Find Hidden Photos On Mac

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Not all photos are meant to exist seen by everyone. And if you permit your child employ your iPad or your friend borrow your Mac, keeping pictures that should be private tucked away is a smart idea. You just never know when someone might pop open that Photos app by mistake, right?

While you tin can search the App Store for apps that hide your photos with passwords, and there are plenty of them, you should bank check out the built-in feature in the Photos app commencement.

Hither we’ll show you how hide photos on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac besides equally view and unhide them after.


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  • How to hide photos on iPhone and iPad
    • View hidden pictures on iPhone and iPad
  • How to hide photos on Mac
    • View subconscious pictures on Mac
  • Continue your photos to yourself

How to hide photos on iPhone and iPad

Open the
app and navigate to where the pictures are that you want to hide. They can be in an album, in the For Yous section, or only on the Photos tab.

  1. Select i photo at a time by borer it or tap
    on the elevation correct to choose multiple photos.
  2. Tap the
    button on the lesser left.
  3. Choose
  4. Confirm that you want to hide the photo by borer
    Hide Photo(southward).
Hide Photos iPhone
Tap to hide a photo on iPhone

View hidden pictures on iPhone and iPad

When you’re ready to come across those photos, you tin can view and unhide them if you similar.

  1. Tap
    in the
  2. Scroll to the lesser under
    Other Albums
    and tap
  3. If you want to unhide a photo, select it, tap the
    button, and pick
View Hidden Photos and Unhide iPhone
View your Hidden album and unhide photos on iPhone

How to hibernate photos on Mac

You can hibernate pictures just as easily on Mac as on iOS. Open the
app and then follow these steps to hide photos.

  1. Select one photo at a time by clicking it. For multiple photos, hold the
    cardinal for the first and terminal photo to select a range or hold
    and click each picture individually.
  2. Right-click
    or hold
    and click the photo(s).
  3. Select
    Hibernate Photo(s)
    from the context menu. Yous tin can also click
    Hide Photograph(s)
    from the carte bar.
  4. Confirm that y’all want to hide the photo by clicking
    Hide Photos.
Hide Photos Mac and confirm
Click to hibernate photos on Mac and ostend

View hidden pictures on Mac

If you lot do not see the Hidden folder under Library in the Photos app on Mac, click
Show Subconscious Photo Anthology
from the carte bar. The album will then appear in your Library on the left.

Show Hidden Photo Album
View the Hidden photo album on Mac

If you want to unhide a photograph,
or concord
and click the photo(southward). Select
Unhide Photo(s)
from the context menu. You can also click
Unhide Photograph(s)
from the menu bar.

Unhide Photos Mac
Click to unhide photos on Mac

Keep your photos to yourself

The hibernate characteristic in the Photos app does not provide whatever extra security, only it does have those pictures out of the main view and put them into the Hidden album. And this might be just the right matter for the photos you want to hide.

Are you going to employ this feature to keep your photos to yourself? Or practice you demand more protection for your photos similar a third-party app? Exit a comment beneath or visit usa on Twitter!

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