How To Pause Obs Recording

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Did yous know that y’all can now pause OBS recordings! With the latest version of OBS 24.0 or later you tin pause a recording in OBS and then restart the recording when you want to. This is an awesome new feature available in the latest OBS 24.0 release candidate.

OBS recording formats that back up pause and restart

In this video, we review the video formats that you lot can tape in with OBS and interruption the recording to be restarted. Currently, you can tape video in Flv, Mkv, ts, and m3u8 for apply with this new pause recording characteristic. When recording video, just remember that you cannot break your live stream. But information technology is nice if you are recording video content of your alive stream during the broadcast for later on utilize. In this way, you can tape curt clips from your live stream and save them in one file with start and pause characteristic. One requested feature is the power to pause a recording with the hotkeys. We will bring this upwardly in the OBS user group.

New OBS 24 pause button during video recordings

New OBS 24 pause button during video recordings

Remember the popular Mp4 and MOV video recording formats practice not back up this new feature. OBS recording formats that support pause and restart are only Flv, Mkv, ts, and m3u8. The reason these video formats have this feature is that OBS has the ability to store this video without being finalized even if the computer is turned off due to a power outage. Assuming y’all have the latest version of OBS and your recording format selected properly you will run across the pause button bachelor in one case yous kickoff recording.

What are the other new OBS 24 features?

  • The long-requested ability to pause recordings
  • A new option to use dynamic bitrate aligning while streaming instead of dropping frames when the internet is congested for any reason
  • The ability to control browser source sound book with the sound mixer, equally well as apply audio filters, and output audio to stream only rather than desktop audio
  • The ability to create custom browser dock widgets and so you tin have custom web pages opened whenever OBS is opened
  • Hardware-accelerated decoding of H264 media files in the media source
  • Updated x264, FFmpeg, and CEF versions on Windows.  x264, in particular, has a number of new optimizations that should amend performance for anyone using software encoding
  • A whole lot of minor optimizations to the program

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