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Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime serial of all time. With its adventurous, action-packed story combined with gritty and nighttime moments, Hunter 10 Hunter leaves an everlasting impact on the viewers.

Hunter X Hunter has a big number of deaths over the grade of the serial. I have tried to collect all the deaths here.

Deaths In Hunter License Test Arc

Character Killed By/Cause Episode No (2011)
Examiner Imposter Hisoka four
Several Applicants Creatures In Milsy Wetlands v
Several Applicants Hisoka 5
Several Applicants Jumpin In Split Mountain 6
Two Examinees Killua seven
Several Applicants Half dozen-legged Flying Beasts. eight
Togari Hisoka 10
Johness Killua eleven
Goz Gittarackur (Illumi) 15
Siper Gittarackur (Illumi) 15
Agon Hisoka 16
Geretta Hisoka sixteen
Bourbon Ponzu 17
Bodoro Killua 20

Two Unnamed Examinees

Killed By/Cause Of Decease: Killua

During the match between Netero and Gon/Killua, Killua quits the game due to frustration and leaves. Killua gets bumped past Two examinees and they confront Killua to apologize. Killua kills them instantly without whatever remorse.

Togari’s Decease

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Hisoka

Togari, an examiner took on Hisoka during the third phase of the exam to become revenge on him. Togari uses his newly learned techniques with hookbill knives confronting Hisoka but Hisoka catches them and decapitates Togari.

Johness’s Death

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Killua

Johness is a prisoner known for his infamous murders serving 968 years. Killua faces off against him in a death match in the third phase of the exam. Killua manages to take his heart out of his breast in the blink of an eye without Johness fifty-fifty realizing information technology.

Bourbon’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Ponzu

Bourbon gear up up a trap in a cave and hid in it in the fourth phase of the exam. Merely Ponzu went there and accidentally released her bees attacking him. This caused Anaphylactic shock in him leading to his expiry.

Bodoro’s Expiry

Killed By/Crusade Of Expiry: Killua

In the last phase of the battle, Bodoro faces Leorio. Before Bodoro could start fighting, Killua appears behind him and kills him with his bare mitt.

Several Applicants

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Various Reasons

Over the class of the Hunter License exams, several contestants died. Some died due to creatures in wetland, some killed by Hisoka, some by Illumi, some died in split mountains, etc.

Deaths In Sky’s Loonshit Arc

Grapheme Killed Past/Cause Episode No (2011)
Kastro Hisoka 32

Kastro’s Expiry

Killed By/Crusade Of Decease: Hisoka

Kastro faced off against Hisoka in Sky’s Arena. Kastro was bamboozled by Hisoka and in the end, he experienced a Memory Overload causing his demise.

Deaths In Yorknew Metropolis Arc

Character Killed By/Crusade Episode No (2011)
Mafia Customs In

Underground Auction
Franklin 43
Baise Shizuku 43
Ivlenkov Shizuku 43
Tochino Franklin 43
Worm Uvogin 44
Rabid Dog Uvogin 44
Leech Uvogin 44
Porcupine Uvogin 44
Unnamed Shadow Beasts Shizuku and Feitan 45
Dalzollene Phinks 45
Random Person In
An Apartment
Phantom Troupe (likely) 46
Several Unnamed People Uvogin 46
Uvogin Kurapika 48
Two Assassins Chrollo Match 51
Many Members Of the Mafia Phantom Troupe 51-52
Ten Dons Illumi and Kalluto 53
Bean Machi 53
Squala Nobunaga 56
Pakunoda Kurapika’s Judgment Concatenation 58

Baise’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Shizuku

In the sale house, Baise, one of the Nostrade Bodyguards was killed by Shizuku who striking Baise using her Blinky.

Ivlenkov’s Expiry

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Shizuku

In the sale house, Ivlenkov, one of the Nostrade Bodyguards was killed past Shizuku who uses Blinky to crush his skull.

Tochino’due south Expiry

Killed By/Cause Of Decease: Franklin

In the sale house, Tochino, 1 of the Nostrade Bodyguards was killed by Franklin’s Nen bullets During Feitan’s and Franklin’due south onslaught in the sale house, Tochino summons his puppet to act as a baby-sit just Franklin’s Nen bullets were just also powerful and ripped apart his puppet thus killing him also.

