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Apple in 2015 unveiled the Apple Pencil, its first stylus that was designed to work with the original iPad Pro. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was famously against styluses, but the Apple Pencil has proven to be a useful tool for annotation taking, sketching, and more with the tablet form factor.

The Apple tree Pencil has stuck around since 2015, and as of today, all of Apple’s iPads work with either the first or second-generation Apple Pencil. In the guide below, we encompass everything you need to know well-nigh the Apple Pencil.

What is the Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is an Apple-designed stylus that works with Apple’south iPads. It’s called the Apple tree Pencil because of its resemblance to a traditional pencil, admitting with a definitively Apple tree-esque design.

In that location’s a small plastic tip (which tin can exist replaced) that connects with the iPad’s brandish, a pencil-like trunk to hold onto, and a charging mechanism. In the original Apple tree Pencil, there’s a Lightning connector, but the 2nd-generation model charges inductively through the ‌iPad Pro‌.

The Apple Pencil is used in lieu of a finger for precision tasks like writing and sketching, and it can also be used for navigating through the operating arrangement. It’s first-class for drawings, art cosmos, note taking, and similar tasks because information technology’s precise, has palm rejection, and offers pressure and tilt sensitivity.

In a nutshell, the Apple Pencil is meant to work like a traditional pencil, just instead of writing on newspaper, you lot write on the ‌iPad‌’s display. You lot can put your hand correct on the ‌iPad‌ while yous write, which, for a long time, was functionality other styluses were non able to accurately replicate.

What are the differences between Apple Pencil i and Apple Pencil 2?

There are two versions of the Apple Pencil, the commencement version released in 2015 and the second version released in 2018. The two do the aforementioned matter, but accept different designs and charging mechanisms.


Original Apple Pencil

The biggest difference between the two Apple Pencils is their device compatibility. The Apple Pencil ii works with newer iPads, while the original Apple tree Pencil works with older iPads.

The second-generation Apple tree Pencil is sleeker, smaller, and more meaty than the original Apple Pencil because information technology has no Lightning port at the end. It’s designed to charge inductively through the ‌iPad Pro‌ so you stick information technology on the right side of the ‌iPad‌ in the flat area to initiate charging, with the Apple Pencil held onto the device using magnets.

apple pencil 2

Apple Pencil 2

With the original Apple Pencil, there’s a Lightning connector that lets it plug into the Lightning port of an ‌iPad‌ for charging purposes, which is inconvenient because of the size of the Apple tree Pencil. Apple as well includes an adapter with the Apple Pencil 1 and so y’all can charge information technology with any Lightning cable.

Apple tree Pencil 2 has a more pencil-similar design considering it has a flat side and a sanded design that improves the texture. The Apple Pencil 1 is shine and round. Apple Pencil ii as well supports touch gestures for swapping betwixt tools, something not possible with the original Apple Pencil.

Though there are different charging mechanisms and bells and whistles, Apple tree Pencil 1 and ii fundamentally work in the aforementioned way and have the same general feature set.

What devices are compatible with Apple Pencil?

The original Apple Pencil, manufactured from 2015 on with the round body design and Lightning connector is uniform with the post-obit devices:

  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • ‌iPad‌ (sixth generation and later)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • ‌iPad Pro‌ 12.9-inch (1st and second generation)
  • ‌iPad Pro‌ 10.5-inch
  • ‌iPad Pro‌ ix.7-inch

The second-generation Apple Pencil with a smaller footprint and inductive charging capabilities is compatible with the following devices:

  • ‌iPad mini‌ (6th generation)
  • ‌iPad Air‌ (4th generation and later)
  • ‌iPad Pro‌ 12.nine-inch (tertiary generation and later)
  • ‌iPad Pro‌ xi-inch (1st generation and later)

The original Apple Pencil cannot be used with models that are designed for the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil, which includes the ‌iPad mini‌ 6 and the latest ‌iPad Pro‌ and ‌iPad Air‌ devices, and the Apple tree Pencil 2 does non work with older iPads nor entry-level devices like the standard ‌iPad‌.

What are the Apple tree Pencil’s features?

The Apple Pencil has a rich feature set up, allowing it to be used for whatever precision job, or as a replacement for a finger when navigating through iOS.


The need to know features are beneath:

  • Palm Rejection
    – When the Apple Pencil is connected to the ‌iPad‌, it only recognizes the Apple Pencil tip and not your hand or your finger, allowing you to write or sketch comfortably.
  • Pressure Sensitivity
    – Depending on how much pressure is placed on the ‌iPad‌ while writing or drawing, a line can be thicker or thinner. Apple doesn’t provide a specific pressure sensitivity level for the Apple Pencil.
  • Tilt Sensitivity
    – Apple Pencil is designed to work like a regular pencil, and then if you concur it at an angle and press the side of the tip aslope the ‌iPad‌ for something like shading, it works. The Apple tree Pencil knows its general orientation and how it’s being tilted.
  • Pencil-Like Weighting
    – Apple designed the Apple Pencil to have a pencil-similar experience in the hand, and it is weighted to feel similar a real writing instrument.
  • Low Latency
    – Apple Pencil has super low latency, which means that when y’all write on the ‌iPad‌, there’south no delay between the movement of the pencil and what appears on the display. Apple Pencil latency is as low as 9ms on iPads with 120Hz displays (the ‌iPad Pro‌ models from 2017 and later).
  • Precision
    – Apple tree Pencil is precise, so it is accurate down to the pixel. That means in that location’s no offsetting between where the pencil is located and what’southward shown on the screen.
  • Unproblematic Pairing
    – In that location’s no demand to fuss with Bluetooth with Apple Pencil. It connects automatically. Just plug in the first version or attach the 2nd version to the ‌iPad Pro‌.
  • Touch Gestures (V2 only)
    – The 2nd-generation version of the Apple Pencil supports touch gestures. With a double tap, the Apple Pencil 2 tin swap between tools in apps, useful considering it allows for quick switching between a pen tool and eraser tool, every bit an case.
  • Inductive Charging (V2 only)
    – Apple Pencil 2 charges through the ‌iPad Pro‌. Apple tree Pencil 1 does non have this feature and charges through a Lightning connector.

