Airpods Connected But Sound Coming From Iphone

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AirPods are ane of the most widely used accessories from Apple tree. There are fifty-fifty users who can’t spend their ane complete day without their Apple AirPods. They are rich in sound, easy to use, and are extremely convenient to use with different Apple tree products like iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. But despite its wide popularity, there are some users who face some difficulties with their AirPods, similar they keep cutting out sound, or there is no sound even when they are connected, etc. A similar kind of effect related to the sound output is being faced by the users. As per the users, the AirPods are connected but the audio is coming from the phone or the device with which they have connected the AirPods.

If y’all are also facing the same kind of issue then this fixing guide will get you lot covered past providing you with the fixes to this trouble. Stay with me in this fixing guide and I will provide you with the ways to fix if
AirPods continued but audio coming from Telephone. The fixing I am going to provide you tin exist practical to all the Airpods including the new AirPods 3rd gen and the AirPods Pro.

Fix: AirPods Connected Only Sound Coming from Phone

If your AirPods are connected but the audio delivery is still being done by the device with which your AirPods are connected then this tin primarily be the issue of improper connectivity. A buggy connexion between the AirPods and the Telephone can cause this error. But at that place can exist other reasons like software incompatibility, or lack of permission to the app by which y’all are trying to listen to the audio on your AirPods.

Set 1: Restart the Telephone

Primarily, you lot can perform a restart of the device on which you are playing the sound or music. It can be your iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. If the device is suffering from whatever Bluetooth connectivity corruption within the system software and so rebooting the device volition definitely reset the device functioning or any of the faulty background processes or bugs.

Ready 2: Update the Software

Software incompatibility can too make the wrong audio delivery. This is considering if your Apple device is not running on the updated firmware, and so in that location are chances that the AirPods and the device will suffer from some sort of connectivity bug. Hence to brand sure that the compatibility of the devices with the AirPods is completely fine, you tin can cheque for pending updates.

Fix iii: Reconnect AirPods

When you are sure that the connectivity issue is non from the side of your phone, this is the time to make sure the AirPods themselves are not causing the result. To check the connectivity from the AirPods side is not the issue, y’all can disconnect and and then reconnect them to your iPhone. To do this:

  • Place the AirPods within the example and close the lid. This volition disconnect your AirPods.
  • On your iPhone become to
    Settings > Bleutooth.
  • Switch the
    off and plough it back on after
    5 to 10 seconds
  • Now, open up the AirPods case and bring them close to your iphone.
  • Tap on Connect when the popup appears.

Once the AirPods go connected to the device see if the issue is nonetheless there.

Set up 4: Reset AirPods

If re-connecting the AirPods didn’t fix the issue and then y’all can reset the AirPods to establish the connexion between your AirPods and the Apple device from a new and fresh end. To do so:

  • Put the AirPods in the case, close the lid and wit for 30 seconds.
  • On your iPhone go to
    Settings > Bluetooth
    info icon
    located next to the Airpods.
  • Tap on
    Forget This Device
    followed by confirming for the same on the coming popups.
  • Now, open the AirPods case, bring it close to the device and press and hold the
    setup button
    for 15 seconds. The serup button is located at the back of the AirPods’ case.
  • The AirPods popup volition announced on your iPhone/iPad. Tap on
    to pair the AirPods again.

You can refer to this tutorial video on how to reset AirPods:

Fix v: Cheque out App permissions

There are chances that your AirPods and the device are connected properly and are also working fine but the consequence is with that specific app where you are playing the sound or music. There can be a lack of permissions to that specific app limiting information technology to employ the AirPods via the Bluetooth connexion. You lot can check this by using whatsoever other app and run across if information technology is able to deliver the audio via the AirPods. Once y’all accept confirmed that the sound output is coming out of the phone while using any specific app (say Spotify) then you can bank check if the app has proper permissions. To do and so:

  • Open
  • Go to
    and tap on
  • Wait for the app you want to grant Bluetooth permission to and toggle its switch to

Bottom Line

So, these were the ways to fix the upshot if the AirPods Connected But Audio Coming from the Phone. Every bit I take said, the result is mainly due to the connectivity and should go fixed later on restarting the device or resetting the AirPods. Just yous tin likewise check if the issue is sectional to some apps. In that case, you should check if those apps have Bluetooth permission or not. If none of the fixes works for yous then I would highly suggest you contact Apple Intendance or visit your nearest Apple Store.

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