Worm’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Decease: Uvogin

Worm, ane of the shadow beasts fought against Uvogin. He grabbed Uvogin and took him to the underground. But Uvogin used his Big Bang Impact ability to counter it. Worm is expressionless slightly sometime subsequently due to the above set on.

Leech’southward Death

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Uvogin

Leech injects some leeches into Uvogin’south body. But Uvogin bites a part of his head thus killing him.

Rabid Canis familiaris’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Uvogin

Rabid Dog manages to chew a portion of the shoulder of Uvogin. But Uvogin spits a bone which he took from Leech’s skull. Rabid Dog blocks information technology with his hand but the bone hits Rabid Dog with a great force to pierce the hand and hut the skull.

Porcupine’s Expiry

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Uvogin

Porcupine manages to adhere himself in Uvogin’s hand via his pilus. Uvogin then gives out a scream strong plenty to kill Porcupine.

Remaining Shadow Beasts

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Phantom Troupe

All remaining shadow beasts are killed by Phantom Troupe except Owl.

Uvogin’south Expiry

Killed Past/Cause Of Death: Kurapika

Uvogin faces off against Kurapika and in the end, Kurapika manages to defeat him. Kurapika places a judgment chain on Uvogin asking him to reveal the location of other members. Equally Uvogin refuses to reveal the info, it activates crushing his middle.

Ten Dons

Killed Past/Cause Of Death: Illumi and Kalluto

Ten Dons arranged assassins to kill Phantom Troupe. But Chrollo Lucifer bundled Illumi and Kalluto to impale the Ten Dons which they succeed in doing.

Squala’due south Death

Killed Past/Crusade Of Death: Nobunaga

Squala was interrogated about the info of Uvogin and the chain user. So Pakunoda mentions the name of Eliza which makes Squala angry but Nobunaga slices his caput twice killing him.

Pakunoda’southward Death

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Kurapika

Kurapika puts a Judgement Chain on Pakunoda that will kill her if she talks about Kurapika. Pakunoda shoots the memory bullet about Kurapika on the other Phantom Troupe members thus killing herself.

Several People

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Phantom Troupe

Several Dons, Mafia members, civilians, bodyguards, assassins, etc were killed by Phantom Troupes.

Deaths In Greed Isle Arc

Character Killed Past/Cause Episode No (2011)
Jeet Genthru lx
Puhat Genthru 64
Jispa Genthru 64
Nomdieu Genthru, Sub, and Barra 65
Assam Genthru, Sub, and Barra 65
Isaac Genthru, Sub, and Barra 65
Nickes Genthru, Sub, and Barra 65
Kazsule’s Brotherhood Members Genthru, Sub, and Barra 71
Sabazushi Genthru 72

Puhat and Jispa

Killed Past/Cause Of Expiry: Genthru

Puhat confronts Genthru and Genthru demands Puhat’southward band. Puhat trying to act as a mediator between the alliance and the bombers is killed by Genthru who uses his Footling Bloom.

Jispa too is said to exist dead in an unknown method.

Nickes alliance

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Genthru, Sub, and Barra

Everyone in this alliance including Nickes, Isaac, Assam, Nomdieu is killed by Genthru’s bomb ability. Only Cuzco and Abengane survive.

Kazsule’due south Alliance Members

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Genthru, Sub, and Barra

Except for Gon, Killua, Beige, Goreinu, anybody in this brotherhood is killed past Genthru.

Deaths In Chimera Ant Arc

Character Killed By/Cause Episode No (2011)
Kurt Queen Ant 77
Reina Queen Ant 77
Several Villagers Queen Ant 78
Gyros’ Men Yunju and two other Ants 79
Gyros Queen Ant 79
Gyros’ begetter Gyro 80 (Flashback)
Pekuba Pike 80
Balda State highway 80
Ponzu Gun-toting Ant 80
Spot Yunju 82
Rover Yunju 82
Musquito Ant Killua 82
Centipede Emmet Kite 82
Yunju Kite 82
Baro Gon 83
Rhinoceros Killua 83
Pokkle Pig 84
Kite Neferpitou 85
Several Ants Netero 87
Peggy Mereum 91
Turtle Mereum 91
Several Humans Mereum 91
A Kid Mereum 91
Queen Ant After Giving Birth To Mereum 92
Ming Jol-ik’s double Mereum 93
People in Purple

