CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Announces Expansion Throughout the United States Amidst Bubbling Market Growth

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Take you institute yourself peckish something fresh to drink like milk tea and fruit juices simply nevertheless looking for a place where you lot could get something special and non the usual? No worries I got you lot. I found a place where you tin get the best tasting and near accurate milk tea that y’all can find in the market these days, if you’re non into milk tea no worries they also accept fruit juices that you lot will surely enjoy. E’er heard about Coco Fresh Tea and Juice? If not delight take the time to read this article. Let’s become to know the Coco Fresh Tea and Juice menu a lilliputian bit more and the drinks that they offer. I don’t want to filibuster things here since they are one of my favorite milk tea brands when I’1000 still working in Taiwan and I’grand pretty excited near this one. Without further ado, let’s get-go, shall we?

Below, you’ll find the updated list of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice menu prices.

Carte Items Price (PHP)


Coco milktea large 95
Pearl milktea regular ninety
Pearl milktea large 100
Panda milktea regular xc
Panda milktea big 100
Grass jelly milk tea big 100


Coco milktea regular 85
Coco milktea large 95
Pearl milktea regular ninety
Pearl milktea large 100
Taro milktea regular 100
Taro milktea large 110
Panda milktea regular 90
Panda milktea large 100
Jasmine milktea regular 85
Jasmine milktea large 95
Grass jelly milktea regular 90
Grass jelly milktea large 100
White pearl milktea regular 90
White pearl milktea large 100
2 ladies regular xc
two ladies large 100
iii buddies regular 100
3 buddies large 110


QQ milktea regular 110
QQ milktea large 120
3Q milktea regular 120
3Q milktea large 130
QQ taro milktea regular 120
QQ taro milktea large 130
QQ taro latte regular 120
QQ taro latte big 130


Passion fruit slush regular 100
Passion fruit slush big 115
Lemon yakult slush regular 95
Lemon yakult slush big 110
Matcha slush with salty cream regular 110
Matcha slush with salty cream large 120
Taro slush regular 110
Taro slush large 120


Honey lemon with aloe regular 90
Honey lemon with aloe big 100
Lemon calamansi with aloe regular 90
Lemon calamansi with aloe large 100
Wintermelon juice regular 80

Wintermelon juice large 90
Wintermelon with grass jelly regular 90
Wintermelon with grass jelly large 100
Lemon wintermelon regular xc
Lemon wintermelon large 100
Greenish tea yakult regular 85
Lemon yakult regular 95

Fresh tea

Ceylon black tea regular 60
Ceylon black tea large lxx
Jasmine green tea regular sixty
Jasmine dark-green tea large 70
Mount tea regular 65
Mount tea large 75
Wintermelon mount tea regular 80
Wintermelon mount tea large 90
Dearest mountain tea regular 80
Honey mountain tea large 90

Fruit tea

Passion fruit tea burst regular 90
Passion fruit tea flare-up big 100
Passion fruit green tea regular 85
Passion fruit greenish tea large 95
Passion fruit mountain tea regular 85
Passion fruit mount tea big 95
Lemon black tea regular 85
Lemon black tea large 95
Lemon dunk large 100

Cream and latte

Salty cream milktea regular xc
Salty foam milktea large 100
Salty cream blackness tea regular 80
Salty cream black tea large 90
Salty cream chocolate regular 100
Salty cream chocolate large 110
Salty cream mountain tea regular 85
Salty cream mountain tea large 95
Salty foam wintermelon tea regular 90
Salty cream wintermelon tea big 100
Black tea latte regular 90
Black tea ltte large 100
Taro latte regular 90
Taro latte large 100
Pearl matcha tea latte regular 100
Pearl matcha tea latte big 110
Panda matcha tea latte regular 105
Panda matcha tea latte big 115
Salty cream matcha tea latte regular 110
Salty cream matcha tea latte large 120


Coco chocolate regular 90
Coco chocolate large 100
Chocolate with pearl regular 95
Chocolate with pearl large 105
Chocolate with pudding and pearl regular 100
Chocolate with pudding and pearl large 110


Coco black coffee regular 90
Coco black java big 100
Coco coffee regular 100
Coco coffee big 110
Coco java with pearl regular 110
Coco java with pearl big 120
Salty foam coffee regular 110
Salty cream coffee large 120

Well-nigh CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice was established in 1997 in Tamsui, Taiwan. And since and then their business organisation became a hitting peculiarly when information technology comes to bubble tea. CoCo is now the leading milk tea brand in Taiwan. They have 4000 plus branches of stores nationwide and however counting. CoCo also serves in diverse countries like Nippon, Thailand, Australia, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, the United states, and the Philippines.

