Can’t Connect To Wifi Iphone

What to practice if my iPhone won’t connect to WiFi?

iPhone not connecting to WiFi

You may sometimes hear from iPhone users – why is my

iPhone not connecting to WiFi

or why won’t my iPhone connect to WiFi? In most cases, the iPhone WiFi not working effect can be fixed past post-obit some uncomplicated troubleshooting steps though in some cases more advanced techniques may have to exist tried. In this post, I am going to propose a few uncomplicated solutions in instance you see your iPhone can’t connect to WiFi.

Here are x unproblematic solutions y’all can try to fix common WiFi connectivity problems on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod bear on. Earlier trying the suggested steps to set up the ‘iPhone won’t connect to WiFi
make sure that your WiFi router is working alright and you are within the range. If you’re also far from your router you won’t get a signal. Later on each step, you should check whether nevertheless your iPhone unable to connect to WiFi or not.

Steps to set when your iPhone not connecting to WiFi

Ensure WiFi and router are turned on

Whenever yous notice your iPhone not connecting to WiFi the commencement thing to do is to make sure that WiFi is fix to the ‘ON’ position and that you can run across your network on the device. Y’all are also to cheque whether the wireless router is continued to the modem and turned on. To do this,

Become to settings > tap WiFi > toggle the switch next to WiFi to turn WiFi on. If you lot find iPhone WiFi won’t turn on considering the setting is grayed out, update to the latest iOS.

To join a network, tap the name of the WiFi network. A blueish check-mark abreast the network’south name volition mean y’all’re connected.

A countersign-protected WiFi network has a lock icon next to its proper name. To join such a network y’all are required to enter the password when prompted;

How to fix iPhone not connecting to WiFi

Fix ‘iPhone won’t connect to WiFi’ issue

Toggle WiFi or Plane Mode

Turn off WiFi and turn information technology dorsum on, and and so see if your ‘iPhone non connecting to WiFi’ issue is fixed. If non, turn the Airplane style on, and a few seconds subsequently plow it back off. And then, check again.

Restart your iPhone

Sometimes force restarting your iPhone tin exist a very effective solution to the problem when you run into your iPhone will not connect to WiFi. To force restart your iPhone,

  • Printing and concord the slumber/wake push until the red slider appears;
  • Drag ‘Slide to power off to turn your iPhone off;
  • Once the device is off, press and hold the sleep/wake button (until you lot see the Apple tree logo) to turn the device back on once more;

Cheque for issues with the WiFi network

If iOS detects an effect with WiFi connection iPhone users will find their iPhone WiFi not working.

Yous will see a WiFi recommendation under the name of your network if iOS detects an event. To get more information about the problem with your WiFi network, tap the WiFi network for suggested solutions;

what to do when WiFi not working on iPhone

Forget the WiFi network

If y’all are having trouble joining the WiFi network despite entering the correct countersign and then forget the network and re-join it. To exercise this,

Go to settings > WiFi > tap the network that you tin’t bring together > tap ‘Forget This Network > tap ‘Forget’ to confirm your action.

At present go dorsum to Settings > WiFi > rejoin the network past selecting information technology and re-entering the password.

Reset Network Settings

Many times it has been institute that the ‘iPhone non connecting to WiFi’ issue could exist resolved past only resetting the network settings. If you find your WiFi not working on iPhone even after trying the to a higher place solutions, reset your network settings. To practice this,

Become to settings > tap General > tap Reset > tap Reset Network Settings> Enter your pass code if asked > tap Reset network settings to ostend your action.

Yet, this step will clear the memory caches and DHP settings and reset the network settings with factory recommended settings. You will, therefore, lose your current cellular and WiFi settings, WiFi passwords, VPN, and APN settings by implementing this step.

