GRID Legends Unveils New Endurance Racing Game Mode

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We were able to get our hands on the story manner of the racing game and were pleasantly surprised. Why there is still some sand in the gears, y’all can detect out hither.

What a surprise! In our first preview of Grid Legends, nosotros were all the same very sceptical as to whether the latest instalment in the series would be able to restore the serial to its former glory. Then nosotros were finally allowed to lay our easily on the heavily advertised story campaign and lo and behold: the chances of a really skillful arcade racer have risen rapidly!

In this second preview, you’ll detect out why the well-staged story is exactly what Grid Legends has been lacking upwardly to now, and which little gems are still doing their worst in the game’south fun gear.

Marcus Ado has a team, passion and ambition – but unfortunately no success (yet).

David vs Goliath in the pit lane

The starting point of our racing career is the Seneca Racing team, or more precisely its owner Marcus Ado. He is passionate about what he does, just anything but successful. While his first driver, the tough Yume Tanaka, can withal continue up, the second driver regularly disappoints across the lath. That’s why team boss Ado kicks him out without farther ado.

And so driver 22 comes on the scene: That’s us, because unfortunately there are no custom names in Grid Legends, let alone a existent avatar that you tin can see. The helmet always sits on your head with the visor closed, probably commuter 22 besides showers with it.

Anyway, our new team boss is not interested in our personal hygiene, but in success in the prestigious Grid World Series. At every career event we are presented with a new target. Sometimes we have to win, sometimes we take to cease ahead of a rival or beat a set lap time.

For this we get rewards in the form of money and XP. With the feel points nosotros increment our driver level, which gives usa access to new racing series and cars. The coin, on the other manus, is needed for expensive technical upgrades of our cars.

Thanks to the changing objectives, victory is not e’er necessary to progress in the career. This provides more variety and promotes motivation, then it is a clever design decision. Unfortunately, the objectives are non specially varied; potential for even more than variation was wasted here.

In addition, the races are so piece of cake to chief, at least in our preview, that even with a required elevation half-dozen stop, we hands came in first place. Although you can make your life more than hard cheers to several AI difficulty levels and deactivatable driving aids, y’all can usually overtake the opponents relatively easily, specially in the corners. Hopefully Codemasters will meliorate this a little earlier the release.

If you are interested in the other aspects of Grid Legends autonomously from the story, you should also put our first preview on your reading list. In that location you can find out everything nigh the scope, drop-in multiplayer and the heady Nemesis arrangement:

Filigree Legends wants to smoothen where hardly any racing game succeeds

A telenovela for pb anxiety

Merely anyone who clicks on a preview of Filigree Legends wants to know i thing above all: How good are the lavishly produced cutscenes? Afterwards all, they even put well-known and capable actors like Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education on Netflix) into the racing overalls. Only many fans fearfulness that the films are cheesy and higher up all crusade foreign shame.

Fortunately, we tin now give the all-clear. The film clips impress with a lot of attention to detail in the sets and staging and have about every bit much in mutual with the cultic, quirky cutscenes of Command & Conquer or Fly Commander every bit the ADAC Oldtimer Cup Westfalen-Lippe has with Formula ane.

And speaking of the premier class: Even compared to the Netflix F1 documentary Drive to Survive, GRID Legends cuts a surprisingly good figure. Everyone involved does a more than decent task and there’southward plenty of racing flair.

The best way to come across for yourself is to watch the brand new trailer for the story mode:

Grid Legends wants to convince racing game fans with an elaborate story mode

The plot provides an interesting starting point and revolves mainly around our own careers, but is also closely linked to the rise of the Seneca racing team. We are a newcomer to the crunch-ridden underdog team, which immediately welds united states of america emotionally to our guys and gals in the garage.

As the championship progresses, we are also to be gradually involved in important decisions and have a say in team direction and car upgrades. Still, we accept non still been able to play far enough to exist able to judge the depth of play of this management component.

A lot of potential, simply still a few stumbling blocks

Other things have changed since we first played the game in December 2021. The menus, which were dull at the time, are, well, still menus, but thanks to fast-paced groundwork music and harmonious sound effects, they are much more attractive. The graphics take as well been improved, particularly the lighting sets the scene impressively.

Where does the shoe still pinch? Still with the AI and the driving physics. Anyone who activates more than than simply the visual damage model in Grid Legends earns my respect. Because the opponents often still go about their business and then uncompromisingly that I barely got to see the finish line with mechanical damage.

These almost unavoidable car crashes are probably intended to force the exciting rivalry system. On the one hand understandable, merely on the other hand I don’t desire to constantly take the feeling that I’m taking part in a crash derby (but in that location are those in the game also!).

It’s also annoying that the AI colleagues like to pile upwards behind each other in corners like in a motorcar wash and restriction out, so that a cavalcade is created that we just tin can’t get past – unless we unpack the crowbar once again.

When information technology comes to driving behaviour, the cars nonetheless stick abruptly to the rail from time to time at the slightest affect, only that happens much less ofttimes at present. And even with completely switched off driving aids such as traction and stability control, information technology is all the same sometimes a hard undertaking to position the rear of the car as you would like information technology to exist for the go out of the corner.

Simply hey, it’due south an arcade racer, and what counts most is action, speed and fun. And in all these areas Grid Legends can finally shine. The speed feeling is great, the races are varied and some cars are simply terrific to control. If the developers don’t blow a tyre in the last circular before the launch on 25 February 2022, fans can expect forrard to a actually adept racing game!

Editor’south Verdict

To follow on seamlessly from the verdict in my first preview, here information technology is, the carmine on the sundae that finally makes Grid Legends a gripping gaming feel! The story mode clearly enhances the overall feel and seems more coherent in all respects than the rather dull individual races. This is due on the one hand to the surprisingly good movie sequences, merely on the other manus also to the better presentation of the races as well as the changing objectives.

To clarify: You should look neither an Oscar-worthy performance from the actors nor the most frighteningly stylish racing action of a Forza Horizon 5. Grid Legends, despite all the improvements, remains a game that requires your engine to warm up earlier it clicks. In improver, I nevertheless can’t quite take the driving behaviour of the cars to my heart.

However, the chances are amend than ever that Grid Legends will be the best series office since Filigree Autosport. Since the latter was particularly disappointing in the single-player career, Legends could even accept the second place on the podium – but the original from 2008 will notwithstanding exist on pole position.



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