Friday everyone!

Nosotros are well-nigh at the finish line (again) with this crowdfunding entrada. Since nosotros last talked, we welcomed 25 more investors to Hacker Apex, and our total enhance is upwardly to 977k! Shoutouts this calendar week become to: Alex Wang of Ember Fund, Zibeh Zakka, Auston Bunsen, Jonathan Barefield, and Ross Blankenship of Vail Networks! Thanks for assertive in us, we will work hard for you lot.

This week, I’d like to share with you lot more than about the Hacker Apex Podcast. Hosted by Trent Lapinski and produced by Derek Bernard, the Hacker Noon Podcast has released 24 interview episodes, 3 special editions, and a few tech news commentaries. And we’ve been releasing all of our episodes as video interviews too.

Want to get involved? Visit hackernoonpodcast.paperform.co

Since the launch of the Hacker Noon podcast in tardily 2018 we’ve interviewed some of the smartest people in technology, much thanks to sponsorship from Digital Ocean, Datadog & Harbor.

Here’s our 5 favorite of the Hacker Noon Podcast Episodes:

  • Blockchain and Future Tech from the Crow’s Nest with Daniel Jefferies
  • Hacking The Chore Market via Lambda School with Austen Allred
  • The Truth About Crypto PR with Kelley Weaver
  • Catastrophe The Crypto Winter with Garry Tan and Brett Gibson of Initialized Capital, and
  • The Live Stream Hack with Peter Yang formerly of Twitch.

The podcast is growing in number of subscribers and listeners – and we are looking for more than awesome guests and sponsors! Contact u.s.a. today.

Switching gears….

Early last week, nosotros introduced a new way for Hacker Apex writers to contribute a story to Hacker Noon.Within  the start x days, we received 500+ story submissions! The demand to publish on Hacker Noon continues to rise.

Thank you for the dear, Yahya Mao!

But with corking need comes even greater responsibilities. Due to the overwhelming volume of community story submissions, nosotros’ve increased our part-fourth dimension editorial staff this week (stay tuned for our intro of the new faces 🙂 David and I have been actively iterating on the editorial flow that makes sense not only for our new staff editors but also for community editors in Hacker Noon ii.0. Nosotros are excited to scale ourselves exponentially in 2.0!

And lastly…

 I’ll leave you lot with Hacker Noon January traffic – the starting time month of the year usually sets the tone for the unabridged new year. And we are off to a strong showtime.

That’southward information technology for today, our honey investors. Until adjacent fourth dimension, don’t forget to hit that invest button!

– Linh Dao Smooke

Introducing: Hacker Noon 2.0 Evolution Series, Contribute.hackernoon.com, and chore openings!

over 3 years agone

Hello everyone,

Long time no talk! In that location are so many new things at Hacker Noon that we want to share with you today. But commencement, we are near at one thousand investors!  Exercise we even know one thousand people? Thank you each and everyone of you lot for believing in the states. Shout outs this week become to Renato Barba, Trace Cohen, Steven Cheung, and Kenzo Tominaga! We volition piece of work hard for you.

Kickoff off, Hacker Noon recently onboarded acting CTO Dane Lyons to be our full-time Chief Production Officer!

Hacker Noon’s making strides!!!!!!!!

Inside a few weeks, the product team has made strides with building Hacker Noon 2.0 from scratch, and they are more than than ready to share their progress with the customs. Check out Dane’s introduction to the Hacker Noon two.0 Development Series. In Dane’south words:

[In this series],
nosotros will publish real-life challenges we face in edifice Hacker Noon ii.0 and beyond. Y’all’ll see features, designs, and workflows evolve from a rough yet functional country into something better.

Hacker Noon ii.0 Development Serial
(coming soon):

  • Product Philosophy: Dual Track Agile

  • Prototype: Emoji Giving Interaction

  • Git Protips

Secondly, nosotros recently revamped our story submission procedure for all current & prospective Hacker Noon writers, in order to better serve the inbound demand to publish onHackerNoon.com.
Contribute.HackerNoon.com will be the place where we prioritize reviewing, editing, publishing and distributing all story submissions to Hacker Noon. In less than 24 hours of launching the page, we’ve received 75+ story submissions! We await to move virtually, if not all of, our demands for publishing to this folio. Yous can read more in David’southward blog mail: How to Submit a Story to Hacker Apex.

visit contribute.hackernoon.com for more information 🙂

Andlastly, nosotros are hiring!
Function-fourth dimension roles include:

  1. User-axial Frontend Developer with a groovy taste for Design
  2. Content Strategist with Social Media expertise
  3. Production Designer who gives a s*** well-nigh futurity of publishing

We’ve been reviewing north of 100+ candidates, just we believe the best is all the same to come. If you or anyone you know is interested in working with a cracking squad of scrappy entrepreneurs with experience in growing large communities, competitive pay, and opportunity to be promoted to full fourth dimension, please visit jobs.hackernoon.com to use.

Hacker Noon 2.0 is shaping upward, and nosotros owe a lot of that to you, our investors. The capital we received from this crowdfund has allowed us to diversify our assets and rent some of the best people effectually, and we can’t wait to bear witness you soon the fruits of our labor.

Until side by side fourth dimension, don’t forget to hit that invest push button!

Linh Dao Smooke

Notice of Funds Disbursement

over 3 years ago

[The post-obit is an automated observe from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Hacker Apex has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, information technology’south well-nigh to begin withdrawing funds. If you lot invested in Hacker Noon be on the lookout for an email that describes more than about the disbursement process.

This campaign will go on to accept investments until its indicated endmost date.

Thanks for funding the future.


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