They always think about the quality of their products, the freshness of all the ingredients, and everything. When you club from them it’s when they will make your milk tea and other fruit juices that’s why y’all can guarantee that the beverage that they volition serve to you lot is fresh and succulent. Made with the finest ingredients come from the best locations local and away CoCo’s drinks are flood with freshness and good sense of taste.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice Card All-time Seller

Hither is the list of CoCo fresh tea and juice best sellers that you lot should try upon visiting their shops. On the list are their best-tasting milk tea and fruit juices.

pearl milk tea coco fresh tea and juice menu
Photo Credit: CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice FB Folio

Pearl Milk Tea
– Signature coco milk tea with sweet and chewy tapioca pearls. This Coco Fresh Tea and Juice bill of fare is their classic milk tea beverage that is really popular in any location. The taste of the milk tea is only right non too sweet and really tasty. Can be served hot or cold. Tapioca pearls are on a different level every bit well as it has this chewy and sugariness taste that tin add upward to the excitement of enjoying your milk tea.

3 Guys Milk Tea
– This is actually just like the classic pearl milk tea just a bit different because information technology also has pudding and grass jelly. Loaded be exact. One of my favorite drinks when I was in Taiwan. In this drink, y’all’re sure it’ll satisfy every sugariness craving that yous take it volition also make you full and so if you’re planning to eat out don’t order this one nonetheless. I think this i is best for takeaways.

Fresh Taro with Milk
– 1 of the best drinks that you can find on the Coco Fresh Tea and Juice bill of fare. If you accept sugariness molar this one is for you lot. Creamy and fresh drink that y’all volition surely enjoy. The taro taste composite with milk is and so good this could be your instant favorite.

sago taro milk tea coco fresh tea and juice menu
Photo Credit: CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice FB Page

Sago Taro Milk Tea –
This one is fabricated with taro root and includes sago. This milk tea is dissimilar from other milk tea because of the main ingredient which is taro. So adept it could be your favorite. What I like almost this i is the light taste of the milk tea besides equally the sago. One of the best drinks that you can find in Coco.

Mango Smoothie
– In a tropical country like the Philippines we all know that mango is abundant and CoCo is offering a Mango smoothie that is creamy milky and actually delicious. Perfect for how the conditions is here in the country. This mango smoothie CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice card are really refreshing and delicious. Perfect to swallow anytime whether it’south hot or cold outside.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice Toppings

If you’re looking for something unlike other than taro or tapioca pearls you lot can try their succulent toppings. QQ which means chewy is made with taro balls and sugariness white potato assurance. You can become these yummy toppings when y’all order Coco QQ milk tea with Coco’south signature black tea topped with QQ. These toppings are actually adept and chewy, something dissimilar to add together more season and excitement to your typical milk tea.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice Menu Delivery

If you are craving your favorite fruit juices and other CoCo drink but you don’t accept time to go out you can now order thru their website at all y’all take to do is to get to the website and choose which food delivery services you want to take intendance of your social club, the list includes pick a roo, food panda and grab foods.

In lodge to get the latest news about the current trends of Coco Fresh Tea and Juice Bill of fare that yous want to effort, you should definitely subscribe to their social media. In this style, whenever they posted an update, you lot volition notice information technology immediately.





Who owns CoCo Tea?

Tommy Hung is the founder and electric current chairman of the global brand CoCo fresh tea and juice.

What kind of tea does CoCo use?

CoCo milk teas are fabricated with traditional jasmine green tea.

What is CoCo milk tea known for?

CoCo milk tea is known for its delicious and fresh fruit juices and milk tea that is really affordable and delicious. They are also known for their delicious boba pearls that are chewy and sweet.

Does CoCo use real fruit?

Yes, they use fresh and real fruits for their fruit juices prepared the moment you order them from them. In some shop locations like Taiwan, you tin can also lookout how they gear up your order.

What country is CoCo milk tea from?

Taiwan. The outset CoCo shop is located in Tamsui Taiwan.


Based on my personal experience since I lived in Taiwan for half dozen years, the CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice menu is really popular amid all milk tea brands because of the affordability and quality of the drinks that they serve.

The freshness of their drinks is guaranteed and their chewy tapioca pearls are something yous shouldn’t miss because it is succulent. It’s good to know that we are now able to enjoy the goodness of their products without breaking the bank. Also, I find that the service is actually outstanding since the crews are friendly and easy to talk with. Though y’all have to wait for them to prepare your order but is fine since you can guarantee that what you lot society is fresh then it’due south worth the expect.