Change Location On Iphone Vpn

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Changing a location on your iPhone can exist a more than challenging chore than it may appear.
This means that many iPhone users resort to GPS spoofing applications to rapidly switch the location on their devices.

Nonetheless, GPS spoofing applications do non modify your IP address, which ways almost of the content you are trying to access remains unavailable. Furthermore, if you lot are not careful, you can quickly get scammed using this software. Getting a
Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a more straightforward style to modify your current spot on an iPhone.

We have looked into a wide range of different VPN providers. Therefore, upon our investigation, we have decided on the all-time VPNs to modify your location on an iPhone.

How to change your location on iPhone with a VPN

  1. Choose a reliable VPN provider
    compatible with your iOS device. Nosotros recommend Surfshark VPN, now 82% off
  2. Download and install
    the application
  3. Turn on the GPS spoofing feature
  4. Pick a location
    to connect to
  5. Alter your iPhone location hassle-free!

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Why do you need a VPN for iPhone

Even though Apple tree receives a lot of praise for security and overall operation, it still has some flaws in terms of privacy. Luckily, a VPN can quickly set up these issues.
Using a top VPN provides even more benefits than simply a changed IP.

Firstly, a
VPN increases your online security. A Virtual Private Network protects your online activities by enveloping your internet traffic with a layer of military-grade encryption. This way, your personal data and browsing details get inaccessible to any tertiary political party intervention.

Secondly, you can
modify your location.
Many apps, such as Snapchat, Tinder, and Pokemon Go, get together your device’s location information. While that improves usability, nearly users prefer not to share their whereabouts.

Furthermore, a
VPN is excellent for accessing geo-blocked content.
Changing your location via a VPN tin aid yous access geo-blocked content libraries. Some of such services include Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

Changing your GPS location
via a VPN helps secure your location and retain all of the vital information on your iPhone. Thus, you tin can access all needed material from your device despite your location. This helps to ensure that y’all can
work from an surface area y’all prefer.

Finally, depending on your location, you may be able to
gain cheaper deals, such as flights and hotels. And then, a VPN can assist y’all save money, especially if you’re traveling a lot.

  1. Surfshark VPN
    – Best VPN to alter the location on your iPhone
  2. NordVPN
    – Best VPN for iPhone
  3. IPVanish
    – VPN with a costless antivirus

While these are the top three options, y’all may want to check the full list of best VPNs for iPhone first.

If y’all would like to change the location of your iPhone, a VPN can be an effortless way to do then.
Depending on what you are trying to admission from the new area on your iPhone, you may consider and choose a specific VPN service provider.

If y’all are trying to bypass geo-blocks, y’all should selection a VPN with a
sizeable server fleet
fast connection speeds. In this case, nosotros would recommend a VPN service that has the WireGuard or similar tunneling protocol.

If your priority is online security and privacy, expect for a
privacy-friendly jurisdiction
outside the Fourteen Eyes alliance. Moreover, make sure the VPN has an
independently-audited no-logs policy. Finally, extra features like multi-hop (Double VPN) or Stealth VPN can as well brand a departure.

What tin you practise with a changed location on an iPhone?

Yous can easily do many things with a inverse location on your iPhone. Here are some cases where changing areas can exist helpful:

  • Featherbed geo-restrictions.
    By using a VPN, you can access content that would be otherwise unavailable to you due to copyright licensing. Past choosing a reliable VPN for your iOS device, you will be able to access different programs on such platforms as
    Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu,
    Disney Plus.
  • Online shopping.
    Irresolute your location via a VPN will allow you to access the best electronics, clothing, travel, and other deals.
  • Region-based mobile games.
    Changing your site tin can aid you get game updates earlier. In addition, you can admission some parts of the game which may only be bachelor in certain areas.
  • Remote work.
    Using a VPN instead of a GPS spoofing application to alter your device’south location settings will let you to access your piece of work material from any location.
  • Increased security.
    A VPN will forestall your device from getting infected with trackers, malicious ads, viruses, and other malware.
  • Speed throttling.
    You can featherbed cyberspace bandwidth and speed restrictions imposed by your Isp. This will allow you to torrent and stream content without any delays.
  • Sporting events.
    By changing your location, you volition be able to access sports streaming websites that would otherwise be unavailable in your expanse. These include
    MBL.Tv, among others.

Most effective ways to change location on your iPhone device

Use a VPN to switch the surface area on your iPhone easily. Whether it’southward for online shopping or accessing geo-blocked content, you will be able to attain your goal by following these steps:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN.
    Nosotros recommend choosing Surfshark VPN, currently with 82% off!
  2. Download and install
    the application on your iPhone
  3. Turn on the GPS spoofing feature
  4. Connect to a location
    of your choice
  5. That’s it!
    Your iPhone has been assigned a new IP and location

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Culling ways to change location on your iPhone

Even though using a VPN is the virtually straightforward solution to alter your electric current spot on an iPhone, sometimes it may not be plenty. Below are some scenarios in which you will demand a more deliberate approach.

Services and applications that rely on GPS. Past using a VPN, you tin can gain access to software that uses IP addresses to determine the user’s location. However, if you are trying to access an app that relies on a GPS location, a
VPN without GPS spoofing won’t suffice.
Applications that depend on your GPS include such software equally Observe My iPhone and Apple Maps.

Downloading applications.
Some applications are merely available in sure regions. Similar to streaming services such as Netflix or Apple App Store likewise rely on your GPS location to provide available-to-download services.

Here are a few other means to change your iPhone’due south location settings without the use of a Virtual Private Network.

