Dry Out Iphone Charging Port

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It’s not difficult to end up with water in your smartphone charging port. You could be cooking, running, or even showering, and if your phone is nearby, there’southward always a run a risk. And then, what do you do when you realize y’all’ve gotten water in your USB port? Bank check out these dos and don’ts below to ensure your phone recovers safely.

How to Dry out Your USB Charging Port: iii Tips

Brand certain you lot follow these tips if y’all want to effigy out how to remove wet in a charging port.

1. Put Your Phone in Front of a Fan, or Leave it to Dry Naturally

If you want to speed up the drying process of your telephone’s USB port, we recommend placing it in front of a fan or even near an open up window (if y’all’re sure information technology’s not going to rain!). However, you lot should
avoid heat lamps and heaters in full general, as this could enhance your phone’s temperature to an dangerous level, melt the exterior, or cause other heat-related issues.

However, if yous don’t have a fan, and you’re not comfortable placing your phone near a window, you can always leave information technology to air out for a few hours, preferably in a dry out, warm environment similar an airing cupboard. But don’t put your phone in direct sunlight, as this tin can also cause overheating.

two. Listen to Your Phone’s Warning or Communication Messages

If your telephone detects moisture in its USB port, it will most likely alert you of this. So, if you lot get an alert of this nature, do not ignore it!

The USB error bulletin you see can vary depending on the issue and manufacturer. However, they’re usually variants of “Unplug charger” or “Liquid or debris detected” and shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Place Your Phone in Rice Overnight

Yes, the rumor is true. Placing your phone in rice can assist remove any wet. This is considering rice is water-absorbant, so it can help in drawing out the h2o from your phone when it gets wet. It is best to do this overnight, as it can take some time, only it certainly is a tried and truthful method.

rice in a jar

Still, a wet USB port often isn’t a astringent issue and tin often be resolved by leaving your phone out to dry out or placing it in front of a fan. But if it is taking some fourth dimension for your telephone’s moisture alert bulletin to go away, the rice method is always a reliable selection on short notice.

Along with the methods yous can endeavor to dry out out your phone’s USB port, there are also things that you should always avoid to not cause additional problems.

How to Get Moisture Out of Your Phone Port: 3 Things to Avoid When Your USB Port Is Moisture

Here are the most important things to avoid doing when you take moisture in your phone’s USB port.

1. Do Not Accuse Your Phone

The most important thing to
always avoid
when your USB port is wet is charging your phone. Most smartphone warning messages will tell you not to accuse your telephone when wet is in the USB port, and it is crucial to heed to this communication for two key reasons.

charging cable on table

Firstly, connecting your phone to an electric power source is
extremely dangerous
when in that location is moisture in the connection port, so make sure your phone’southward wet warning has stopped showing before you connect your phone to a power source. On top of this, bringing your charger into contact with water can break the charger itself, and so, fifty-fifty if it’s on low bombardment, yous’ll need to let information technology sit down and dry out before recharging.

2. Do Not Accident Into Your Smartphone USB Port

When there’south h2o in your USB port, one of the first instincts you get might be to blow into it to dry information technology out. Yet, this is not recommended every bit information technology is not effective and the full-bodied force of your breath may push button the water further into the USB port. So, make sure you use 1 of the suggested methods above instead.

wet iphone

3. Practice Not Milkshake Your Phone

We can guarantee you i thing: shaking your telephone will not get rid of wet! This may exist tempting, especially if you’re panicking about permanently breaking your USB port, simply it simply isn’t effective. The best fashion to dry a wet USB port is using a steady menses of cool air, every bit suggested above. So avert tiring yourself out by shaking your phone, every bit it most likely won’t aid much at all.

At present You Know How to Dry out Your Telephone Port

Getting moisture in your USB port is all likewise piece of cake to do, merely information technology doesn’t need to be a severe or expensive issue if you follow these quick and easy tips. The best form of prevention is to avoid letting water get anywhere well-nigh your phone, but these are the adjacent all-time option if the inevitable happens.

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