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Accept you noticed that there are some Kindle books which are not available in your local Amazon website? However, you can access to those books from another Amazon website. Or take you ever experienced such a distressing but true fact that the same Kindle volume bachelor in your local Amazon website is much more expensive than another Amazon website? If you do, here’s a workaround for you: change your Kindle Store State. And then you can purchase any Kindle books listed on that Amazon site. Let’s observe out how to alter Kindle store land.

  • 1. Why practise you need to change Kindle store country?
  • 2. A Complete List of International Amazon Sites
  • three. How to Change Kindle Shop Country?

Why do you need to modify Kindle store country?

Copyright outcome

Amazon is the largest global eCommerce markets in the world, and its Kindle store is available in many countries. Information technology’s worth pointing out, yet, that you do non have the option to achieve some eBooks on your land’south site due to copyrights. For example, publishers from one country can’t sell their books in another state, and vice versa. And for those best selling or popular books, you tin almost detect them in the about obvious place of all Amazon’s sites. However, for some historical or old books, they are but available in express Amazon sites.

This can be very frustrating when you tin’t buy the books on your state’due south Amazon site considering they tin only exist accessed from another country’southward site. But luckily, you tin can change your Kindle store country setting in order to purchase the items y’all want.

Reduce costs

Another of import factor is the price result. The toll of some books are way cheaper to go from another Amazon site. Thus switching Kindle store country is a great style to help you reduce costs.

A Consummate List of International Amazon Sites

With more and more countries have its ain Amazon site, Amazon offers us a great opportunity to access to all kinds of wonderful products and services. If your country doesn’t accept its own dedicated Amazon store, you can still use some other country’s – the U.s. one is the biggest – and see if this site has the products you desire.

Here’due south the full list of global Amazon sites as well every bit which languages they operate in.




United states English language, Spanish
United Kingdom English
Australia English
Japan Japanese, English language, Chinese
French republic French
Canada English language, French
Federal republic of germany German, English
Spain Spanish
Italian republic Italian
China Standard Chinese
Brazil Portuguese
Mexico Castilian
Singapore English (prime simply)
Netherlands Dutch
Republic of india English

How to Modify Kindle Store Country?

If you are unable to access Kindle books you lot are looking for in your Amazon site, changing Kindle Store country may provide you with this access. Let the states take transfer account to as an example, below guide provides step-by-step instructions to transfer your Amazon account from ane Kindle Store to another.

Step 1
Sign in to your local Amazon website and go to
Your Content and Devices.

your content and devices 1

Stride ii
Click the
tab >> click
Change your country/region
under Country Settings >> click

change amazon store country setting

Step 3
Enter your address, and then click

click update to change store

As long equally you hit the update push button, a message volition popular up to tell you that your default Kindle Store is currently set to Yous can now shop for digital contents directly from

change kindle store country successfully

Information technology is non possible to transfer and or account to another Amazon site at this time.

Footstep 4
If you lot are eligible to purchase digital content from another Amazon website, follow the onscreen prompts to larn more than about what volition happen if y’all transfer accounts.

transfer kindle account to another country

Step v
When you’re ready, select the choice to transfer your account to complete the process. By clicking
Transfer your Kindle store account to, all of your purchased Kindle books volition exist transferred to your site.

transferred kindle books on another amazon site

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you demand to create a new Amazon account later on changing Kindle store country?

A: No, you practise non need to create a new Amazon business relationship in this other land, otherwise your transferred Kindle books won’t exist available on that new account.

Q: What volition happen if you modify your Kindle store state too oft?

A: Amazon may contact you and check whether y’all take moved recently and whether you want to change your account permanently. Usually, yous tin simply tell them that you lot oft need to spend months in another country due to the nature of your work and then sometimes switch your account accordingly.


Information technology’s actually wonderful that you can switch dorsum and forth Kindle store between countries to become your desired kindle books. More importantly, it helps y’all save more on ebooks. What a useful trick to get the nigh out of Amazon website!

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