How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Iphone

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Two Bluetooth speakers, ane iPhone. Sounds like a great culling solution for a party or an intimate setting. However, setting your iPhone or iPad for this purpose can exist difficult.

Not only would you have to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and synchronize them with the correct audio device merely also figure out the best music playback method for your needs.

Are you an iTunes person or prefer the Bose connect app? Or, exercise you want to drag your favorite songs?

Enjoying your favorite tunes at a political party becomes more complicated when you consider that most Bluetooth speaker devices are different from one another, and setting them up volition require some effort.

However, don’t worry. We’re here to aid simplify the procedure so allow’s get started without further ado.

What You Need for Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to I Device

To connect two Bluetooth devices, such as Megaboom speakers, two Homepod speakers, Google Dwelling, or speakers for iPhones to play sound on a single Apple paired device, y’all need:

  • An iPhone or iPad is capable of running iOS 6 and higher versions.
  • Two or more compatible Bluetooth speakers with built-in sound cable ports and third-political party apps back up.
  • A wireless router to ensure all paired devices, similar 2 Bluetooth headphones, Homepod stereo pair, or Bose speakers, tin communicate with each other.

How to Connect Ii Bluetooth Speakers to an iOS (iPhone and iPad) Device

Beneath are the chief steps to establishing a Bluetooth connection on multiple devices:

Step 1: On the iPhone/iPad, get to Settings > Bluetooth

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and discoverable. You’ll as well need the latest version of the iOS software installed on your device.

To encounter if this applies, go to
and then look for software version 6 or
at the top of the page. This setting can appear differently depending on the OS version running on your device.

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Step two: Turn on Both Speakers

Make sure all devices are turned on and visible. This step might take a few minutes.

Turning On Multiple Bluetooth Speakers For iPhone iPod Techie Trickle
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Step 3: Connect the Speakers from Bluetooth settings

When you’ve detected both speakers, select one of them, and then follow the instructions on your iPhone/iPad to connect information technology.

Sometimes, this is done by inbound a passcode (the same Bluetooth passcode displayed on your speaker), or sometimes by pressing buttons on both speakers simultaneously.

Attempt connecting each speaker with piffling to no pause between starting up the connection process and completing information technology.

Connecting the Speakers from Bluetooth Settings Techie Trickle
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If there’s no sound coming out later connection has been established, try turning off Aeroplane Way if that’s been switched on. You should hear music once more almost immediately after turning the mode back off once more.

Footstep iv: Repeat Steps ii and 3 for Each Additional Speaker Setup Yous Want to Add

You don’t have to pair each speaker with your iPhone individually.

For case, to connect a third speaker, yous could take the first two speakers off the connection and then add the 3rd.

Step 5: Switch From Multi-Speaker Mode Back to Single Speaker

To switch back to one Bluetooth speaker or headphone, remove any additional devices from the list in the settings tab.

You can reconnect them once more when you need to by following the steps mentioned above.

Switching Back to Single Speaker
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Step 6: Adjusting Volume After Connecting Multiple Speakers

To adjust sound levels coming out of each speaker, you’ll need to manually alter them past going into
Music, and then selecting
Book Limit.

From there, you demand to switch it off if it isn’t already. Conform your maximum volumes, so they’re calibrated correctly across all speakers.

Adjusting Volume on Bluetooth Devices Techie Trickle
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Boosted Sound Cablevision to Connect Your Speakers Wirelessly

If you tin’t connect multiple speakers wirelessly, you can apply an additional cable. For case,
Anker offers a great option that gives users an adequate range to use for most regular-sized rooms.

How to Connect Multiple Speakers to One Device

For the nearly part, connecting multiple Bluetooth devices is the same as connecting a single device – you pair it with your device.

However, depending on where and how you connect them (i.eastward., wired or wireless), at that place are other things you’ll demand to consider:

Using Bluetooth

If you’re using Bluetooth, make sure that both devices match upwards in terms of specifications so they can communicate properly.


Nowadays, this isn’t an issue every bit long as y’all use either the latest version of iOS or Android.

However, if one of your ii speakers came out before the others did, information technology might not be able to communicate with something newer than itself.

Connecting Bluetooth Speakers

Connecting Straight

If you’re connecting your speakers directly to your iPhone/iPad, you’ll need a lightning cable-to-sound adapter or utilize both the sound port and USB port simultaneously.


You tin also connect via Bluetooth if your speaker(south) have that power.

Connecting Through an AV Receiver

This method works best for homes with more than than one room – using an AV receiver will allow y’all to hear the same music in multiple rooms from a unmarried source.

The wireless functionality gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing where to identify your speakers since they no longer have to stay on top of each other, thousand., on opposite ends of the business firm or in unlike rooms, etc.

Using a Wireless Router

If you accept a wireless router available, this process volition be fifty-fifty easier.


You won’t need to connect straight through Bluetooth, which might be hard if the devices are likewise far away from each other to hear properly.

The only real business concern with using AirPlay over WiFi is bandwidth – there’s not much of it so don’t try streaming an HD movie over the connection.

Selecting Speakers in iTunes

If you already have speakers set upwards in your iTunes library, select them on screen and choose ‘Group’ side by side to the vocal listing.

You can as well do this before selecting songs, but that makes more than sense when working with a larger playlist.

Select both speakers, and brand certain they’re selected at once.

speaker is showing upward, choose that ane and utilise the ‘-’ push button to remove it from the screen.

Also, don’t select anything other than stereo as a group setting.

You won’t be getting whatsoever sound through your second speaker if y’all option any option other than ‘Left

Selecting Speakers on iTunes
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Connecting Speakers via AirPlay

Now that everything is fix on screen properly, go ahead and hitting play, where appropriate.


You’ll have to do this again after each song ends to track frontward. You should run across both speakers calorie-free up for a few seconds before turning off; this means they connect over WiFi.

Do not attempt playing an audio file unless both speakers take been selected on-screen – otherwise, only the selected device(s) volition receive a point.

Keep in mind, that you’ll nevertheless be able to play music through both speakers and listen on an iPhone/iPad at the aforementioned fourth dimension.

However, 1 device can’t control another. Brand sure just one is playing sound at the highest volume; otherwise, other devices might not hear anything.

Connecting Multiple Speakers with Bluetooth
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Connecting your Bluetooth headphones with PS4

Bluetooth headphones are a keen style to relish your favorite games without disturbing the people effectually you. Unfortunately, not all Bluetooth headphones are uniform with the PlayStation 4. In order to connect your headphones with PS4, yous will need to check the list of supported Bluetooth devices.


If your headphones are not on this list, you may be able to use a USB adapter or dongle. If you take a pair of compatible wired headphones, yous can also connect them to the PS4 via the audio jack. By taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the options available, you tin can ensure that yous can relish your games with the headphones of your choice.

Now It’south Your Turn

By now, you should know the different means to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone or iPad for dual audio output.

However, you need to understand the limitations and restrictions before heading to the market to buy boosted speakers.

For case, the devices and components must be compatible with each other. So, make sure you check your device’s model to understand all your options.

For more tricks and tips related to technology, we recommend visiting Techie Trickle HowTo’s category.

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