How To Connect Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds To Iphone

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Did you purchase a new ready of Skullcandy earbuds or headphones and need some help getting them to work? Once you know what to do, the setup procedure with your earbuds is straightforward.

Your Skullcandy earbuds & headphones utilize Bluetooth to connect to devices. You lot’ll need to first place your headphones or earbuds in pairing mode, then open the iPhone’south “Setting” card, go to “Bluetooth,” then select your Skullcandy headphones or earbuds from your device’s Bluetooth list & tap on connect to consummate the pairing process.

Does Skullcandy Work With iPhone?

If you lot oasis’t had Skullcandy products earlier, you might experience worried nigh their compatibility with iPhones. Luckily, Skullcandy earbuds and headphones work with whatever device, as long as it can employ Bluetooth. Most every iPhone model today has this feature, so you lot can easily utilise the headphones!

How to Pair Skullcandy Earbuds to iPhone

If you accept Skullcandy wireless earbuds, and it’s your first fourth dimension owning them, it can be a fiddling confusing to pair them for the first time. These are the steps that you need to take:

1. Place your Earbuds in Pairing Mode

Beginning, you’ll need to place your earbuds in pairing fashion. The procedure volition vary depending on which Skullcandy earbuds you ain. Simply follow the pairing instructions below for your specific Skullcandy earbud model.

Indy True Wireless:

Remove your earbuds from the case, then identify them back in; your earbuds will then plough blood-red. Close the charging example, and at present open up the hat and remove your earbuds from the example. Your device volition now automatically be in pairing mode.

Sesh Truthful Wireless:

Remove your earbuds from the case, then place them back in; your earbuds volition then plough red. Close the charging example, and at present open up the lid and remove your earbuds from the instance. Your device will now automatically be in pairing fashion.

Button Active Truthful Wireless:

Take both earbuds out of the case, and make sure they’re turned off. Now printing and agree the left primary part button on your earbud for 7 seconds. Your earbuds volition and so brainstorm to flash, indicating that they are in pairing mode.

Grind True Wireless:

To place your Skullcandy Grind earbuds in pairing mode, all you would need to do is open the charging case with both earbuds inside; this will automatically place your earbuds in pairing mode.

Modern True Wireless:

Remove your earbuds from the case, then place them back in. Your earbuds will and then plow red. Adjacent, remove your earbuds from the case and connect them to your device.

Dime True Wireless:

Remove your earbuds from the case, then identify them back in. Your earbuds will then plow ruby-red. Close the charging instance, and at present open up the lid and remove your earbuds from the case. Your device will at present automatically be in pairing mode.

2. Connect With the iPhone’s Bluetooth

Open the “Settings” card. Then, go to “Bluetooth” and turn it on. The Skullcandy earbuds should appear under the “OTHER DEVICES” section. The earbuds often appear with the model name and number displayed.

Select your earbuds from the listing and click on “connect”. And that’s information technology! Your Skullcandy earbuds should now be continued to your iPhone.

Troubleshooting the Earbuds

It’s non uncommon to experience pairing bug. Even so, in most cases, this is quite easy to solve. To solve the issue you’ll need to reset your earbuds. Here’s how:

  • Identify both earbuds in the charging case.
  • remove your earbuds from your Bluetooth device list (on your phone, tablet, smartwatch..etc.)
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your device.
  • Remove merely your left earbuds from the example.
  • Tap the eye of the earbuds until a reddish light appears on your earbud (a ruby-red low-cal should typically appear in four taps)
  • Identify the earbud back in the case.
  • Echo the exact aforementioned steps with the correct earbud.
  • Remove both earbuds from the instance & identify them in your ear (Note: it’southward crucial that yous identify the earbuds in your ear when removing them from the case in guild to pair with each other).
  • Your earbuds will then beep to indicate that the earbuds are paired together.
  • A voice prompt volition then appear to state, “your device is now pairing” this indicates that your earbuds are searching for your device.
  • Plough your device’southward Bluetooth dorsum on (on your phone, tablet, smartwatch..etc.)
  • Select your earbuds on your device’s Bluetooth list to pair your device.

If the issue still persists or you notice that merely one of your earbuds seems to be connecting so have a await at our detailed guide.

How to Pair Skullcandy Headphones to iPhone

Pairing your wireless Skullcandy headphones to your iPhone is very similar to pairing the earbuds. You want to follow these steps to pair the items successfully:

Start past placing your headphones on pairing mode bybelongings the ability button for 4-5 seconds. Side by side, on your iPhone.Open up the “Settings” card and turn on Bluetooth. The Skullcandy wireless headphones should appear nether “OTHER DEVICES” using the name and number of their model.

From in that location, you lot can simply tap on the name of the headphones. You should hear a beep, or the LED light will stop flashing one time the headphones pair with your device. At present, you lot’re all set to listen to your favorite songs- it’southward that unproblematic.

Troubleshooting the Headphones

If you’re having problem connecting the headphones with your iPhone, first by “forgetting” your headphones from your iPhone’south Bluetooth list, then try again.

Why Skullcandy Earbuds or Headphones Won’t Pair

Sometimes, information technology takes a few tries for the wireless earbuds or headphones to pair with your telephone. Once you lot successfully pair them the start time, they should pair automatically afterward that.

If the devices don’t pair with each other, brand sure they’re very close together. A significant distance can sometimes cause issues during the setup process. However, you tin can motion them near five feet autonomously when you’ve finished setting upwards.