Can Iphone Connect To Multiple Bluetooth Devices

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Bluetooth is a actually helpful technology that offers you the power to wirelessly connect devices to your iPhone. Whether you need a keyboard to make it easier to blazon, or you desire to be able to listen to your music without disturbing people in your role, there are Bluetooth devices to solve your trouble.

But what if you want to connect your Bluetooth keyboard to your iPhone so you can blazon a long email, only you are already listening to music through your Spotify account? Fortunately yous tin connect a keyboard and a pair of headphones to your iPhone at the same time, assuasive you to utilize 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an chapter ad program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advert and linking to

If y’all are attempting to connect 2 devices at the same time and are having trouble, so endeavor connecting them in a unlike order. For instance, I was having difficulty connecting my headphones and keyboard at the same fourth dimension. But when I connected the keyboard first, then connected the headphones, everything worked properly.

Apple actually states that Bluetooth can support up to 7 simultaneously connected devices, merely that 3 or 4 is a practical limit. You lot tin can read more well-nigh it here.

In my feel with testing simultaneous Bluetooth devices with the iPhone 5 in iOS 7, I was only able to output audio to one pair of Bluetooth headphones at one time. Both could exist connected at the same time, as in the image beneath, but the iPhone would only output Bluetooth sound to 1 pair of headphones at one time.

two bluetooth headphones

I thought that this might simply be an issue of Bluetooth audio just existence able to output audio to 1 device, but the same issue occurred when a wired pair of headphones and a Bluetooth pair were continued at the same time. So it seems that the iPhone can only output sound to ane device at one time. The simply solution to listen to audio on multiple headphones would be to use a headphone splitter, like this one on Amazon. You could likewise utilize a Bluetooth headphone splitter similar this Kokkia branded 1 from Amazon (if you lot have an iPhone with a 30-pin connector), or this other Kokkia model on Amazon that connects to the 3.5mm jack on your iPhone, for iPhone models without a 30-pin connection.

The Bluetooth headphones that I was trying to pair were this pair from Sony (click to view on Amazon) and this pair from Rocketfish (click to view on Amazon). The Bluetooth keyboard is this model from Logitech (click to view on Amazon).

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to an iPhone Via Bluetooth Audio

The steps in this department will work on most iPhone and iPad models with most Bluetooth sound devices.

  1. Open
  2. Select
  3. Put your headphones into pairing mode.
  4. Tap on the headphones.

If you’ve never paired these headphones with your iPhone before, then they volition exist listed nether the Other Devices section. Otherwise they will be listed in the top department. If they have been paired before, then you won’t need to put the headphones into pairing style. Merely powering them on so selecting them on the Bluetooth screen should connect them.

How Many Bluetooth Connections at Once – iPhone

So, to summarize, you can have up to seven different Bluetooth devices continued to your iPhone at once simply, realistically, you tin can have three or four devices connected via Bluetooth at once. A common example of this would exist if you take an iPhone, such as the iPhone 8, and you have an Apple tree Lookout, a Bluetooth audio device similar the Apple Airpods and something else like a Bluetooth keyboard.

While yous can have all of these simultaneous connections for many devices that have Bluetooth, you may experience issues if you take more than than ane device at a time that is of the same type.

Newer Apple iPhone devices have Bluetooth 5 capabilities, which offers some potentially exciting changes in the hereafter every bit more devices are supported. Bluetooth 5 is not only faster, information technology does potentially offering the possibility of multi audio streaming. As Apple moves their iPhone and iPad devices to support this even more, it could potentially let for multiple Bluetooth audio connections, especially from Apple Airpods and other similar first-political party devices.

You lot can learn more nearly pairing Bluetooth headphones with an iPhone hither.

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