How to resize an image on your phone using Creative Cloud Express

Shrink those Pro mode photos and save yourself some storage infinite

As phone cameras have improved in contempo years, photograph file sizes have grown with them. Uploading big files to your weblog or limited cloud storage isn’t always ideal. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to resize your epitome using various Adobe Photoshop apps on your telephone or Chromebook.

It is not recommended to increase the size of the image during editing, every bit this can often cause it to become pixelated. Instead, shoot your photos at a higher resolution and then downscale as needed to maintain proficient image quality. This quick guide walks you through the procedure of reducing your prototype size in the Photoshop Express and Lightroom mobile apps and in Artistic Cloud Express online. All of these are free to use, simply you may demand to create an Adobe account.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express has some basic photograph editing tools, including filters, overlays, color correction, and more than. Resizing does not announced equally an item in the lower toolbar, but. Instead, it appears equally an option when you export your paradigm.

  1. Open Photoshop Limited and select an paradigm from your device or shoot from your camera.
  2. Make any colour or brightness adjustments to your image.
  3. bear on
    Side by side
    push in the upper correct corner.

  4. Touch the blue
    text beneath your image to resize information technology to one of the default pixel dimensions or your own custom set.

  5. touch
    JPEG quality
    text to adjust the quality of the exported image to further reduce the file size if necessary.

    Changing the JPEG quality can further reduce the size of your image.

  6. touch
    Save to Gallery
    when y’all are done.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a popular option for people who want to edit their photos and videos on the go. Its various presets brand editing easy to make your images stronger, and it also has the tools to create your own. As with Photoshop Limited, resizing an prototype comes as ane of the last steps when y’all’re set up to consign it.

  1. Open the Lightroom app and import an image into your library. You can do this either from your photographic camera or by searching your device’s storage using the blue buttons in the lower correct corner.
  2. Select the imported photograph from your library that you desire to resize.

  3. Brand any lighting, color or other adjustments offset.
  4. touch
    icon on the pinnacle toolbar and select
    Export as.

  5. Choose ane of the standard resizing options or enter a custom size from
    drop down list.
  6. When you’re done, tap
    icon in the upper correct corner of the box.


Creative Cloud Limited

Adobe’s Artistic Cloud Limited is browser-based, so at that place’southward no need to download whatsoever apps. Like Canva, it has templates for different apps and an easy-to-employ image resizer equally 1 of the Quick Actions.

  1. Open your browser and become to
  2. Create an account if you lot don’t take one and follow the registration requirements.
  3. Select
    Image resizing
    Effort a quick activity
  4. Drag and drop the epitome you want to resize into the highlighted box.

  5. Choose 1 of the size presets based on where yous will mail the image or cull to fix custom dimensions.
  6. After adjusting the size,
    button becomes active and you can get ahead and save your image.

Avert headache

It’southward easy to put off cleaning upward erstwhile, unusable photos until a later on date. The final thing you want to get while exploring a new city on your vacation is a “Storage Low” notification. Especially if y’all’re learning to shoot and edit RAW photos, you lot can quickly use upwards precious storage space. Information technology doesn’t assist if you’ve filled up your cloud storage with large image files.

So take time at the end of a day of shooting to edit and stay on top of your file management. Your future self will thank you for it.


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