Turn ‘OFF’ WiFi Assist

‘WiFi Assist’ is a new feature in iOS 9 and after versions. This feature helps to always have a stable internet connexion on your device. Whenever your iPhone encounters a weak or poor WiFi network, ‘WiFi Assist’ will automatically switch to Cellular Information. In many cases, toggling WiFi Assistance ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ could solve WiFi bug on iPhone. You lot may, therefore, give it a endeavour if you notice your iPhone WiFi non working. To do that,

Go to settings > tap Cellular > tap WiFi Help> toggle the feature ‘ON’ and turn information technology back ‘OFF’

Plow off Location Services for WiFi networking

Many users have found that when their iPhone won’t connect to WiFi, turning off location services yielded positive results and resolved the issue. To implement this,

Go to settings > tap Privacy > tap Location Services > tap System Services > turn off WiFi networking past moving the slider to the ‘Off’ position

Switch to Open up DNS or Google DNS

Faulty DNS Servers from your Internet service provider may sometimes cause network connectivity problems or speed issues. Changing the existing DNS server to more reliable Open DNS or Google DNS services can be a solution for the problem of your iPhone not connecting to WiFi. To modify DNS settings,

Go to settings > tap WiFi > tap on the info push (i) right next to the network > tap on numbers next to DNS > the Keyboard appears > enter the new DNS address.

For the DNS address, you tin enter either Google DNS (8.8.viii.8 or viii.eight.four.4, or both separated by a comma) or Open DNS ( or

Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

In most cases, ane of the solutions listed to a higher place should be able to prepare the outcome – why my iPhone won’t connect to WiFi but other devices will.

However, in case none of these solutions helps and you lot still discover your iPhone non connecting to WiFi, your terminal option would be to reset your iPhone to factory default settings before taking it to a repair heart. Since resetting your iPhone to factory settings would erase all your stored data in the device, don’t forget to backup your data before starting the process. To restore your iPhone to factory settings follow the steps below:

Go to settings > tap General > tap Reset > tap Erase All Content and Settings > enter pass lawmaking when asked for > tap Erase iPhone to ostend this action.

You tin also restore your iPhone to mill default settings via iTunes.

When the reset is complete, your iPhone will be back to default factory settings. You tin can then either ready it up as a new iPhone or restore it from the fill-in.

Try more than options

If y’all meet your WiFi not working on iPhone even after following each step above you should look into these options also:

  • Brand sure y’all have the
    latest version of iOS;
  • Try to use your WiFi network on other devices. If you can’t become online using other devices, at that place is a possibility of a service outage. In such example contact your net service provider for help;
  • Try to connect your device to a WiFi network in a different location. If your iPhone can connect there, your WiFi network needs attention;
  • Update your WiFi router with the latest firmware. Contact the manufacturer of your router to brand sure that the router supports your Apple production;

Frequently asked questions

Earlier I conclude permit me also address some of the related queries often made by iPhone users.

Why my iPhone won’t connect to WiFi but other devices will?

If your iPhone won’t connect to a WiFi network while other devices volition,

1.  Make sure your router is within range and information technology is on;

2. Plow on Auto Bring together if it is Disabled under your Wi-Fi network name;

3. Bank check for whatever upshot with your Wi-Fi network;

four. Brand sure that your Router is connected to the Modem and turned on;

v. Endeavor restarting your iPhone;

half-dozen. If you lot still tin’t connect, reset your Network Settings. If you’re using iOS xv or afterward, tap Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhon> Reset > Reset Network Settings. If yous’re using iOS fourteen or earlier, tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings;

How exercise I get my iPhone to connect to WiFi?

To Connect to Wi-Fi on your iPhone,

1. Go to Settings > WiFi;

2. Plough on WiFi and your iPhone will search for available WiFi networks automatically;

3. Tap the WiFi network you desire to join;

How do I set greyed-out WiFi?

To fix greyed-out WiFi follow the steps below:

1. Brand certain that your device is using the latest software;

2. Ensure that the Plane mode is off;

iii. Reset the network settings. To do this,

become to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings;

Why is my iPhone non connecting to WiFi?

When your iPhone won’t connect to WiFi reset your Network Settings. To practise this,

go to,  Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings;

Yous might also find this related postal service useful: iPhone Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi – Simple fixes


It is hoped that in well-nigh cases the fixes suggested above would exist able to satisfy the not-so-uncommon query of iPhone users –  why won’t my iPhone connect to WiFi?

As already mentioned, iPhone won’t connect to WiFi is non an unusual result.  However, despite trying all the above fixes, if y’all nevertheless find your
iPhone non connecting to WiFi, it may have a hardware trouble, which may be best diagnosed and repaired past a designated Apple Authorized Service Provider. In such a case take your iPhone to your nearest Apple Store for a check-up or contact Apple tree support online for alternatives.

Information technology will be appreciated if you delight share your feedback on other possible solutions, if any, in the annotate section below if you besides had the experience of WiFi not working on iPhone.

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