Feather Emoji Copy And Paste

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The plume emoji is not found on many platforms, but is the perfect emoji to use if you lot want to cartoonishly tickle someone. Y’all tin can also use the plume emoji in the context of birds, downwards comforters, or old timey ink quills and calligraphy.


bird, plume, flying, light, plumage





in Unicode version


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Related emoji

  • The flag emoji of Republic of zambia consists of a light-green background. In the bottom left corner, there are three vertical stripes of scarlet, black and orangish. On elevation of the stripes, there is an orangish hawkeye in flying.

  • Dodo birds might be extinct, simply the dodo emoji isn’t. The dullard was a bird that couldn’t fly. These birds were commonly institute near Madagascar. Employ the dodo emoji when talking almost these extinct animals or near someone that is not the smartest in the room.

  • A swan is known for its beauty and grace. This bird is ordinarily plant resting on a lake or another body of h2o. Employ this emoji when talking about swans, or something classy and svelte.

  • The flag of Saint Helena emoji displays a bluish background with a Matrimony Jack in the height left corner. In the center of the right side sits a coat of artillery shield displaying a sailing ship and bird.

  • The owl emoji shows a wise wide-eyed bird, with a brown trunk, lite-colored stomach and yellowish talons. Some providers feature this nocturnal bird perched on a branch.

  • The cockroach emoji is uncommon in the emoji world, and is hopefully only as uncommon in your living space. Use these when discussing unkept living conditions or what y’all think might be left after a nuclear apocalypse.

  • This creepy protrude emoji is a corking catch-all emoji for anything having to exercise with bugs or insects.

  • The parrot emoji shows the popular tropical bird and house pet, the parrot. The parrot not simply has colorful feathers, it also has a knack for repeating what it just heard, which is perfect when you’re calling out a friend for “parroting” something you only said.

  • Elephants are beautifully large creatures that have endeared themselves to people effectually the earth. They have long trunks and tusks of ivory and are known for being gentle, family-oriented giants. They also never forget.

  • Uganda’southward flag emoji features six horizontal stripes alternate in color. The design is black, yellowish, orange and repeats in one case more than. In the center of the flag, a grey crowned crane is displayed.

  • Fire upwards the chopper! A helicopter takes you up into the heaven and is a very scenic form of transportation. Use this emoji when talking about aviation, rescue missions, and helicopter tours.

  • The hawkeye emoji shows a large, predatory bird in flying. The eagle sports a white head, brown or black body and yellow talons.

  • If you want to come across a penguin, caput on over to anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere because in that location, they can be plant waddling effectually on every continent.

  • Are you feeling lucky? The lady beetle emoji also known as the lady bug is a pretty lucky bug. If a ladybug lands on you after flight so you lot’ve been touched by some good luck. Their unique spotted wings make them the pretty siblings in the insect family. They are cute creepy crawlers.

  • Are gorillas the kings of the jungle? These powerful primates are large, stiff, and tough. Apply this emoji when talking about gorillas or someone who is every bit tough as a gorilla.

  • The fly emoji is not available beyond all platforms and devices, but in the real world these niggling bugs definitely get around. Just don’t leave food out, and you shouldn’t see them!

  • Information technology’s a bird, it’southward a aeroplane, no- it’south a flight saucer! Potentially show of extraterrestrial life, flying saucer emojis can be used in any conspiratorial conversation about UFOs.

  • This rooster might brand y’all think virtually waking up to a cock-a-doodle-doo on a farm, only don’t exist fooled: this versatile emoji could be derogatory, calling someone a erect or a chicken.

  • The Dolphin emoji features a silhouette of a dolphin jumping through the air, its powerful, bluish tail curving gracefully away from its body.

  • Spread your wings and fly like a butterfly. Did yous know? A butterfly starts off as a caterpillar, lives part of its life in a cocoon and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. The Butterfly emoji is just that; a beautiful butterfly, with large, outspread wings. The color and detail differ between platforms merely are usually in diverse shades of orangish and blue. Use this emoji when talking about beauty and transformations.

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