He Used Ai Art From Midjourney To Win A Fine-arts Prize. Did He Cheat?

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In May 1997, the chess supercomputer Deep Blue sensationally won a full-fledged match against globe champion Garry Kasparov, who was almost in his prime number. “Okay,” said many experts at the fourth dimension. “Chess is absurd, but at that place are besides much more than tactically sophisticated games where a person tin can show their imagination, inaccessible to a computer. For case, Get.”

Almost twenty years afterward, in March 2016, the AlphaGo program defeated one of the best Become masters on the planet, Lee Sedol, with a score of 4: i in games. Three years later, he left the sport, admitting that computer algorithms had become so superior to humans that competition with people simply lost its meaning.

“Well,” said then the participants in the discussions about the possibilities of bogus intelligence. “Later all, it’south only a game where there is a given set of rules and conditions, within which the calculator surpasses the homo mind. But there are also some areas of activity where unbridled fantasy is needed, attainable only to people. For example, in fine art…” Yous are hither for now…

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A Colorado-based designer wins a fine art contest with his AI-generated digital artwork

Image credits: GenelJumalon

Or rather, you were here. On August 26, the Colorado State Fair started in Pueblo, which too included a fine arts contest. The Digital Arts award was won by local designer Jason Allen’south “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial”, one of three entries he submitted to the contest. Actually cute and impressive painting, for sure.

Epitome credits: discord

Image credits: discord

Several days later, designer confirms that the artwork was generated past a neuro network

Thunder struck a few days subsequently when Allen tweeted that the picture was actually generated using Midjourney, a commercial neural network for generating images from a given text description, which runs on the basis of the Discord messenger and is available to literally everyone.

Image credits: discord

Allen, with the help of Midjourney, generated several hundred images, choosing iii of them that he liked the most. And then the man slightly candy each of the paintings using Adobe Photoshop, enlarged it in size using another neural network – Gigapixel AI, then printed information technology on canvas and sent to the competition.

Image credits: eldritch48

Of course, Allen did a lot of preparatory piece of work, because in order to get a actually constructive and cute artwork, you demand to experiment with the choice of prompts for Midjourney. In the end – try it yourself – we guarantee that on the first endeavor, yous volition not get a masterpiece. Yes, and with the tenth, twentieth and more than as well.

Epitome credits: macrubs

Judges of the competition reported that they weren’t warned about the use of an AI in creating the artwork

Allen states that he noted that AI was used while creating the artwork, labelling it as “Jayson Allen via Midjourney”. However, according to Cal Duran and Dagny McKinley, the judges of the fine arts competition, they were not warned that they were evaluating the work of a neural network, and non a human being, and were judging, showtime of all, how the art tells a story. And the official list of winners doesn’t say anything about Midjourney either. In any case, out of twenty-one entries submitted to the contest, they chose the i that was generated past artificial intelligence.

Image credits: l_unchtime

And here the question really arises – how far can AI be considered the author of the work, because, in Allen’s own words, he actually spent a lot of time to find the right description for the neural network. And anyone who has ever worked with something like Midjourney volition agree. Of form, if you write the famous “Draw me a sheep” from “The Lilliputian Prince” in the prompt, the result will not be as primitive as in the famous book, but information technology will not win the fine art contest either.

Prototype credits: arvalis

Two points of view on using AI in fine fine art may arise in this particular state of affairs

In any case, there are ii points of view here. One of them calls to consider AI just a tool for the human creator – the way the camera became almost ii hundred years agone. And indeed, then, at the beginning of the 19th century, many critics said that technology would bring expiry to art – after all, no creative person reproduces reality the way a photo camera does.

Image credits: The_Galactabee

Only years have passed – and we see that photography, on the contrary, gave art a new impetus in the form of impressionism, surrealism, suprematism, and many other trends that arose, as if by coincidence, just after photography began its triumphant march effectually the world. As for photographers, aren’t Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton or Henri Cartier-Bresson considered great artists?

Image credits: JanbluTheDerg

Image credits: fluxophile

On the other manus, who tin be considered, for instance, the author of the great fresco “The Last Judgment”? Michelangelo, who painted information technology, or the Pope, who told the artist in detail his own vision of the painting? From this signal of view, of form, the writer is AI – and the discussion about its capabilities is entering a new circular.

Image credits: CityofStPete (not the bodily photo)

People on Twitter discuss Allen’s win and their points of view split

Nosotros must say that the participants of this discussion on Twitter as well shared their opinions. For example, artist Genel Jumalon believes that AI is just a useful tool for the creator, but in this case, y’all should simply inform the judges of the competition most the utilize of the neural network. Going forrard, Genel believes AI-created piece of work should be separated into a special competitive category.

Paradigm credits: GenelJumalon

Image credits: SaphireShear

Image credits: JohnM5991

Epitome credits: aetheredgefilm

Image credits: ichibanhomo

Other people think it’s merely similar winning a footrace using a car, and human being and computer art should not be confused anyway. In any case, with the evolution of artificial intelligence, more and more questions will arise, and humanity will sooner or subsequently have to create a new paradigm of its co-existence.

Paradigm credits: Gunzales76

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Nosotros’re pretty sure you’ve got something to say on this topic every bit well, and then please feel free to express your bespeak of view in the comments. Exist that equally it may, one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that this very post was 100 percentage written by a human!

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