How To Get Protection 4

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Protection is an enchantment in Minecraft that will reduce the amount of damage you accept upwardly to lxxx% depending on the Protection level.

There are many different enchantments available in Minecraft, and one that you might find yourself using often is the Protection enchantment. This is an all-around enchantment that is benign in many situations. Substantially, information technology will reduce the amount of damage yous take up to fourscore% with higher Protection levels. While it may be tempting to put this on every piece of armor yous wear, it is important to know the details behind how it can protect you. This guide will show you the details of Protection, how to get it for yourself, the uses of Protection, as well equally what enchantments Protections are incompatible with in Minecraft.


  1. Details of Protection
  2. How to Get Protection in Minecraft
    1. Method 1- Enchantment Table
    2. Method 2 – Fishing information technology up as Treasure Loot
    3. Method 3 – Trading
  3. Uses of Protection in Minecraft
  4. Incompatibilities
  5. Video Guide
  6. FAQs near Protection in Minecraft
    1. Q. What is the Best Protection in Minecraft?
    2. Q. Is it Better to take Protection or Fire Protection?
    3. Q. Tin can yous put All Protections on Armor?
  7. Conclusion

Details of Protection

Protection will reduce the amount of harm you accept by a percentage. The percentage that is reduced is equivalent to (Level * four) on the Java edition of Minecraft. For the Bedrock edition, it is (Level * five). The maximum level you can arrive the Protection enchantment is level 4.

Level Percent of Impairment Reduction Incompatibilities
Protection I 4% (Coffee) 5% (Boulder) Fire, Blast, and Projectile Protection
Protection Ii 8% (Java) 10% (Bedrock) Fire, Boom, and Projectile Protection
Protection Three 12% (Java) 15% (Bedrock) Burn down, Blast, and Projectile Protection
Protection IV 16% (Coffee) 20% (Boulder) Burn, Smash, and Projectile Protection

Certain Protection enchantments volition provide a college per centum reduction for unlike types of damage, while regular Protection volition provide a set percent reduction for virtually types of damage. Try to consider what your weaknesses are and what you would similar to take less impairment from, earlier choosing your armor enchantments.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft

There are 3 ways you can get the Protection enchantment. You lot can detect it in an enchanting tabular array, fish it up equally treasure loot, or find a librarian trader who is selling a Protection enchanted book.

Method 1- Enchantment Table

Like most enchantments, you can get Protection on an enchantment table. If information technology does not appear at first, you tin reroll the enchantments offered in an enchantment tabular array until you see Protection in your options. It will cost you levels, but just almost any method of enchanting will require you to spend levels one way or another.

Every bit y’all tin see, the enchantment table is offering Projectile Protection IV. However, if you wanted to go the regular Protection enchantment, you can use a similar type of item (armor, tool, weapon) to change the offered enchantments. Y’all practise not take to use a level 30 enchantment to reroll your enchantments. You lot can just spend 1 level.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft using Enchantment Table

Enchanting a leather helmet allows me to reroll the offered enchantments for the diamond helmet.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft using Enchantment Table

Now, the table is offering Respiration Three. You can reroll every bit often every bit yous want until y’all are guaranteed an enchantment that you want – in this case, Protection.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft using Enchantment Table

In my example, it took three tries. Information technology may take more or fewer tries depending on how lucky you are. While each reroll will price levels and lapis lazuli, this is a practiced mode to get a specific enchantment onto your armor without likewise much hassle.

Method 2 – Line-fishing it upward every bit Treasure Loot

Y’all can too fish for enchantments. This is incredibly unreliable, simply if you are curt on fish, need other fishable items, or need more than feel, fishing can provide you with an opportunity to curlicue the die and get a Protection enchantment. You will desire to use a Luck of the Sea III enchanted fishing rod to increment your chances of getting an enchanted volume.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft as fishing as treasure loot

The next stride is to fish until yous notice an enchanted book. The odds are pretty low with only a 1.9% take a chance of getting a successful catch fifty-fifty with a Luck of the Bounding main 3 fishing rod. It is made worse by the fact that the enchantments you become are entirely random. Yous could get a book with four lines of enchantments and all the same not observe what you are looking for. This is to requite y’all an idea of how many catches it takes to get an enchanted book. I would say I was lucky to get information technology this quickly. Needless to say, this is not a very consistent method.

Method 3 – Trading

Finally, nosotros come to the near consequent method of getting as many books as you lot want of a detail enchantment – in this case, Protection. If you observe a villager and give him the librarian profession past assigning him to a lectern, you can run into an inventory of enchanted books at his level 1 profession.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft using trading

This librarian has no enchanted books in his inventory. Luckily, yous can reroll his inventory for free. Just suspension the lectern he is assigned to and apace supervene upon the lectern. You should run into him lose his librarian profession and as you replace the lectern, he will return to being a librarian.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft using trading

Check his inventory for enchanted books. Y’all can repeat this as often as you want. Practice this until you discover the enchanted volume you are looking for.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft by trading

As yous can meet, his inventory will alter every time you replace the lectern. Unfortunately, a librarian can offer any enchantment on whatever book. Practise not merchandise with him until you discover the Protection enchantment. Once you merchandise with him, you cannot reroll his inventory over again.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft by trading

This can take quite several rerolls. The good news is, one time y’all notice the book you are looking for and purchase it, you can come back and get it once again an indefinite number of times.

