How To Fix The Most Annoying Ios 16 Features On Your Iphone

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If you installed the
iOS 16 public betayou’ve probably had a few months to play around with Apple’southward next software update for the
iPhone. In that location are new features like
cancel sending SMS
ingather objects from your photosbut not all of these changes are welcome.

Every bit with every new version of iOS, there are features and settings yous’ll love and others you’ll outright detest.

Luckily, there’s a way to get rid of or disable some of iOS 16’southward more annoying features and settings, like the all-new search button on the dwelling house page that’s easy to accidentally press, and the redesigned notifications that now announced. downstairs. from your lock screen.

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We will explain how to disable these irritating settings beneath. Likewise, if you lot want to know more about what iOS 16 has to offer,
Discover these hidden featuressuch equally countersign-protected photograph albums, and
two new features available in Apple Maps.

Preclude Featured Photos and Memories from Appearing on Your iPhone

Apple’due south artificial intelligence allows photos and videos to appear in diverse places on your iPhone, as a friendly reminder of family vacations, couple photos, and holidays – but y’all don’t always want your personal photos appear unexpectedly, specially if they are individual, embarrassing or inappropriate.

Luckily, with iOS 16, yous tin now preclude Featured Photos, as well as curated collections known as Memories, from appearing in photo widgets on your Home screen and the Observe and For You sections in Photos.

To block these personalized photos, launch the
app, go to
and disable
View Featured Content. All featured content will no longer appear on your device – instead, it will just be available in your photo library and albums.

One time the Show featured content option is disabled, the featured photos and memories on your device should disappear.

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Prevent the side button from accidentally ending your phone calls

The side/ability button on the side of your iPhone allows you lot to chop-chop sleep and wake your device, merely if y’all accidentally hit information technology during a phone phone call, you lot’ll end your telephone call prematurely. If this is something you’ve encountered in the by, iOS 16 finally lets yous prevent it from happening.

In Settings, go to
To touch
and disable
Lock to terminate telephone call
to forestall the side button from ending your calls. If you accidentally press the side button, your screen will go to sleep, but y’all’ll stay on your phone telephone call, uninterrupted.

This characteristic is hidden in the Accessibility section of your settings.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Remove the search button from your home screen

Your iPhone’s search feature lets you quickly find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a text bulletin, third-political party app, file, note, and location. pretty much annihilation on your device or on the web. And the best thing nearly the feature is that it is hands accessible from the home screen; all you have to exercise is swipe anywhere on the screen and it pops up.

And iOS 16 added another way to access Search from the Home screen, via a small button just higher up your dock. Unfortunately, it’s easy to accidentally trigger, every bit information technology’due south shut to where your pollex might get when swiping between your different homepages.

Luckily, like many new features on iOS 16, this 1 can also be disabled. Merely launch the Settings app, go to
and disable
Show on home screen
to remove the search button from your home screen. The search bubble should disappear, replaced past a few small-scale dots representing your various home screens.

Search button on iPhone home screen

Fifty-fifty if you remove the Search push button, yous can still admission the characteristic by swiping down from anywhere on your home screen.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Go back to one-time lock screen notifications

Apple tree’s latest redesign brings customizable widgets, fonts and colors, a gallery of wallpapers and a stylized date and fourth dimension on the lock screen, plus a sloppy change to notifications. Instead of actualization at the top of your lock screen, notifications now appear at the bottom, which you can then tap to appear full screen.

All the same, non everyone may exist happy with this change. If you desire to go back to how notifications appeared on iOS xv, launch the Settings app and go to
Bear witness as. You will then come across three options:

  • Count: Notifications are displayed equally a number at the bottom of the screen.
  • Stack: Notifications appear in a stack at the bottom of the screen.
  • Listing: Notifications are displayed entirely on your screen.

To render to the erstwhile notification fashion, choose the

Lock screen notifications

You can also pinch notifications to switch betwixt the three Evidence as options.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET