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I of the biggest open up-earth RPGs of the past yr has beenGenshin Touch, an action RPG with tons of characters to play as and gacha-inspired elements to unlock new ones. Players accept been exploring the colorful and exciting world of Teyvat for months now, and the open world thrills keep coming with updates to the game and story.

Some players, still, may exist looking for something new to occupy the time betwixt major updates, or they may just want a unlike world to explore. These open-earth games have a lot in common withGenshin Impact, from its bright and colorful aesthetic to its heady action RPG gameplay.

Dragon Historic period: Inquisition

A Qunari Inquisitor watches the Breach for the first time in Dragon Age Inquisition.

With a vast and fascinating medieval fantasy world to explore,Dragon Age: Inquisition
is an open up-earth game that’south pretty like shooting fish in a barrel to get lost in, with its vast globe. With action RPG gameplay and a heavy emphasis on its sweeping story and characters, this game is a great adjacent step forGenshin Touch

InDragon Age: Inquisition, players control the Inquisitor, who is given the daunting chore of fixing the social rifts in Thedas and fixing an actual demon-spewing rift in the sky. SimilarGenshin Affect, combat and character development are of import aspects of the gameplay, butDragon Age: Inquisition
likewise features elements like branching character relationships and kingdom management.

No Man’s Sky

Wide landscape in No Man's Sky

Although its launch was marred past loftier expectations and limited features,No Man’s Heaven
has continued to update and add new features, becoming non just one of the near massive open up-world games on the market, just likewise one of the most celebrated. With procedurally generated worlds,No Man’s Heaven
offers players a practically infinite universe to explore.

UnlikeGenshin Affect,No Man’southward Heaven
is built primarily around survival elements, such equally gathering resources and crafting new engineering and tools. However, this massive space gamble offers plenty of combat threats and fun worlds to explore, all within the game’s vibrant, inviting aesthetic.

NieR: Automata

Nier Automata Slash

Taking identify in a post-apocalyptic world and having a labyrinthine story that requires multiple playthroughs to unfold,NieR: Automata
can exist quite a daunting game.Genshin Impact
fans, however, will find a lot to dearest in this activeness RPG that centers on a grouping of YoRHa androids as they fight an army of invading robots.

The combat inNieR
is fast-paced and action-packed, emphasizing timing and positioning, (although there are more traditional RPG options, such as the ability to equip characters with different weapon combinations to change combat). The game’southward fashion is darker thanGenshin Affect‘south colorful characters and environments, only both games share a flair for the fashionable in character and environmental design.

Nighttime Souls

A knight character on a bridge approaches a red dragon

TheDark Souls
series and the many games that take taken inspiration from them have go known primarily for their grim narratives and crushing difficulty, but they are also vast open-world RPGs. The firstNighttime Souls
is particularly notable for its emphasis on exploring its wide open globe.

While at that place volition be a difficulty spring for players moving fromGenshin Affect
toNighttime Souls, the games share a lot in common, including an emphasis on experimenting with different gear and abilities in combat.Dark Souls
also has plenty of puzzles to solve and deep lore for players to explore.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

the witcher 3 geralt fighting soldier

Non simply isThe Witcher three: Wild Hunt
a widely acclaimed and popular open-world RPG, but it is too a massive experience, with plenty of places to explore, choices to brand, and monsters to have downward. Players take on the office of Geralt of Rivia, a monster-hunting mercenary known equally a Witcher, every bit he is pursued by the relentless Wild Hunt.

SimilarGenshin Impact,The Witcher 3‘due south world is a wide open up fantasy plane with enough to do, including gainsay and exploration alongside other options, like the carte game Gwent. Both games also place an emphasis on experimentation in combat, asThe Witcher three
offers players plenty of options to approach gainsay, with different weapons and magical skills.

Last Fantasy XIV

Ocean Routes in Final Fantasy XIV

This MMORPG has seen quite a transformation in the years since its release, turning from a critically panned multiplayer experience to one of the most celebrated MMOs on the market.Final Fantasy XIV
has players stepping into the shoes of an charlatan who is sent into the future to survive an apocalyptic effect, destroying the land of Eorzea.

Exploring the country as information technology rebuilds and pulls itself from the brink of destruction is very reminiscent of exploring the open world ofGenshin Impact, especially with certain expansions adding to the available areas and options for exploration. Customization in the game involves equipping gear and putting experience towards classes and jobs, similarly toGenshin Impact‘s assortment of characters and loot.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy faces off with two wolflike machines

One of the more contempo franchises to take the gaming world by storm is the stunning and creativeHorizon Zero Dawn (and its forthcoming sequel). The original game offered players the opportunity to explore a postal service-apocalyptic world, teeming with mechanical beasts every bit the young warrior Aloy.

InHorizon Zippo Dawn, the open world is filled with quests to consummate, enemies to take down, and puzzles to solve as the game’s epic story unfolds. LikeGenshin Impact‘s Teyvat, the far-flung hereafter ofHorizon Zero Dawn
is a bright and inviting world that hides dangerous challenges and monumental wonders around every corner.

Honkai Impact third

Raiden stands in front of swirling red energy

The developers ofGenshin Touch, miHoYo, also created a similarly named sci-fi title calledHonkai Impact 3rd, which shares many gameplay elements with its newer cousin, while also bringing its own spin on open-earth gameplay. The open-world mode inHonkai Impact 3rd
is just i of the game’s many modes.

Players in this game play as Valkyries, warriors sent to defeat forces of chaos, known every bit Honkai. Much like inGenshin Touch, a gacha mechanic is a primary method of collecting new characters. In addition to collecting Valkyries, players will be upgrading them and equipping them with the best items to traverse the world and fight enemies.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

A man stands on a cliff overlooking a vast landscape in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Featuring a colorful globe inspired by Greek mythology,Immortals Fenyx Rising
is a contempo release that has impressed open-world game fans with its action-oriented gameplay. Giving players the feel of exploring Greek myths,Immortals
features an expansive earth and epic gainsay.

While the theming is a bit different fromGenshin Impact, players volition discover a lot to love inImmortals, including a various assortment of quests and puzzles, besides equally epic combat against iconic mythological creatures. Traversing the earth is as well an of import part of both games, with various movement and gainsay abilities being required to explore every corner.

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

breath of the wild opening cutscene

Thought by some to exist one of the best open up-earth games of all time,Fable of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
has players guidingZelda
protagonist Link beyond a vast open earth. In exploring the bright and exciting world of Hyrule, players will find puzzles, combat encounters, and friendly NPCs galore.

SimilarGenshin Impact,Jiff Of The Wild
takes place in a visually stunning world that focuses more than on striking blueprint than gritty realism. Both games besides emphasize exploration and experimenting with weapons and elemental powers in facing a diverseness of unsafe and fascinating enemies.

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