How to Get Protection in Minecraft by trading

Call up that even if you do not go the exact level of enchantment you are looking for, yous can combine 2 books to upgrade that specific enchantment. If this book were Protection III, you could combine two Protection 3 books to get a Protection 4 enchantment. Y’all tin exercise the same with a book plus armor equally well.

Uses of Protection in Minecraft

The Protection enchantment does exactly what its name suggests, it protects you. With Protection IV on 1 piece of armor, yous are wearing, whatever source of damage will deal 16% less damage to you.

Uses of Protection in Minecraft

Doing some damage tests, and wearing a regular and unenchanted diamond helmet causes a skeleton to deal a full heart of harm. Wearing a diamond helmet with Protection Four causes a skeleton to bargain half a heart of harm or even no harm. This is probable because the values are not integers but rather decimal-based. The 2d arrow that the skeleton shot dealt ane full eye of harm.

Uses of Protection in Minecraft

As you lot can come across, the Protection enchantment will protect you from just well-nigh any kind of harm. Unfortunately for Bedrock edition players, this does not include condition outcome damages similar wither or poison. You may exist wondering, why would you e’er enchant armor with a specific outcome if Protection provides damage reduction to well-nigh types of damage. Nosotros will await at Protection vs. Fire Protection in this case.

In the below exam, I am wearing a total diamond ready of armor with Protection 4 on every piece.

Uses of Protection in Minecraft

When I jumped into a pool of lava, it took 8 ticks of damage before I saw any damage on my health bar. A fully enchanted set of Protection 4 provided me with enough of time to jump out of the lava. Adjacent, test a total ready of Fire Protection IV diamond armor.

Uses of Protection in Minecraft

It only took 6 ticks of lava damage for me to take harm in my health bar. However, I was never ready on fire for the entire duration.

Uses of Protection in Minecraft

It is difficult to showcase, but it seems that Fire Protection is comparable to regular Protection in terms of damage mitigation from burn down. The difference lies in the amount of durability damage, as Burn down Protection will ensure your armor does non accept to lose points to fire impairment. While Protection does seem to be equally efficient as Fire Protection, it will wear out sooner.

It is also important to go along in heed that with fully enchanted stop-game armor, information technology will be difficult for annihilation to deal damage to y’all. When you are in a deep pool of lava, information technology will be ameliorate to have Fire Protection. Anywhere else and the Fire Protection does non seem to do much. Remember that you tin can besides mix and match different enchantments if you desire to have an all-around damage reduction for well-nigh types of damage in Minecraft.


Protection is incompatible with whatever other blazon of Protection enchantment. This goes for Blast Protection, Burn Protection, and Projectile Protection. You lot cannot have every type, or even two different types of Protection enchantments on the same piece of armor.

Protection Incompatibilities

In the to a higher place example, this Protection 4 helmet cannot exist fused with the Projectile Protection IV enchantment. Consider what you commonly find dangerous and attempt to enchant your armor accordingly.

Video Guide


FAQs about Protection in Minecraft

Q. What is the Best Protection in Minecraft?

A. For all intents and purposes, the regular Protection enchantment is probably the all-time for damage reduction overall. Information technology can be wise to also have some Fire Protection enchanted armor to protect you when y’all fall in the lava. For all other situations, regular Protection seems to do the task but fine. The maximum level of Protection is Protection IV.

Q. Is it Amend to accept Protection or Fire Protection?

A. In the tests I conducted, they seem comparable in protecting y’all from fire and lava damage. The only departure was, with enough Fire Protection (7 total points of Fire Protection) your histrion volition never grab on burn. Of course, Fire Protection volition only protect y’all from fire and lava harm, so regular Protection volition win in different environments. It is thus amend to have regular Protection enchantment.

Q. Can yous put All Protections on Armor?

A. All Protection enchantments are incompatible with each other. You cannot have Protection with Fire Protection on the same armor. That goes for every blazon of Protection enchantment in the game. You can identify them on the same piece of armor with commands. It seems that they will stack together in this example, but it is difficult to confirm as even a leather helmet with Protection Iv lone will mitigate a lot of damage.


Congratulations, you now know the ins and outs of one of the best armor enchantments in the game. While specializing your harm reduction with other Protection enchantments can be helpful, it seems that regular Protection does the job just fine. Having specific damage mitigation volition exist beneficial in specific situations, just regular Protection will protect you from nigh sources of damage. Just be certain to keep an middle on the durability bars of your armor and y’all tin tank any amount of damage in the game.