How To Split In Agario

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Download Article is a game in which cells and viruses are targeted and you lot take to exist conscientious to not get eaten. Here is a guide on how to be good at it.

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    Avoid others at first.
    When you first join the game, you lot are going to be small. As such, avert people and try to consume just the cells that are not players.

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    If someone large is chasing you, hide in the dark-green spiky circles. These are chosen viruses.

    • If you are bigger than the virus, you will divide, so make sure to just practise this when you lot are pocket-sized.
    • If the histrion that is chasing y’all is smaller than the virus, or the same size, then this will non work.


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    Go well-nigh 300 points.
    This is where it’s recommended that y’all begin chasing other players. Be careful, though, as y’all cannot eat cells that are larger than your own cell.

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    Many players split themselves to endeavour and consume other players. This can be done by pushing the space bar.

    • Splitting can ship your jail cell forward, allowing yous to eat some other cell equally long equally your split piece is bigger than their unabridged cell.
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    Make sure that your split up piece is larger than the other histrion.
    That is how to take hold of them.

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    Press W.
    This allows y’all to lose some mass and requite information technology to another player, which makes that player bigger and y’all smaller.

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    Exist mutually supportive.
    If you have a loyal team you can feed each other, and protect each other from threats. Teaming is a great way to survive longer. Still, Anti-Teaming is added to, so play in Political party way if y’all desire to squad.

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    Lure smaller players into boundaries and trap them so that you lot can eat them.

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    Press Westward and when smaller players go after your ejected mass, you can “unexpectedly” kill them.

  3. iii

    If you find a Mother Cell in your game, you lot can allow other people feed it.
    Then just collect the food it produces without you lot having to eject mass.

  4. 4

    Aim to lure bigger players into viruses.
    However, they probably won’t fall for information technology.

    • You lot tin get about 120 mass and stay still directly over a virus thus hiding the virus, and wait for a bigger role player to effort to consume yous. They will explode and you will become huge instantly.
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  • Question

    How can I end the prison cell from moving?

    Community Answer

    You can if you put your cursor in the center of the cell, but it will all the same inch forward slowly. It takes a few tries to get your jail cell to stay still. I only stay still when I’thou in a virus, because if you are out in the open, it makes you like shooting fish in a barrel casualty.

  • Question

    How practise I become away from a very large cell that can split?

    Community Answer

    If y’all’re small, yous have speed equally your reward. And if you want, y’all can split to make you move farther abroad, but note that this decreases your mass.

  • Question

    After I split, how do I become one again?

    Community Answer

    There’s no style to merge on command. Wait approximately xxx seconds and you should come back together.

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  • Do not eat viruses in FFA & Team Mode, you volition not gain mass and volition activate the Anti-Team penalty, making you shrink at an alarming rate.

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  • Don’t always trust people with names equally “Due west = team”; sometimes they practise not press W back and only eat you instead.

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  • Don’t fall for people that say ‘Ctrl+R=Speed” etc., these commands can mess you up (They can reload page, brand another tab, etc.)

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  • Do not
    team on FFA, or Experimental way; y’all and your teammate volition shrink when the Anti-Teaming penalty is activated. Information technology is
    worth it. At that place is Party for that: Squad way is a special server in which there are different teams signified by colors, and where you can only eat the other teams’ cells. (In Team style, your team may try to destroy your cross-teaming with a different color cell. They will not like it. Squad with your ain colour.)

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