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When traveling, one of the virtually of import things we want to know is the weather in our destination. A lot of things depend on this like what type of clothes you would pack or wear and what activities to include in your itinerary. This is why the degree symbol is ane of the symbols that we oftentimes encounter every bit travelers.

As travel bloggers who often discuss the best times to visit a destination, we often need to write temperatures. You would call up that we’ve always known how to type the degree symbol. Simply nosotros have a confession to make. Up until today, nosotros didn’t. Nigh of the time, we simply dodge or work around it past spelling out the give-and-take

We figured, We’re probably not the only ones who don’t know how to type this symbol easily. And so to help out people like me with this, we decided to create a HOW-TO series, which tackles how to blazon the trickiest characters and symbols that we commonly meet. And aye, we’re starting with the caste symbol. Or °. Come across? I learn fast.

Whether you lot’re Team Celcius or Fahrenheit, here’s how yous can type the degree symbol depending on what device yous’re using. We’re also including keyboard shortcuts.


iPhone & iPad (iOS)

When using an iPhone or any iOS device:

  1. Press and hold
    (cipher). This should make the degree symbol appear above information technology as an option.
  2. Slide your finger to select the degree symbol.

Android Phone

Typing the degree symbol on Android is easy.

  1. Get to the numbers and symbols on your keyboard.
  2. Detect the degree symbol °.

Windows Laptop or Desktop

There are a few ways how y’all tin can enter the caste symbol on a windows reckoner or laptop. Hither’s how:

Using Numeric Keypad

If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop with a keyboard that has a numeric keypad: hold the
primal and press
on your numeric keypad. You may also hold the
key and type
0176. Note that you lot take to turn on the num lock key to be able to use the numeric keypad. To easily remember, here are the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt + 248
  • Alt + 0176

Using the Character Map

If your keyboard doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you may input the degree symbol past using the character map.

  1. Search for
    Character Map
    on the search box on your task bar.
  2. Open the Character Map.
  3. Expect for the degree symbol °. If you’re having a difficult fourth dimension locating information technology, you lot can search it past ticking the box beside
    Advanced View
    and typing in “degree” on the search box.
  4. Double click the degree symbol ° to select and click
  5. Paste (Ctrl+V) it on where you intend to apply the caste symbol °.

Mac (Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac)

To insert the degree symbol when using Mac, printing the
keys on your keyboard.

This likewise works on MS Word on Mac.

Microsoft Discussion

Word on Windows

There are multiple means you can blazon the degree symbol when using Microsoft Discussion. If you’re using MS Word on a Windows computer:

  • Press and hold
    then release, then press the infinite bar.
  • Type
    (nil nothing B zero) and then press
  • Use the symbol menu.


  1. On the
    tab, click
  2. Click the
    More than Symbols
    selection. A dialog box with a selection of symbols you can employ volition appear.
  3. Locate the degree symbol and click it to select. So, click

Afterwards using the degree symbol, you should now see it on the list of recently used symbols when you lot open up the symbols card.

Give-and-take on Mac

Merely press the
keys on your keyboard.

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