Are Motorola Phones Water Resistant

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Moto Thou (tertiary Gen): Waterproof or not? We did the full test.

Everyone loves the idea of a waterproof telephone. Rain, spills, a drib into a puddle—these are the things nosotros have to be and so careful most otherwise, but a telephone that braves these elements gives you peace of mind. That’s what the 3rd generation Moto G claims. But is information technology really waterproof?

Well not exactly, but it’s close. Waterproof is not the same thing as h2o-resistant. The Moto G is water-resistant, so information technology does a practiced job of not existence affected by liquids—only to a certain degree.

We decided to examination the Moto G’s water resistance, dunking it in a bucket, placing it by the pool while swimming, taking a call in the rain, spilling all sorts of liquids on it, playing music while taking a shower, and then on. The good news is that our Moto Chiliad is still working flawlessly. The bad news is that if you thought you could practise all of the in a higher place without a glitch, you were wrong.


What the Moto G’s water-proofing tin practise

The thing you should pay the near attention to is this: The Moto Grand’south h2o resistance is a protective mensurate, not a utility feature. Motorola doesn’t really want y’all to go pond with this telephone in an arm band, or leave it out in the torrential rain. But it wants to ensure that in case something unexpected happens, like yous spill water on it or it dropped information technology in a pool, the phone will be safe. However, take the usual precautions and don’t spill java on it just to prove a indicate.

Moto G (3rd Gen): What you can and can't do with the water-resistant feature.
Moto 1000 (3rd Gen): What you can and can’t exercise with the water-resistant characteristic.

That said, you can intentionally betrayal it to areas where h2o damage is likely. For example, yous can have information technology with you lot in the shower (even though it’s mono audio output) and heed to your tunes while you bathe. You can as well take a call while out in the pelting and you won’t have any trouble. Just call up to wipe the speaker grill on the front, otherwise the phonation seems muffled.

What the Moto G’south h2o-proofing can’t practice

The Moto G’s water resistance protects it from immersion in h2o up to one metre, and so don’t go crazy and swim with it. You also tin can’t use it nether water anyway—the touchscreen does not register input when immersed; the few times information technology does, it hardly works.

In fact, even when your phone’s screen is wet, you won’t be able to use the touchscreen with the usual precision. Taps don’t register well, and swipes simply don’t work. You’ll need to wipe before you tin can swipe.

Lookout man our first await video: (App users click here for video)

When the Moto G was wet, we also faced ane other upshot: sometimes, we would get a message saying the microSD menu is corrupt. One time the phone was wiped clean, information technology would piece of work perfectly over again. Suspecting that this was a problem with the carte, we tried a brand new card—and again, the problem persisted. The bill of fare does work eventually, but just know that while wet, it might be a problem. And then if you have set your camera to save images to the retention card, then in that location is a chance something yous click with a wet phone might not get saved. We didn’t face that issue, just to exist on the rubber side, save your images on the internal memory.

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Based on our tests, we are comfortable recommending a few steps to take in instance of a h2o accident:

What to exercise when your Moto 1000 gets wet

Brand sure your back encompass is secured tightly. Printing all the edges just to be sure.

Disconnect any ability banks or chargers connected to the device.

Clean and dry the speaker grills on the front every bit oft equally y’all tin. These get afflicted easily and your sound will be deadened if you don’t dry them.

Once yous are out of the “water disaster zone”, switch off your phone, open the back cover, and wipe everything clean. H2o seeps into the back encompass fifty-fifty if it is shut properly, but stays in this surface area without going farther.

Once your phone is dry, switch information technology back on and continue using every bit usual.

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