Where tin Apple Pencil be used?

Apple Pencil tin exist used every bit a finger replacement to do things like open apps, scroll, and more, but support for Apple Pencil is also built into iPadOS. There are several unique Apple Pencil features worth being aware of for those thinking virtually an Apple Pencil buy.


  • Screenshots
    – If you take a screenshot on your ‌iPad‌ and and so tap it when a preview appears in the corner, you tin depict and write on it using the Apple tree Pencil through a feature chosen Markup.
  • Markup
    – Markup is the Apple feature that lets you write on screenshots, but it also works across the operating organisation in diverse apps. In Mail, y’all can edit photos or PDFs (it’s slap-up for signing documents), in Messages, you can draw on photos, in the Photos app, y’all can add captions and drawings to images, and in Books, you can edit PDFs.

Apple Pencil besides works with tons of third-party apps for note taking, drawing, sketching, and more. You can find these apps by searching for Apple Pencil in the App Store on the ‌iPad‌, simply below nosotros’ve listed some standouts.

  • Procreate
    ($ix.99) – Ideal for sketching, drawing, and art creation. Simple enough for beginners, but powerful plenty for professionals.
  • Notability
    ($8.99) – Notability is a notation taking app that’s been around for a long time. Information technology has all kinds of features for writing, sketching, annotating PDFs, and more, plus in that location are plenty of paper styles and information technology tin browse documents, record audio clips, and more than.
  • Pixelmator
    ($four.99) – If you like to edit photos on your ‌iPad‌, Pixelmator is worth checking out. It supports Apple Pencil, and the Apple Pencil is a great tool for precision edits.
  • Pigment
    (Costless with in-app purchases) – If you like to color and detect it relaxing, there are tons of coloring apps for the Apple Pencil like Pigment.
  • Adobe Fresco
    – Adobe Fresco is a drawing, painting, and sketching app from Adobe that also takes reward of the Apple Pencil. It offers tons of Photoshop brushes, including alive brushes and vector brushes, plus it has powerful tools for making selections, masking, adding layers, and more. It’s complimentary, but premium features cost $9.99 to unlock.
  • Linea Sketch
    ($4.99) – If yous similar to jot down ideas and make quick drawings, Linea Sketch is easy to learn, easy to utilize, and has a useful range of tools for you to take advantage of.

How is the Apple Pencil different from other styluses?

Prior to when the Apple Pencil came out, styluses either had a fine hard tip and were battery powered to activate the capacitive brandish of the ‌iPad‌, or had a wide, condom finger-shaped tip that was not accurate.

Jot Script Evernote Edition iPad Stylus

A pre-Apple Pencil stylus

Palm rejection was all washed via software by individual app creators and it didn’t work reliably, plus connections were all done via Bluetooth rather than the automated process that the Apple tree Pencil uses.

Many styluses on the marketplace that are not the Apple Pencil are nevertheless have these kinds of tips that are nowhere most as accurate as the Apple Pencil and tin can’t offering the same uncomplicated charging and palm rejection features, simply there are now some more than affordable Apple Pencil alternatives that have Apple Pencil-like functionality.

What Apple Pencil alternatives are bachelor?

There are a few non-Apple made styluses on the market that have some of the same capabilities as the Apple Pencil, but for a more than affordable price. These options aren’t as feature rich as the Apple Pencil and don’t have the aforementioned simple design, but the base of operations functionality is in that location.


The Logitech Crayon

  • Logitech Crayon
    ($55) – Designed by Logitech, the Crayon was originally meant to be a cheaper version of the Apple tree Pencil for students to employ with the depression-toll ‌iPad‌. It’s now available to anyone. It works but similar the Apple tree Pencil and offers the aforementioned palm rejection, latency, and tilt back up, but information technology does not include pressure sensitivity.
  • Adonit Note
    ($43) – The Adonit Note is like to the Apple Pencil, offer the same pocket-size tip, excellent latency, and palm rejection, but there is no force per unit area sensitivity.
  • Adonit Annotation+
    ($62) – The Adonit Note+ is similar to the Adonit Notation, but it includes 2048 levels of pressure level sensitivity and two configurable shortcut buttons.

What apps are uniform with Apple Pencil?

Any commencement or third-party app is compatible with the Apple Pencil, but information technology is designed for writing, drawing, and sketching apps where handwritten content is appropriate. The Apple tree Pencil can too be used in place of a fingertip for navigating through iPadOS.

Is the Apple Pencil worth the money?

For anyone who wants to take advantage of the ‌iPad‌ for drawing, sketching, note taking, or other similar activities, the Apple Pencil is absolutely worth the money, but for those who don’t need all of the avant-garde features, there are some similar styluses on the market similar the much more affordable Logitech Crayon.


Does Apple tree Pencil work with iPhone?

The Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 are only compatible with iPads and will not work with the iPhone. The Apple tree Pencil requires a brandish built for it, which iPhones practice not have.

Will Apple tree brand an Apple Pencil for iPhone?

There have been rumors here and there suggesting Apple could develop a version of the Apple Pencil for the ‌iPhone‌, only no such product has always materialized and rumors nigh an Apple Pencil for the ‌iPhone‌ have never been consistent.

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