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There aren’t a ton of bully Android tablets options out there, but ane of the best is still the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Sure there’s a newer model out, but the Tab S3 is still a solid pick that’s cheaper than ever. With all that you tin do with this superlative-tier Samsung tablet, y’all’re going to want to get a case to go on information technology protected for unexpected drops. Here are your best case options for the Galaxy Tab S3!

Protect your tablet with a reliable example!

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Why become the Tab S3 when there’s the newer Tab S4
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out? Well, the Tab S3 still delivers a peachy tablet experience that includes the almighty South Pen along expandable storage and all the other hardware features we’ve all come up to expect from Samsung.

Even though it’s older, you lot’re notwithstanding going to want to protect it. The last thing you want is your tablets slipping off a counter and crashing to the ground, and so fifty-fifty if you only utilise your tablet around the house it’s nonetheless worth investing in a reliable case.

Our top pick is the BRAECNstock Hybrid Protective Shield
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, which is one of the nigh rugged cases you tin can buy for the Milky way Tab S3. The best feature is the rotating handstrap on the back that makes it like shooting fish in a barrel to carry your tablet around your home worry-free about it slipping out of your hand and taking damage.

Maybe you’re looking for a instance that adds the functionality of a Bluetooth keyboard. Samsung’s Keyboard Encompass
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is our top recommendation hither because Samsung e’er does such a bang-up task accessorizing its own products. Of course, the Fintie Keyboard Instance
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is your other worthwhile keyboard case that’s available for a fraction of the toll as Samsung’s option.

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