Apple Watch Won’t Connect To Iphone 13

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iPhone thirteen Pro non pairing with Apple Watch

I replaced my cleaved iPhone 7 yesterday with a new iPhone 13. I have an Apple Scout Series six that was paired with the iPhone 7. I cannot get the sentry to pair with my new iPhone.

– Question from Apple Community

Apple Watch is such an incredible accessory for iPhone to keep tracking your health and fettle, have your hands off the phone to make phone calls, etc. After ownership a new iPhone 13, you must want to pair it with a new iPhone. Nevertheless, it may be frustrating if you lot find Apple Lookout man not paring with iPhone xiii. Don’t be annoyed, this guide is coming for help.

Apple Watch

  • Training: Check if the Apple Watch is paired with old iPhone
  • 4 fixes to Apple tree Sentinel not pairing with iPhone 13
    • Solution i. Cheque if relative settings preclude Apple tree Watch from being paired
    • Solution two. Restart iPhone and Apple Watch
    • Solution 3. Bank check iOS update
    • Solution 4. Reset network settings on iPhone
  • Bonus: Go along iPhone information safer via AOMEI MBackupper
  • Conclusion

Preparation: Check if the Apple Watch is paired with old iPhone

You need to brand sure the Apple Sentry isn’t paired with the sometime iPhone first, or the Apple Watch won’t pair with your new iPhone 13. Depending on whether you have the paired iPhone, you can have a check in two ways.

If yous have the paired iPhone

If yous have the paired iPhone, you tin can follow the steps below to bank check if the Apple Watch is notwithstanding paired with information technology. If it is, unpair it.

Step i. On your iPhone, get to the
app > TapMy Watch
> Tap
All Watches
at the top of the screen.

Step ii. Tap the “i” icon next to the Apple tree Picket you lot want to unpair > Tap
Unpair Apple Watch. When you lot meet a prompt maxim
Start Pairing
on Apple tree Lookout man, yous tin can attempt to pair it with iPhone 13 again.

Unpair Apple Watch


▸It takes time to unpair Apple Sentry with the old iPhone since the unpairing operation will backup Apple Picket at the aforementioned time. You lot’re able to restore the fill-in to information technology after pairing it with iPhone thirteen.
How to pair Apple Watch to new iPhone thirteen:
Become to the
app on your iPhone > Follow the on-screen teaching > Make sure choose
Restore from Backup
when asked.

If the paired iPhone is cleaved or not bachelor

You’re not allowed to unpair Apple tree Watch if the paired iPhone is broken or not available. Yous can merely erase Apple Spotter and effort to pair it with new iPhone 13 once again, which means you lot will lose all data in Apple tree Lookout man.

On your watch, open up the
app >
Full general
> Tap
Erase All Content and Setting
> Finally, tap again to confirm. Await for the scout to unpair, then you can pair it again.

Yous’ll need the Apple ID and countersign that were used to fix the watch.

4 fixes to Apple Watch not pairing with iPhone 13

If you’re sure that the watch isn’t paired but still tin can’t pair with iPhone thirteen, you lot may try the following 4 fixes one after another until the trouble gets fixed.

Solution i. Bank check if relative settings forestall Apple Watch from being paired

Sometimes, it’southward not ever a software error or hardware bug that causes Apple Lookout man non pairing with iPhone. You may need to check if any relative settings that result in the event.

▸Turn off Plane mode on both devices.
An enabled Airplane mode on either device will prevent all communications. Please make sure the Airplane mode is turned off in Control panel on both devices.
▸Plow on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices.An enabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth help your Apple Lookout and iPhone be detected by each other.
▸Proceed the two devices close to each other.The Apple Sentinel and iPhone should be in a Bluetooth range, then that they can exist paired.

Solution 2. Restart iPhone and Apple Lookout

If checking the relative settings doesn’t work, you tin restart iPhone and Apple Watch to refresh them. It’south ane of the most basic solutions to troubleshoot.

Hold downward the Sleep/Wake push on your iPhone, then slide to power off your iPhone. It’south helpful to refresh all services on your iPhone. You can check your Apple tree Watch connection after restarting it.

For Apple Lookout man, concord down the button under the crown to power it off. Then, press the side button again to power it on.

Restart Apple Watch

If your problem is existing, information technology’s time to attempt some deeper troubleshooting solutions.

Solution 3. Check iOS update

It is suggested to go along your iPhone running with the latest version of iOS. Since an outdated iOS may have some software glitches, including the 1 that stops iPhone thirteen from pairing with Apple Spotter.

To check iOS update, get to
on your iPhone >
> Tap
Software Update
> If there is an update bachelor, tap
Download and Install.

iOS Software Update

Solution 4. Reset network settings on iPhone

Whatever network issues can likewise prevent iPhone connect to Apple Lookout. If necessary, you can reset network settings on iPhone. Resetting network settings does no impairment to the data on your iPhone, instead, all Wi-Fi passwords and Bluetooth connectedness history volition be erased.

To reset network settings, get to
on your iPhone >
>Transfer or Reset iPhone
Reset Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings

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That’s all for Apple Watch non pairing with iPhone13 Pro/Pro Max. In conclusion, You need to cheque if the watch has been paired before every specific solution. Hope this guide can help y’all out. For whatever other queries, delight feel free to contact united states.