Birch Forest Minecraft Concept Art

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Mojang confirms Birch Forests are cancelled

Mojang confirms no Birch Forest changes for the Minecraft Wild Update

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Published: 11th May 2022

Mojang confirms Birch Forests are cancelled

Mojang released a video on the Minecraft YouTube aqueduct yesterday, (May 10th 2022), announcing that Birch Forests are non being updated for the Minecraft one.19 Wild Update. They as well explained once again why fireflies were cut from the update.

For those unaware, during the Minecraft Live livestream during October 2021, Mojang showed concept fine art of the Birch Wood biome while discussing changes to overworld biomes which we accepted were planned as function of the 1.19 Wild Update to be released later this year.

The concept art showed tall birch copse with fungal growths on the side, fallen copse which aren’t part of the Coffee Edition version of the game, and new flowers on the ground around. Minecraft Game Director Agnes Larsson suggested that “The word Wild ways ii things…. beautiful nature and … really scary challenges and adventures.”

Afterwards in the livestream, Agnes then suggested, whilst the Birch Forest concept art was shown, that “we want to like celebrate the wilderness of Minecraft. I thing nosotros want to focus on is immersion … and we also want to focus on biome diversity. So we want to find like unique identity different biomes, for example the birch forest equally y’all run into in this beautiful concept art. Then in the birch forest we want it to be similar light and peaceful and the lord’s day reaches the basis, the trees are taller and the flowers.” that location have been no changes made to the birch wood biome..

They and then connected to talk near the swamp and how that would change, including the addition of fireflies.

Watching the livestream back and listening to what they say, it’s off-white to believe as a Minecraft role player or viewer of the stream, that they intended to piece of work on the birch wood biome for the Wild Update. While showing the concept art and suggesting focussing on biome diversity, and that half of the Wild Update means cute nature, information technology’south articulate that this was something that we’re planning to work on.

However, as time has progressed during the development of Minecraft 1.nineteen, at that place have been no changes made to the birch forest biome, leaving players a piffling dislocated and some even bellyaching that this feature had seemingly been cutting.

Although nosotros’re not at the stop of development however, the snapshots and betas do seem to be wrapping upwardly production and Mojang have confirmed that they’re nearing the finish of evolution of the features expected for Minecraft 1.nineteen.

…concept art is non a commitment…

The video that was posted by Mojang yesterday to the Minecraft YouTube channel, took the form of a questions and answers video, titled “Ask Mojang: What happened to the fireflies in Minecraft i.19?” The video explores answers to several common questions asked by the Minecraft customs, including what happened to bundles which the video confirms are still in development merely not planned for a 1.19 release as they’ve non figured out how to make them useful for players using touch on controls.

At ane:37 the question is asked, “What happened to the fireflies and birch forests”. Anna Lundgren, Minecraft Producer then explains that fireflies were planned to exist food for frogs, merely the customs taught them that a lot of species of fireflies are poisonous to toads and frogs, and they didn’t want to add that into the game.

She continued…

Fireflies are sadly no longer part of the plans for the wild update. We still think that the fireflies are super interesting as an thought and a concept and they’re role of our ideas library, but we don’t accept physical plans for calculation them in any upcoming update.

As with the birch forest, that is a lilliputian bit different. At Minecraft Live we did bear witness some concept art with birch forest improvements, nonetheless concept art is not a commitment and this fourth dimension round, birch wood improvement is non something nosotros have continued working with.

..This isn’t acceptable behavior..

So from this I retrieve information technology’due south fair to say that birch forests were indeed intended to be role of the Wild Update, but they have non elaborated on why during evolution, they decided to discontinue any works that had already taken place on that characteristic.

It’s always good to remember that, as Mojang take stated in the past, the features and ideas nosotros see at these Minecraft Live shows aren’t guaranteed to exist added to the next update. They are merely ideas and concepts that Mojang are looking to work on, but they are not promises or guarantees of those features to be implemented.

Yet a big chunk of the Minecraft communities cling onto these feature showcases and and then go bellyaching and upset when they don’t announced in the game, frequently lashing out at Mojang on social media that they’re being lazy or they’ve forgotten. This isn’t acceptable behavior, the fact that Mojang is even working on updates for a xiii year quondam game, and involving the players in this process as deeply as they do, should be enough to continue anybody happy and content with what we do somewhen get for each update.