How to Enable / Disable Firewall in macOS Ventura

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If you lot watch any movie that involves hacking or cyber criminal offence, y’all’ll probable run into the root of the breach as a result of some accessory plugged into a reckoner. Apple certainly doesn’t want macOS to exist at the middle of a real-life breach, so accessory management is getting an overhaul in macOS Ventura. Permit’s expect at macOS accessory security, and how Apple is implementing it for its device direction partners.

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iOS and iPadOS have had strong accompaniment security for many years now. Fifty-fifty for a device that might rarely use an accessory, Apple tree included a potent security posture for accessories from the beginning. With macOS Ventura, the Mac is gaining a similar arroyo to security. If you’re running the betas of macOS Ventura, you’ve likely already seen the popup when yous plug upwards your iPhone, a USB flash bulldoze, or other accessories. This feature prevents USB and Thunderbolt devices from being connected without finish-user approving.

The default behavior asks for new accessories, but Apple allows irresolute the default. Hither are the four options you have for macOS accessory security:

  • Inquire for new accessories
  • Ask every time (Most secure)
  • Automatically connect when unlocked
  • Always (Lease secure)

I’ll probable only have macOS ask for new accessories for my personal Mac. One affair I noticed during my testing is that after updating to the latest iOS 16 beta on my iPhone, macOS seemed to remember it was a brand-new device. I am not sure if that’ll be the concluding behavior for the release version. I suspect that is likely a bug.

macOS admins will be pleased to notation that they’ll accept complete control over this setting for their fleets of Macs. The allowUSBRestrictedMode brake that is currently bachelor for iOS is existence extended to support macOS with macOS ten.thirteen

Summary on macOS Accessory Security

While my use of macOS accessories goes downwards by the year, it’due south nonetheless essential for Apple to enhance the security effectually the use of them. The fact that it’s non as common of a apply case every bit information technology might accept been in years by is all the more than reason to lock down the characteristic even more. I believe that virtually enterprises will default to “Ask every time.” I mainly use the ports on my Mac to either plug in an external monitor or charge my iPhone – neither of those allows macOS to allow a connection to the device. Information technology reminds me of the times I’ve plugged up my iPhone to an airplane USB port to charge and get the pop-up to allow a connection. I don’t know why an plane USB system would demand access to my device, but the very fact that it would ask is why I am glad Apple is taking a proactive approach with macOS Accessory Security. macOS Ventura volition be bachelor as a free download later this autumn.

  • Macs supported by macOS Ventura
  • Apple tree brings scheduled electronic mail sending to macOS and iOS, but with a small caveat that will gratify some security professionals

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