GPS spoofing applications

One of the most popular means to change the GPS on an iPhone is GPS spoofing applications. GPS spoofing applications tin can be
unreliable and faulty
and may even
sell your location data to third parties.
Therefore, nosotros highly advise y’all to choose a tested and secure pick.

A good way to start is by checking the reviews on the App Store. Our recommendations for a GPS spoofing application include
3uTools, iTools Location Spoofer,
Dr. Fone,
amid others.

Furthermore, instead of a GPS spoofing application, we highly advise you to choose a VPN that provides a GPS spoofing feature.
Our height recommendation is

Surfshark VPN.

Proxy servers

By utilizing
proxy servers, yous will create an intermediary betwixt your device and the service you are trying to access. Therefore, you will gain the proxy IP accost instead of your own.

Dissimilar a VPN, proxy servers do not provide encryption. Therefore, you lot will still be vulnerable to online threats. Due to this,
we would highly advise going for a VPN instead.

How to change location on iPhone without jailbreaking

Jailbreaking for iOS means removing the manufacturer’southward restrictions imposed on your iPhone. Changing location on your device without committing a jailbreak can be catchy since
Apple has not fabricated it like shooting fish in a barrel to switch the GPS location.

Due to difficulties in changing your location, many Apple users take resorted to using GPS spoofing applications to change the spot on their iPhones.

GPS spoofing applications are easy to apply and have become increasingly pop with iOS users worldwide. That being said, certain disadvantages come up with the utilise of this software.

Here are some of the cons of GPS spoofing applications:

  • Location tracking. Since these applications do not provide a no-logs policy, they likely gather the information about your current location and sell information technology to 3rd parties.
  • GPS spoofing is often used to pause geofencing.
    Geofencing is a security applied science that uses your GPS location to create virtual boundaries restricting access to your personal information exterior certain areas.
  • Unreliable GPS spoofing applications pose a run a risk
    to your iPhone of malicious 3rd political party attacks and viruses.

We recommend choosing a
reliable VPN service provider to avoid these risks.
Using a VPN would non only aid you change the location with a VPN on your iPhone but would provide additional security and privacy features for an overall improved experience using your iPhone.

GPS spoofing is necessary to
bypass geo-blocks and unlock more content. For example, GPS spoofing and a reliable VPN service provider tin assist you access geo-locked Pokemon Become content. We recommend trying out Surfshark once again since it is not simply ane of the all-time VPN providers on the grid, but it also has
a built-in GPS spoofing feature.

Cannot alter the location on your iPhone with a VPN?

If you have downloaded a VPN application via the Apple App Shop and your location is not changing with a VPN,
it may exist that the application is non working correctly or that you have chosen the wrong region to connect to.

If your VPN service is unreliable, we recommend switching to a well-known and proven VPN provider, such equally
Surfshark, now 82% off.

In instance you take ruled out any external bug and you are still unable to connect to a server correctly, information technology may be at least one of the following issues:

  • Your bodily
    may be
  • Cookie settings
    on your iPhone may be revealing your actual location
  • You take an
    older version
    of an iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  • The VPN of your choice
    cannot bypass geo-blocking
  • The GPS and IP location mismatch.

To resolve these issues, nosotros recommend trying out these steps:

  • Check for IP leaks
    via a reliable IP leak checker
  • Clear enshroud and cookies
  • Use a
    dissimilar browser
  • Connect
    to a different server or location
  • Contact
    your VPN’s customer support team.

Tin you use a free VPN to change the location on your iPhone?

We do not recommend gratuitous VPNs for changing the location of your iPhone.
Even though some exceptions be, free VPNs oft lack features and security.

Free VPNs that offer iOS applications usually accept
data caps
bandwidth limits, restricting their usability. Furthermore,
free VPNs tend to leak information to 3rd parties,
making them highly unreliable.

If y’all would like to employ a costless VPN for your iPhone, we would propose Atlas VPN and Proton VPN. Both of these providers offer complimentary versions that are reliable and secure.


Modifying the location settings on your iPhone can seem complicated. The good news is that
with a reliable VPN, you tin easily change the location of your iPhone.
This way, you won’t have to jailbreak your phone which is not that easy with Apple products.

Moreover, you lot will non demand to trust third-party GPS spoofing applications, which may be unreliable and can contain malware.

All you lot need to practice is download the VPN with a GPS spoofing feature. We recommend
Surfshark VPN, available with a 82% discount.

If you’re using a VPN for your iPhone, which of these VPNs have you used before? Did we miss any great VPNs for iPhone? Let the states know in the comments below.


What is the all-time VPN service provider for changing location on your iPhone?

Co-ordinate to our inquiry,Surfshark VPN is the best VPN

for irresolute the location on your iOS device.
It provides a wide array of features, such as GPS spoofing, which is often not included in VPNs for iPhone.

Can I manually alter the location of my iPhone?

Yes, yous can.
You can manually change the location of your device via your App Store Settings and iPhone settings. That being said, without changing the IP address of your device, you will not be able to bypass geo-blocks. To do and so, we would highly recommend choosing a reliable iOS VPN.

How do yous know if your VPN is working on your iPhone?

If you lot take used a VPN service to connect to a server simply are unsure if it works or not, we recommend
checking your iPhone’south IP accost online.
Y’all can practice then by but searching ‘What’southward my IP accost on Google and looking if it matches the IP address on your VPN.

Is information technology legal to change your iPhone location?

Just put – yeah.
By changing the location on your iPhone, y’all are not breaking whatsoever country or international laws.

Notwithstanding, using another country’s region on your iPhone may violate Apple tree’due south Terms of Service. Therefore, we would highly advise yous to
utilize a Virtual Private Network
to change your iPhone’s location to protect yourself and your device.