Palace grounds
Mereum 93
Rammot Killua 94
Gun-toting Ant Bonolenov 96
Pell Shalnark 96
Boki Shalnark 96
Pike Shizuku 97
Zazan Feitan 97
Chimera Pismire Shark Killua 101
Ortho Siblings Killua 101
Shogi Champion Mereum 102
Go Champion Suicide 103
Flutter Knov 104
Leol Morel 107
Cheetu Silva Zoldyck 117
Palm Unknown 118
Netero Suicide 126
Neferpitou Gon 131
Menthuthuyoupi Poisoning 133
Shaiapouf Poisoning 135
Mereum Poisoning 135
Komugi Poisoning 135

Kurt and Reina’southward Death

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Crab Shaped Chimera Emmet

Kurt and Reina are the commencement human meal served to Queen ant. They were angling when confronted past a crab-shaped Bubble Ant.

Gyro and his men

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Chimera Ants

Bubble ants assail the base of NGL and impale several NGL members and besides Gyro.

Ponzu’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Officeholder From Zazan’south Squad

Ponzu tries to escape from the NGL on the threat of Chimera ants. But she is shot by an officer from Zazan’s squad who then eats her.

Pokkle’s Decease

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Pig Emmet

Pokkle manages to be live fifty-fifty after being defenseless past the chimera ants. But the newly built-in Pitou notices him and probes his brain. Later Pig ant butchers him to be served as food for Queen emmet.

Kite’due south Death

Killed By/Cause Of Decease: Neferpitou

Kite forth with Gon and Killua investigate the chimera ants in the NGL. Newly built-in Neferpitou senses Kite equally a strong opponent and jumps to his place to fight Kite. Kite orders Gon and Killua to escape and fights Pitou alone. Later nosotros see Pitou having Kite’s head in her hands.

Peggy’s Death

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Mereum

Due to the birth of Mereum, Queen Ant’s internal organs go damaged. Merely Mereum demands a meal for him but Peggy runs to look after Queen Emmet. Mereum enraged just smashes Peggy’s head thus killing him.

Queen Ant’s Death

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Due to Child nascence

Queen Ant’s internal organs are severely damaged due to Mereum’s nascence. Due to Colt’south efforts, doctors from Hunter Association tried to salve her but fail.

Rammot’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Killua

Rammot challenges Killua where Killua was watching over Gon and Palm. Initially, Rammot overwhelmed Killua, and Killua simply tries to run. This is due to the needle placed on Killua that makes him run away even when faced with a slightly tough challenge. Later Killua removes the needle and instantly decapitates Rammot.

Pell and Boki

Killed Past/Crusade Of Death: Shalnark

Pell is a ladybug-shaped chimera ant that fought against Shalnark. Shalnark futilely tries to manipulate him simply finally risked himself inserting his antenna into an exposed gap. But the pismire nevertheless restrains Shalnark and it is revealed that another emmet Boki is taking control all along.

Shalnark uses Autopilot mode by using an antenna on himself. Boki, filled with fear tries to go Pell to remove the antenna from Shalnark only Shalnark obliterates both Pell and Boki in a single strike.

Pike’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Zazan

Shizuku fights Throughway in Shooting star City and initially, she is on the defensive as Blinky gets stuck in Pike’s spider web. Simply Shizuku stripes almost naked and strikes Pike with Blinky 29 times. Later Blinky drains Motorway’s blood from the open wounds.

Zazan’south Expiry

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Feitan

Zazan and Feitan fight for a expert amount of fourth dimension and Zazan transform into a monstrous mutant. Feitan then activates his Nen ability, Rise Sun, and scorches Zazan in an immense amount of heat eventually killing her.

Flutter’s Death

Killed Past/Cause Of Death: Knov

Palpitate nen ability allows him to monitor enemies outside their range and to communicate telepathically. Knov deduces this and quickly kills the ant past unknown means.

Leol’south Death

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Morel

Leol and Morel face off against each other where Leol uses the stolen power of Rental Pod which starts water floods. Leol thinks that Morel would have drowned in the water but he survives using his smoke ability. Morel then kills Leol by poisoning via emitting CO.

Cheetu’due south Death

Killed Past/Crusade Of Death: Silva Zoldyck

Cheetu teases Zeno Zoldyck to fight him but Silva Zoldyck appears behind Cheetu and smashes him to death with a single blow.

