Best Games To Play High

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Gaming and marijuana are a friction match made in heaven. Like Mountain Dew, Doritos, or anime body pillows, weed is i of the many things that forms a perfect pairing with games. I accept a brother who exists to work, game, eat, and go stoned. Function of me admires his simplistic approach towards life, not letting things get on top of him so long as the stop of the day ways he tin get blazed and dive into Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Nosotros stan.

Today is April 20th, otherwise known as 4/twenty. You know, the weed number? It’s the meme, or that matter Snoop Dogg does all the fourth dimension when he isn’t voicing Phone call of Duty packs or rapping in Just Eat commercials. Nosotros also stan, merely right now we have more important things to attend to. To celebrate this momentous occasion, it’south time to run down some of the very all-time games to play right after partaking in a puff of the devil’s lettuce.


There is no purpose to Hohokum. The majority of games have an end goal, or an objective for us to pursue in exchange for satisfaction. Honeyslug’due south unusual platformer is only hither for the vibes, providing the histrion with a pick of gorgeously surreal environments to zoom about in equally a multicoloured ophidian that twirls through the world similar a makeshift rainbow. Information technology’s incessantly trippy, and its directionless approach to game design ways that existence high every bit hell when playing it actively improves the feel.

Sober minds might abound bored with its aimlessness, or exist turned off past its bizarre approach to world and character design as your funky little worm picks upwards mates and befriends a multifariousness of weird and wonderful animals, but stoners know better. Information technology’s in a similar vein to Journeying, an equally fabulous game we’ll be touching on later.

No Human being’south Sky

A red astronaut stares into space, his visor reflecting an alien pod and other astronauts

I bet No Man’s Sky managing director Sean Murray is a massive stoner. I think making a game where you explore planets filled with sentient buttplugs requires a bit of encouragement from Mary Jane to even come into existence. Thank you to procedural generation, every moment in this galactic epic is filled with bizarre surprises. Each new planet will be populated with new biomes, unknown animals, and plentiful discoveries that invite equal amounts of awe and confusion.

While recent updates take introduced multiplayer and a more than cohesive gameplay loop, No Homo’south Sky has e’er been at its all-time when you allow its utter vastness to overwhelm you lot. I’d recommend repairing your send in creative way, demolishing a joint, and letting the universe overwhelm you with possibilities. You have no thought what awaits, and that rules.

Katamari Damacy


I’d say Katamari Damacy might exist better suited to shrooms given how utterly batshit it tends to be, but information technology’southward wondrous mixture of first-class music and wacky designs lend themselves to getting high and collating a option of objects earlier surrendering them to the ruler of the entire galaxy. When information technology comes to Japanese games that comprehend their utter abrasive weirdness, Katamari Damacy admittedly sits at the cream of the crop.



Zen. Y’all definitely met someone at academy who smoked loads of weed, loved to meditate, and spouted plenty of pseudo-intelligent bullshit your style at parties before finishing his degree and ending upward at Tesco. His proper noun was Gareth or something, and he fifty-fifty had a twirly moustache to truly cement his serene wankiness. Yep, y’all know the guy.

Proteus is like Gareth. It has no purpose in life, and only serves to offer a perpetual state of zen equally yous walk forward and cover its procedural environments filled with pixelated forests, wild fauna, and music that makes you content and relaxed for minutes at a time.

Tetris Effect


Information technology was a difficult choice picking between Tetris Effect or Rez Infinite for this list. Both of them are masterful sensory experiences from Tetsuya Mizuguchi that combine music and visuals to an almost perfect degree. I adore these games and how they’re able to elicit emotion from such a uncomplicated premise, pulling the states in and exploring the beauty this medium is capable of when we’re willing to open up ourselves upward to be overwhelmed in every conceivable fashion.

Tetris Effect is an astonishingly beautiful game, and its euphoric combination of wonderful graphics and engrossing music would combine to create an experience that would be enhanced significantly with a cheeky joint or ii. I tin can meet myself sinking into my chair, almost peaceful as I breeze through the stages piecing together lines earlier ascending towards the sky. If you haven’t already, please go and play Tetris Effect.


Mac Games Minecraft promo art

Your listen loves to wander when on drugs, and Minecraft is a game that rewards unusual ideas and random bursts of creativity. That, and its approach to exploration and serene music could entertain stoners for hours with minimal effort. I’d probably build a giant dooby, an secret cavern, or a massive cock. So the same as when I’grand sober, to exist honest.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Skyrim
  • Portal 2
  • Monument Valley
  • The Stanley Parable
  • Stardew Valley
  • Modern Warfare ii
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator


The sun behind the mountain giving the desert a golden shimmer in Journey

Journey has
such a vibe.
While thatgamecompany intended it to be an emotionally resonant pilgrimage of discovery, purpose, and contemplation – it’s also a sick-ass game where you slide downwards sand dunes and hang out with your scarf-donning homie by communicating through a sequence of ambrosial beeps and boops. Yous tin become it solitary, or make a lasting friendship before reaching the stop line. Journey is filled with so many moments that I’ll think for the rest of my life, and doing and so while a fiddling merry only makes it improve.

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