How to Complete ‘Search for Clues in the Vault’ in Gotham Knights

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Gotham Knights, much like many previous video games in the Batman franchise, contains a lot of detective-style puzzles. When dealing with these puzzles, players will have to use advanced tools and deductive reasoning skills to discover and decipher clues that will lead to the next part of the game. Batman is known in the DC Universe as The World’s Greatest Detective, subsequently all, and though Batman himself is non the primary focus of
Gotham Knights, it makes sense that he would have passed along those detective skills to the heroes he trained.

In the real world, notwithstanding, not every
Gotham Knights
histrion is going to be able to breeze through these puzzles like Batman could, and that’due south okay. Some players may find themselves needing some guidance to become through these sections. With that in mind, here’s how players can get through the very commencement of these puzzles establish in
Gotham Knights —
accessing a hidden room in Dr. Langstrom’southward lab.

How to Reach Dr. Langstrom’s Office in Gotham Knights

During the game’s opening, players learn that Batman died during a mission that he had been keeping undercover from even his most trusted allies. The main characters decide to investigate and complete Batman’due south final mission, thus starting the game’s plot.

The first clues lead the player to the function of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a name that may exist familiar to DC fans. He is the man alter ego of the iconic rogue, Human being-Bat. Players volition gain command as they enter Gotham University, where Dr. Langstrom’southward office is located. Once inside the part, players volition acquire that Gotham’s Police have already investigated, but that there are more clues left to exist plant.

Apply AR Targeting to Search Dr. Langstrom’south Office for Clues

gotham knights puzzle 4

Inside Dr. Langstrom’s function, the histrion will gain access to the AR Targeting system, which allows the main characters to find and track clues invisible to the naked eye. Activate this system by pressing down on the D-Pad on consoles or X on PC. Then, wait at the flooring of the role left of the desk-bound.

Here, players will find a series of scratches on the ground which they tin can scan past simply hovering over them with their reticle for a moment. In one case fully scanned, a trail will appear which leads back out of the part, and players can follow it to find the side by side place to search for clues: Dr. Langstrom’southward personal laboratory.

gotham knights puzzle 1

Begin by approaching the noticeable trail of blood in the room. This will show players that Dr. Langstrom had been reaching for a nearby chiffonier after he had been seriously injured. That cabinet should be investigated next. Activate the AR Targeting once more, and a hidden mechanism will become visible under the chiffonier.

Fully analyze that hidden mechanism, and it volition pb players toward the side by side step at a workstation tabular array in the lab. Here, players will see several things that they need to collaborate with, and they volition need to detect a connection betwixt two of them in order to open the hidden door.

gotham knights puzzle 2

On the wall to a higher place the workstation table, players should exist able to see a picture poster for The Gray Ghost, which is notably ane of the all-time Easter eggs institute in
Gotham Knights. Just below this poster is a post-it on a notebook, and though it appears to have a uncomplicated phone number written on it, the three-digit expanse lawmaking, “127,” is actually the door’s code. Adjacent, investigate the microwave on the right side. Players volition see that information technology has been modified to accept a three-digit code.

In the bottom right corner of the screen, players should run into button layouts called “Mark/Unmark” and “Solve.” Brand sure that both the post-it notation and the Microwave are both marked, and then players can hit the Solve push button. With that, the hidden door will open, and players can go along along to the next stage of the game.