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Fortnite Italy Discord Quest: How To Join, Complimentary Rewards

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20th May 2022 15:52

Italy Discord Quest is a special thing combining
and the popular communications platform Discord. The Italy Discord Quest features five different
Challenges with free rewards to earn — just y’all have to bring together the Official
Italian republic Discord server to participate. While anyone across the globe tin can accept part in the
Italy Discord Quest, those not fluent in Italian may have a hard time navigating the Discord server.

Our stride-past-step guide will walk you through the process of joining the Official
Italia Discord server and jumping right into the

Italy Discord Quest.

  • PC players can get their hands on the Fortnite Volcanic Ash-sassin Pack for free right now.

Fortnite Italian republic Discord Quest: How To Join


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Despite the name Italian republic Discord Quest, you don’t need to be Italian or based in Italy to participate. While familiarity with the Italian language will help, you tin can follow the detailed instructions beneath to gain access to the
Italia Discord Quest.

  1. To begin the
    Italy Discord Quest, you lot need to create a Discord account and join the Official
    Italia Discord server.


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  2. One time inside, caput to the discord-quest channel. Scroll upwardly and you lot should come across a bulletin highlighting the
    Italia Discord Quest. Nether information technology, in that location is a Start push.

    1. If the Kickoff button is faded out, that means yous need to accept the server rules earlier you can begin the
      Italia Discord Quest. If that’s the instance, yous should have a message at the bottom of your screen notifying yous that “y’all must complete a few more than steps before y’all can talk.”

      To solve this:

      1. Click “Complete” on the notification bar and a list of server rules in Italian will pop up
      2. Scroll to the bottom and check off the box stating that yous have read and agreed to the rules
      3. Printing “Submit”


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  3. Now, go back and press the First button on the message in the discord-quest channel. In doing so, you’ll receive a direct message from the Quest Bot. Open the message and press “Link Account.” Finally, log into your Epic Games account to continue.

And with that, you can at present freely participate in the
Italy Discord Quest. Your commencement chore? Catch 20 fish.

Fortnite Italy Discord Quest: Challenge List


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Italy Discord Quest features five Challenges. The total list of Quests is as follows:

  • Catch a fish 20 times
  • Eliminate five opponents in Solos, Duos, Trios, or Squads
  • Place Top Ten in Squads iii times
  • Bargain 3000 harm to opponents
  • Place Top X in Solos five times

Starting from top to lesser, complete all of the
Italian republic Discord Quests to unlock all of the costless rewards.

  • While you’re at it, consider joining in on the Fortnite Supply Llama Challenge to earn more free rewards.

Fortnite Italian republic Discord Quest: Rewards


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Those that complete the
Italia Discord Quests earlier May 24 will earn some snazzy rewards. The listing of exclusive rewards tied to the
Italy Discord Quest is as follows:

  • Leader Squadra Scooter Spray
  • Buono Emoticon
  • Piume Wrap

These rewards will exist granted periodically every bit you progress through the

Italia Discord Quest.

Italia Discord Quest is live now and will come across May 24. Take on all of the Challenges before time expires to unlock the sectional Italian-themed cosmetics.

Don’t forget to collect all of the

Fortnite Omega Knight Level Up Tokens

and upgrade the

Fortnite Omega Knight Skin


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