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You may fail to import iPhone pictures through Microsoft Photos if the installation of the Photos app is corrupt. Moreover, the incompatibility between the HEIC format & Windows may also issue in the fault nether give-and-take. The issue arises when a user tries to import iPhone pictures through Microsoft Photos but fails to do so.

iPhone Photo Import Failure Something Went Incorrect

Before moving on with the solutions, make certain you are using the official iPhone cable to transfer the information & the cable does non movement/disconnect during the import process (try the cable on a different USB port). Moreover, check if your iPhone is non running out of storage & is not in battery saving mode. Also, make sure your telephone does not lock (you lot may accept to disable auto-lock) nor its screen turns off (it is better to go along the photos app running on your iPhone) during the import process. Furthermore, cheque if updating Windows, Microsoft Photos (update through the Microsoft Store), & iPhone to the latest build solves the issue. Additionally, make certain your iPhone and arrangement are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Solution i: Disable Hardware Dispatch of Microsoft Photos

Y’all may encounter the fault at hand if Microsoft Photos is using hardware acceleration to pace up things but this can pb to incompatibility between the Windows OS & iPhone. In this case, disabling the hardware dispatch of Microsoft Photos may solve the problem.

  1. Launch Microsoft Photos & click on
    three horizontal ellipses
    (near the pinnacle right of the window).
  2. Now, select Settings and then disable
    Utilise Hardware-Accelerated Video Encoding When Available
    (under Video).

    Open Microsoft Photos Settings
  3. Then cheque if you lot can complete the import.
    Disable Hardware Acceleration of Microsoft Photos
  4. If not, put your iPhone in
    airplane way

    & then check if it solves the effect.

Solution 2: Set the Startup Type of Apple Mobile Device Service to Automatic

Y’all may run into the error at hand if the Apple Mobile Information service is stuck in operation. In this context, changing its startup type to Automatic & restarting the service may solve the problem.

  1. Press the Windows logo cardinal and type Services. So right-click on Services & in the sub-menu, choose Run equally Administrator.
    Open Services equally Administrator
  2. So double click on
    Apple tree Mobile Device service
    (ADMS) & open the dropdown of
    Startup Type.

    Open Properties of Apple Mobile Device Service
  3. Now select
    & click on

    Open the Startup Type of Apple Mobile Device Service to Automatic and Stop it
  4. And then click on
    & in the Services window,
    on the
    Apple Mobile Device service.
  5. Now click on
    and then check if you can import the pictures.

    First Apple Mobile Data Service

Solution 3: Enable Home Sharing in the iTunes

If nothing has worked for you, then using the Home Sharing feature (which enables different system sharing aspects and permissions) of iTunes tin can be used to clear the import glitch.

  1. Launch
    (make sure you are signed in with your Apple ID) & open
  2. Now cull
    Home Sharing
    & then select
    Turn on Abode Sharing.

    Open Dwelling Sharing in iTunes
  3. Then check if you tin can consummate the import with Microsoft Photos.

Solution 4: Disable/Remove the Conflicting Applications

The Microsoft Photos application may fail to import the photos if an application on your organisation is blocking access to a organisation resources/process essential for the performance of Microsoft Photos. In this scenario, disabling/removing the conflicting applications may solve the problem. Antivirus applications (like Windows Defender and Webroot) and Microsoft Teams are known to create the consequence.

Warning: Proceed with extreme caution and at your own take chances as disabling the antivirus of your organization may expose your system and data to threats that are not limited to viruses and trojans.

  1. Temporarily disable antivirus of your organisation. Do not forget to
    disable the Windows Defender
    equally well.
  2. Now check if the import outcome is resolved. If and then,
    add an exception
    for Microsoft Photos in the antivirus settings & and then make sure to re-enable the antivirus.
  3. If not, hitting the Windows key and choose Settings. Now open Apps and expand
    Microsoft Teams.

    Open up Apps in Settings
  4. Then click on the
    button and
    the prompts to uninstall Teams.

    Uninstall Microsoft Teams
  5. At present check if there is another application titled
    Microsoft Teams Downloader/Installer, if so, then uninstall it likewise to check if it solves out the trouble.

Solution 5: Repair or Reset the Microsoft Photos Application

You lot may fail to import the pictures if the installation of Microsoft Photos is corrupt. In this case, repairing or resetting the Microsoft Photos awarding may solve the problem.

  1. Hit the Windows primal and select Settings. At present open
    and expand
    Microsoft Photos.
  2. Then open Advanced Options and click on the
    button (you may accept to scroll a bit to detect the pick).

    Open Advanced Options of Microsoft Photos
  3. At present check if the photos’ import issue is resolved.
  4. If not, repeat
    steps 1 to iii
    to open
    Advanced Options
    of Microsoft Photos and click on the
    button (the Application information volition be lost, do not worry, photos/videos will be unharmed).

    Repair or Reset Microsoft Photos
  5. So check if the import issue is resolved (you may have to click a few times on the Retry button in the Photos’ import sorcerer).

Solution six: Change Permissions of the Import Binder

You may encounter the fault under give-and-take if the permissions of the folder, where you desire to import the photos, bar you from doing so. In this scenario, giving your user the Full Control permissions on the import folder may solve the problem. Earlier attempting the solution, check if importing to the default import location i.e., the Pictures binder of your system solves the issue.

