How To Catch Bees Raft

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Brand that sweetness gold flow.

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  • How To Observe & Catch Bees
  • How To Make Honey

is the closest thing y’all’ll find to a superfood in
Raft. Dear fills your hunger and thirst meters. Honey gives yous a hunger buff. And dearest can be produced infinitely once yous’ve collected your first
beehive. You can eat beloved to stay alive longer or refine it and turn honey into biofuel for your engines. Once yous’ve begun your love factory, you’ll exist swimming in the sweet golden nectar — and you’ll desire to go on that as early as possible. Here you’ll detect a basic overview explaining how to find bees and begin your dearest farm.

Too bad creating a working beehive isn’t so piece of cake. In that location are multiple steps and requirements you’ll demand to fulfill before y’all can go on your honey empire going smooth. This is everything yous need to know.

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How To Detect & Grab Bees

Bees are a rare commodity. Like livestock, bees can be captured and “tamed” to produce
honeycombs. Honeycombs get
— which can be eaten straight upwardly without any farther cooking. Before y’all can begin harvesting and farming bees, you’ll need to grab them.

  • How To Grab Bees: Bees are found on
    Evergreen Island
    biomes — these are large islands with green copse and forests. Bees volition too announced on story islands like
    Balboa Island
    Caravan Town.

    • Bees spawn from
      Natural Beehives
      in groups chosen
      Bee Swarms. To catch a Bee Swarm, you demand a
      Sweep Internet.

Catching a
Bee Swarm
with a
Sweep Net
gives you
four-5 Bee Jars. Yous’ll need
15 Bee Jars
total to start your get-go tamed
Beehive. Catch
x4 Bee Swarms
with the Sweep Net to get started.

  • Sweep Net Recipe: x15 Plank, x6 Rope, x2 Vine Goo, x1 Commodities
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How To Brand Dearest

Once you grab your start Bees and collect
15+ Bee Jars, you lot can brand the
Beehive. The
is a station that needs to exist “fed” flowers to produce honeycombs every
eight minutes.

  • Beehive Recipe: x20 Plank, x8 Plastic, x4 Clay, x2 Hinge, x15 Bee Jar

Craft a Beehive and identify it on your raft. Place the Beehive next to a
Crop Plot
Flowers. Flowers tin exist acquired from near whatever island biome and planted in a Crop Plot. The number of flowers surrounding / well-nigh the Beehive will cause it to yield more than honeycomb product. You need
at least 3 flowers
earlier a Beehive will produce.

  • Beehive Production: Beehives need to be surrounded with flowers to produce honeycombs.

    • 3-5 Flowers: x1 Honeycomb Per 8 Minutes
    • 6-xi Flowers: x2 Honeycomb Per 8 Minutes
    • 12+ Flowers: x3 Honeycomb Per eight Minutes

The flowers demand to be alive to count. They don’t need to be blooming. The flowers can be at any phase and all the same count toward the total number of flowers. When the Beehive is ready to be harvested, information technology will be dripping honey from the sides. Y’all can utilize
Small Crop Plots
to institute flowers. Surround your Beehives with flowers for all-time results.

Once you accept honeycomb, you lot can brainstorm to make

  • Honey Recipe: x6 Honeycomb, x1 Glass

    • Produces
      x2 Honey.

Don’t forget to inquiry Beloved at the Research Table. Honey is a key component in
Healing Salve, making honey i of the well-nigh important bolt in the game. Yous can also easily produce plenty for consumption. Once you have three Beehives on your raft, yous can produce x9 Honeycombs every x~ minutes. Squeeze all the flowers yous can into range of the Beehives and you’ll be swimming in sweet gold.