BMW To Reportedly Drop V8 From 2024 5-Series Except For M5

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2024 BMW M5 Rumors

2024 BMW M5
– The current-generation BMW M5 has been on the market since 2017. Yet, BMW is gearing upward for the next generation M5 super sedan. Arriving in 2024, this new version volition be a dramatic modify from the electric current F90.

The German carmaker is working on the next-generation model, and it looks similar it will exist more radical than nosotros thought.

2024 BMW M5

2024 BMW M5

Rumors propose that the M5 nameplate will include plug-in hybrid and electrical versions, and a new report claims that BMW is also working on an farthermost variant with nigh 1,000 horsepower. Yep, it’s non a typo. The next-generation M5 could exist a four-door hypercar.

M5 all-electric by 2024

The emission-free M5, meanwhile, is a member of the CLAR WE family. Power will be provided by Gen V bag-type batteries.

Although BMW knows that information technology would be wise to switch to a larger Tesla-style round jail cell for safety, stability, and operation reasons, it is now too late for such radical changes.

The most powerful conventional energy cells in question are rated at 135kWh; connected to a 400V to 350kW charger. In the 2nd step, BMW will upgrade to the 800V standard pioneered by Porsche with its Taycan.

BMW is openly working on the ‘power BEV,’ using five series mules. That model has three due east-motors borrowed from the powertrain that we’ll encounter in the i4 electric and iNext SUVs.

1 front axle drives while the rear wheels each use a motor. number? 711bhp and sub-3.0sec 0-62mph.

The projected maximum WLTP range is 435miles, the targeted acceleration time of 0-62mph is two.9sec. In terms of power output, internal documents show ii 250kW motors that bulldoze the rear wheels and one 250kW unit that drives the forepart.

That’s 750kW or near 1000bhp in full – that may audio overwhelming, simply in less than twelve months, it will be eclipsed by Tesla’southward boxy tri-motor configuration.

Similar most auto manufacturers out there, BMW wants to complete its entire lineup, and this process volition brainstorm in just a few years.

According to Car Magazine, the next-generation M5, internally known as the G60, will no longer be a fuel-merely sports sedan.

The reinforced 5 series will proceed to feature the V-8, merely the twin-turbo factory volition be paired to several electric motors. In add-on, BMW volition as well offer an electrical M5 with greater ability.


The recently launched iX3 electric SUV features such a motor, but it looks like BMW will combine three more than powerful units to turn the electric M5 into a hypercar.

The same report claims that the layout will include two 250 kW motors at the rear and one similar unit in forepart. The combined output of this motor will be about 1,000 horsepower.

That’due south more than the electric current Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model South capabilities, merely the American company volition launch a more powerful Plaid version of the tri-motor around 2021.

BMW aims to sprint 0 to 60 mph in under 2.ix seconds, and the maximum WLTP range is projected to be about 435 miles.

The next-generation five series is said to arrive in 2023, so the M5 will follow around 2024. However, hybrids may go far first, and the more powerful and all-electric M5 could see the light of 24-hour interval in 2025.

2024 BMW M5 Rumored to Become Electrical And Offers Bugatti Veyron Power

Now that nosotros know the full information most the updated BMW 5 Series, which was finally revealed and shown to the public a few days ago, fans are still waiting for the functioning version of BMW’southward seventh-generation midsize sedan, the BMW M5.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, mocked by Marker Falsch himself with the disclosure expected to come in the next few weeks, the future of the M5 seems to exist in shock.

How far into the hereafter, y’all might ask? Simply, according to a source plant past Machine Magazine, the adjacent-generation M5 volition pack serious ability through an electric motor.

If the rumors are true, the eighth-generation BMW M5 will be the first fully electric M automobile and will exist offered equally an “Electric Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle” or full EV.

Internal documents and some allegations say that PHEV will utilise the aforementioned engine in the upcoming X8 M; The 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 has an electric motor with a combined output of 750 horsepower (559 kW).

The full-electrical M5 will exist powered by a Gen V pocketbook-type battery, with Auto Magazine noting that it tin can switch to Tesla-style round cells for added stability, safe and operation.

Energy cells should be rated 135kWh and cab continued to a 400V charger that can hold upward to 350kW. BMW volition also likely upgrade to an 800V charger like those owned by Porsche and Taycan.

With a maximum projected WLTP range of 435 miles, full ability is recommended at 1006 horsepower or 750kW in total with 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds.

2022 BMW M5 CS

2022 BMW M5 CS
2022 BMW M5 CS

Good sales upshot in a reasonably tricky year, making BMW M more excited to launch the latest models for 2021. His hope for the get-go of this yr was immediately kept to show that this pandemic is not a significant obstacle in front of him.

Indeed the championship is not a blank claim alone without any proof. In improver to the different styling and being lighter, up to seventy kg compared to the Contest version, the engine tin can ability up to 627 hp! This makes M5 CS recorded a travel time of 0-100 km / h in just two.9 seconds, straight trounce the Competition, whose travel time is seconds.

Is that all that makes M5 CS different compared to its predecessor? Here’s a breakdown of BMW’due south fiercest at the moment.

Compared to this car, the M5 Competition even feels much calmer even though the sporty side is still felt. This is because the M5 CS color game is more contrasting than just a combination with black, for case, in the forepart fascia.

The striking deviation is in the gilt kidney grille is a thin lip spoiler and ventilated hood. Not forgetting the details, such as the LED lights that are now yellow, take inspiration direct from the touring race car BMW M, making the confront of this car like a predator lurking.

Shifting to the side, the legs of this sedan on steroids are decorated with twenty-inch rims in a golden color that is as bright every bit its kidney grille.

Plus, carbon-ceramic brakes whose caliper color can be chosen between red or gilded support the color theme game.

On the back, significant differences with the Contest are felt in the ducktail and the race-inspired diffuser pattern. Some body panels are also made of carbon cobweb for the sake of weight saving.

2022 BMW M5 CS Interior

2022 BMW M5 CS Interior
2022 BMW M5 CS Interior

Entering the interior, heated carbon fiber front seats overlaid with blackness Merino leather with Mugello scarlet accents covering some parts of the center direct welcomed the users of this sedan.

Not to forget small details such as the illuminated M5 logo, Nurburgring map motifs, and red stitching coloring chairs that are very exotic shapes.

Plus, the Dashboard and Alcantara-coated steering wheel with carbon cobweb paddle shift and seat belt typical of the three-color BMW One thousand farther add to the impression of race-oriented vehicles compared to Competition, which is still a strong impression executive sedan.

Merely some features such as a 12.3-inch caput unit, iv-zone auto climate control, ambience lighting, wireless charger, Harman Kardon audio system, individual rear seats, to door sill plates with the M5 CS logo lit upward are presented then that this car does non give the impression of a savage racecar.

2022 BMW M5 CS Engine

The car is however paired with a iv.4 50 twin-turbo V8 (S63) engine but tuned to spew 627 hp of power with 750 Nm of ‘rhino’ torque! Mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission with a rear-biased AWD drivetrain, the M5 CS tin can travel up to 306 km/h.

In add-on, the full-proper noun variant ‘Contest Sport’ features an agile M differential, a stiffer mounting engine, a more robust per, reinforced roll-bar, lower ground clearance, a customized dynamic damper command organisation, and the availability of Pirelli P Aught Corsa tire options.

2022 BMW M5 CS Price

BMW Yard charges $142,995 for the M5 CS with a choice of Frozen Deep Green metallic, Frozen Brands Hatch grey metallic, and Brands Hatch grayness metallic colors.