Warning: Go on at your take a chance as editing security permissions of a folder require a sure level of proficiency and if non washed properly, yous may crusade everlasting damage to your data/system.

  1. Right-click on the import binder (e.g., Pictures folder) and choose
  2. Now navigate to the
    tab and click on the
    button. If you lot cannot edit the security permissions of the folder, you may have to have ownership of it.

    Edit Security Permissions of the Picture show Folder
  3. Then select your user account and click on
    Full Control
    (if it is already at Full Control, so remove information technology and use the changes and and so add back the Full Control to check if it solves the event). If your user business relationship is not shown, click on the
    Add together
    button and so on the
    push. Now click on the
    Detect Now
    push button and then double click on your user name. And so utilize your changes and make sure it has Full Control on the import binder.

    Permit Your User Account Total Control on the Pictures Folder
  4. Now, check if Microsoft Photos are working fine.
  5. If non, then check if adding and giving Full Control to “Everyone” solves the event.
  6. If not, then open Properties of the import folder (stride 1) and navigate to the Customize tab.
  7. Now click on the Restore Default push button and so click on Apply/OK buttons.
    Restore Defaults of the Pictures Folder
  8. Then check if the Microsoft Photos result is resolved.
  9. If not, open up the Security tab of the import binder (steps 1 to 2) and remove all accounts in that location except Arrangement, administrator/administrators, or your user account to check if it solves the result. If so, then yous may accept to edit the security permissions of the sub-folders appropriately.

Solution 7: Exit OneDrive and Sign Out of Microsoft Photos

You may come across the error nether discussion if OneDrive is hindering the functioning of Microsoft Photos. This tin be peculiarly true if your OneDrive storage is full or virtually to full and the size of the import yous are trying is more than the storage capacity of OneDrive. In this instance, exiting OneDrive and signing out of Microsoft Photos may solve the problem.

  1. Open the extended menu of the system tray and click on the OneDrive icon.
  2. Now click on Aid & Settings and select
    Shut OneDrive.

    Close OneDrive
  3. Then confirm to shut OneDrive and press the Windows cardinal.
  4. Now search for Microsoft Photos and then, in the search results, select Photos.
    Open Microsoft Photos
  5. Then click on
    three horizontal ellipses
    and click on your user proper noun.

    Open up Your User Account in Microsoft Photos
  6. Now, in the account window, click on
    Sign Out
    and then confirm to sign out of the account.

    Sign Out of Microsoft Photos
  7. Then check if the import result is resolved.

Solution 8: Enable Go on Originals in the iPhone Settings

Apple has introduced the new HEIC format for photos on its devices. But Windows does not fully support this file type yet and when importing, your iPhone tries to convert these files into JPEG but if it fails to do and then (due to less storage or compatibility issues), then it may cause the error under word. In this context, enabling Keep Originals in the iPhone Settings may solve the problem. But keep in listen that the HEIC file format takes less storage space on your device.

  1. Launch the iPhone Settings and select Photos.
  2. Now enable the option of
    Keep Originals
    (by default set to Automatic) nether Transfer to Mac or PC and disable iCloud photo.

    Enable Keep Originals in iPhone Photos Settings
  3. Now
    close running apps
    past pressing the dwelling house button twice then swipe up. Then reset the Microsoft Photos application (equally discussed in solution v).
  4. Now
    plug your iPhone
    into the PC and let it to
    trust your PC.
  5. Now check if the import issue is resolved (check if some
    MOV files
    are having the same names as HEIC files, then try to import without these MOV files which are the result of the live office of your camera). If so, then yous might want to
    disable HEIC
    in the Camera settings (Settings>>Camera>>Format>>Well-nigh Compatible) or
    live function
    of information technology.
  6. If the upshot is not resolved, then check if
    the HEIC extension solves the issue for you.

Solution 9: Remove the Corrupt Pictures

Y’all may fail to complete the import if whatsoever of the pictures (that you lot are trying to import) is corrupt. In this case, identifying & removing the corrupt pictures (the import magician does not tell yous which picture show is corrupt) may solve the problem.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC (trust your PC on the iPhone screen) & open
    File Explorer
    (if the import dialog box appears, cancel it).
  2. Now
    the binder (commonly, internal storage>>DCIM folder) where your required pictures are present.

    Re-create the Photos of iPhone Through the File Explorer
  3. Then copy these pictures/folders & paste them to a folder on your system (due east.thousand., on a binder on your desktop).
  4. Now, wait for the completion of the copying process. If the procedure gives an fault, and so check which file is causing the error.
  5. Then, on your iPhone,
    remove that file
    (or place it at a unlike location, if possible) & then echo the process to remove some other corrupt file.
  6. Once all the corrupt files are removed, check if you can complete the import wizard in the Photos app.

If the consequence persists, then check if you can import the photos while your telephone is powered off or without the SD card. If you are importing to a network location like NAS, so check if that network share is accessible in the File Explorer. Moreover, confirm if using small batches of photos solves the effect.  If the issue is still there, and then you lot may have to use the Windows File Explorer to import the files (right-click on iPhone in my PC window & choose Import Pictures and Videos) or elevate-drib files on your system’southward folder.

Import Pictures and Videos of iPhone Through the File Explorer

If the event persists, then check if the use of any of the system cleaner applications clears out the error. You can also endeavour a iiird
political party application like OneDrive, Google Photos, iMazing, FastStone Paradigm Viewer, etc., or use a dual-ended USB device.

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