Palm’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Pitou/Shaiapouf

Palm infiltrates the Royal Palace and tries to get higher up through an elevator just gets caught due to Pitou’s En. Pitou and Shaiapouf make her a test subject experimenting in her brain and put her in a cocoon. She revives as a Chimera Ant but retains her human memories.

I am actually unsure whether we can say she is dead or just underwent a slap-up physical alter

Netero’s Death

Killed Past/Cause Of Decease: Suicide

Netero fights Mereum in a battle for humanity’due south survival. Netero afterwards using all of his moves against Mereum with no use finally stops his ain heart as a concluding resort. A bomb named Poor Human being’s Rose volition explode if Netero’s heart stops.

Neferpitou’southward Death

Killed By/Cause Of Decease: Gon

Gon after learning that Kite cannot exist saved gets filled with rage and guilt. His resolve of never using Nen once more anile him to his adult grade giving him enormous ability. Gon starts fighting Pitou and smashes her to decease.

Menthuthuyoupi’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Poisoning

Poor Man’s Rose causes the surviving people to get poisoning that destroys the inner organs and also the poison is contagious to others. Menthuthuyoupi after being shut with Mereum gets the toxicant and dies while fighting Welfin.

Shaiapouf’s Death

Killed By/Crusade Of Death: Poisoning

Shaifpouf also gets poisoned from Mereum who was afflicted due to Poor Man’s Rose.

Mereum’due south Death

Killed Past/Cause Of Expiry: Poisoning

Mereum knowing his life is virtually his end goes to spend his final moments with Komugi. Both play Gungi and as they play the game, Mereum slowly starts losing his life and dies in Komugi’s lap.

Komugi’s Expiry

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Poisoning

Komugi plays Gungi with Mereum afterward Mereum returns fighting Netero. Mereum slowly begins to die due to poisoning and Komugi too gets affected with Poisoning. After Mereum dies in Komugi’s lap, Komugi besides follows him to expiry.

Several People/Hunters/Ants

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Various Reasons

Over the class of this arc, several civilians lost their life due to the ants.
Killua, Kite, Netero, Gon, etc kill several ants. Other hunters too kill several ants that went to the outside world.

Several People/Hunters/Ants

Killed By/Cause Of Decease: Various Reasons

Over the grade of this arc, several civilians lost their life due to the ants.
Killua, Kite, Netero, Gon, etc kill several ants. Other hunters too kill several ants that went to the outside globe.

Deaths In 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc

Character Killed Past/Crusade Episode No (2011)
Mitsuba Nanika 138(Flashback)
Hassam Nanika 138(Flashback)
Kasuga Nanika 138(Flashback)
67 People related to Kasuga Nanika 138(Flashback)
Muna Nanika 138(Flashback)
Gotoh Hisoka 142
Several Hunters Hisoka 143
Several Hunters Illumi 143
Bushidora Illumi 143
Teradein Hisoka 143

Mitsuba and Hassam’s Death

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Alluka

Mistuba, a servant of the Zoldyck family didn’t fulfill Alluka’south requests four times. It resulted in her death and her loved i’due south death who is known as Hassam.

Kasuga’s Death

Killed Past/Cause Of Death: Alluka

Later on the billion jenny request by Yasuha was successfully granted, Alluka requests
Kasuga, a retainer in Zoldyck, to give her liver followed past her intestines then followed past her spine. Finally, Alluka requests Kasuga’s encephalon which she fails to give to Alluka. As a result Kasuga, her lover, and
other people whom she spent most time got killed.

Gotoh’south Death

Killed By/Cause Of Expiry: Hisoka

Illumi asks Hisoka to kill Alluka as he believed that if Alluka grants Killua’s wish, the Zoldyck family will be dead and so volition Hisoka. Hisoka hence helps Illumi and happens to fight Gotoh, the house butler of the Zoldyck family unit. Both engage in high nen battle just Hisoka finally kills Gotoh by tricking him.

Several Hunters and Civilians

Killed By/Cause Of Death: Illumi and Hisoka

Several hunters were killed by Illumi and Hisoka over the form of this arc notably Bushidora by Illumi and Teradein by Hisoka.

Do comment if you lot detect any discrepancies.