7 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Android’s Performance

No affair which Android telephone you lot have – Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or Motorola – there is always room to improve its performance, and it usually requires a little bit of maintenance on your part.

Under the hood you’ll discover settings you lot can configure to aid your Android run optimally, but earlier you begin, you need to know where these settings are, and what they actually do for y’all. can.

In this guide we’ll go through seven settings that tin can go you lot better overall performance from your Android smartphone: whether yous desire to improve your battery life, clear the clutter on your dwelling house screen or get rid of annoying bugs. .

Comment: Not all Android devices are the same, and phone makers frequently build their software on meridian of Android, so just be aware that some settings may be missing or missing depending on the version and manufacturer of Android yous’re running. But may be at any other place. of your phone.

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An overly bright display will drain your battery incredibly fast.

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Settings to improve battery life

Living with a phone with poor bombardment life can exist annoying, just there are steps y’all can take to make the most of each charge from the commencement:

Turn off Motorcar Screen Brightness or Adaptive Brightness and gear up the Brightness Level slider to less than 50%

The brighter your screen, the more battery power it will employ.

To go to Settings, pull down the shortcut menu from the superlative of the screen and adjust the slider, if information technology’s in that location. Some phones may accept a toggle for Auto Brightness in the shortcut panel; Otherwise, you need to open the Settings app and search for “brightness” to detect the setting and turn it off.

Use adaptive battery and bombardment optimization

These features focus on how you lot utilise your phone, including what apps you use and when, and then optimizing apps and the corporeality of battery they use.

Some Android phones will have a dedicated battery department in the Settings app, while other phones (looking at you, Samsung) bury these settings. It is a little unlike for every phone. I recommend opening your settings and searching for “battery” to observe the correct screen. Your phone may also have an adaptive charging setting that can monitor how quickly your phone’southward battery charges overnight to maintain its health.

dark manner is your friend

Another manner to help relieve your eyes, equally well as improve battery life, is to employ Android’south dedicated Dark Mode. Any Android phone running Android 10 or later will have a dedicated dark mode pick.

According to Google, Dark Mode not only reduces the strain that the smartphone exerts on our eyes, but also improves battery life as it works against dark backgrounds on OLED displays (used generally in flagship phones) equally compared to white backgrounds. Takes less power to display.

Depending on what version of Android your phone is running, and which company made your phone, you may have to dig around the Settings app to find Dark Style. If your phone runs Android ten or later, you volition be able to turn on systemwide nighttime mode. If it runs Android 9, don’t be discouraged. A lot of apps take their ain dark mode choice in Settings, which you can use whether you lot have Android 10 or not.

To turn information technology on dark style, open up
app and search
nighttime way,
nighttime theme
or even
night mode
(every bit Samsung likes to phone call it). I suggest using dark style all the time, merely if you lot’re non sure, you lot tin always ready dark mode to turn on automatically based on a schedule, such as every day from 7 PM onwards Allow it to switch on automatically until 7 a.1000., or depending on information technology. Your location at sunset and sunrise.

dark mode setting on android phone

Using nighttime mode on whatever telephone is an easy and good looking way to save battery.


Keep your home screen clutter-free

Planning to hit the Google Play Store for a agglomeration of new Android apps? Be prepared for a lot of icon clutter on your habitation screen, where shortcuts pop up every time you install something.

If y’all don’t want that, in that location’s an easy way: Long-press on an empty area of ​​your Home screen and tap Settings. Find an choice labeled something along the lines of
add icon to dwelling screen
Add together new apps to domicile screen
and turn information technology off.

Presto! There are no more icons on the home screen when you install new apps. You can still add shortcuts by dragging the app’s icons out of the app drawer, but they won’t appear on your Domicile screen unless you desire them to.

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set do not disturb

If your telephone regularly spends the night on your nightstand, you probably don’t want it to beep or fizz every time yous take a call, bulletin, or Facebook alert—peculiarly when you lot’re trying to slumber. Android offers a Do Non Disturb mode that will continue the phone more or less silent during specified hours. On some phones, this is chosen the reanimation setting or even the tranquility fourth dimension.

go towards
Notifications), so find
do not disturb
or a similar name. If you can’t find information technology, search for it using the built-in search feature in your settings.

Using this feature, y’all can prepare a range of hours when you want to plough off digital dissonance. But don’t worry, any notification you get when Practice Not Disturb is on will still be waiting for you when yous wake up. In improver, yous can generally brand an exception that allows frequent callers and favorite contacts to complete the call. Turn information technology on. If someone is calling you in an emergency, chances are they will go on trying.

Find My Device Feature on Android

Anyone who finds a lost or stolen Android phone volition see it after using Find My Device to lock it.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

Be prepared if yous lose your phone

Is at that place anything worse than a lost or stolen phone? The merely noesis that you lot could have tracked it if you had turned on Google’s Find My Device characteristic.

To set yourself up for a successful recovery, yous need to: Open information technology
app and then search
find my device, information technology usually happens in
section of

Or if you have a Samsung device, you can utilise Samsung’s Detect My Mobile service which is constitute in
Biometrics and Security
find my mobile,

Once it’s enabled, you tin go to android.com/find and sign in to your business relationship from any PC or mobile device. Samsung users can visit findmymobile.samsung.com to find the lost phone.

tcl 10 pro android phone

Losing a phone is never a fun experience.

Angela Lang / CNET

If you have any trouble setting up any of these, be sure to read our complete guide to finding a lost Android telephone.

Bold your phone is on and online, you should be able to see its location on a map. From there you tin can ring it, lock it, set a lock screen note to tell who has it how to get it dorsum to you or, in the worst case, put the whole thing away. Delete from

And ever keep your phone updated

Equally obvious as it may seem, bugs and other issues slowing down your Android device can potentially be fixed with a simple software update.

Before downloading and installing the latest software update, make sure your device is continued to Wi-Fi, otherwise it volition not piece of work.

Now, open the Settings application and type
Updates, so y’all will either encounter
software update
system update
– Choose i of these. So but download the software, wait a few minutes and install it when information technology’south set up. Your Android device will reboot and install the latest software update available.

software update on android device

Always keep your phone updated with the latest software to avoid bugs and other problems.

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