Intel Arc 3 A380 vs. AMD Radeon RX 6400

ASRock recently launched its Arc A380 Challenger ITX OC graphics card which was the company’s first product using an Intel Arc GPU. When the card launched in the Chinese marketplace, it was priced at 1299 RMB or $192 United states of america, making information technology far more expensive than the MSRP of 1030 RMB or $152 United states of america for the same region.

ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX Graphics Bill of fare Drops Down To 1029 RMB or $150 US, Priced Lower Than RX 6400 In Red china Now

At present but a few weeks later, the official ASRock retail outlet at has updated the cost from 1299 RMB to 1029 RMB which makes it i RMB lower than the official MSRP. Do annotation that this cost includes the added VAT so the actual price of the graphics carte if information technology entered the The states marketplace, should be even less. The 1029 RMB converts to effectually $150 US which is a far better price than the close-to $200 United states of america cost that it was listed at before.

ASRock’s Intel Arc A380 Challenger graphics card has dropped from 1299 RMB to 1029 RMB at (Image Credits:

The graphics card can now be a viable alternative to the ASRock Radeon RX 6400 Challenger ITX graphics card which is priced at 1149 RMB or $170 The states. The Intel Arc graphics menu offers higher VRAM capacity (6 GB vs 4 GB), an AV1 encoder which is shown to outclass NVIDIA and AMD, XeSS and Ray tracing support, and volition besides come up with an overclocked design out of the box, something that you don’t get on the RX 6400.

The performance, in general, is more than or less good in games that support DX12/Vulkan but slightly lower in older titles. Overall, both cards should offer decent GPU performance to entry-level gamers just Intel does have the advantage in terms of the feature stack they take for Arc. Having those features up and running is a whole different thing that needs to be sorted out in the drivers but with Arc closing in for launch later next calendar month, we should expect better support.

The Intel Arc A380 Challenger features a single-fan which is based on a Striped-Axial design pattern to maximize airflow & besides has the 0dB fan engineering science which ensures that the fans do no spin and generate unwanted noise when running at low loads.

The graphics carte’southward sides feature the “Intel Arc” branding and information technology has a atypical 8-pin connector for power. It features a spiral aluminum heatsink which should be good enough to cool the card. The ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX graphics card operates at a base of operations frequency of 2250 MHz and memory is clocked at fifteen.5 Gbps across a 96-bit bus interface for 186 GB/southward of full bandwidth.

The GPU is based on the Alchemist ACM-G11 SKU, featuring 8 Xe-Cores or 1024 ALUs. The card comes rated with a 500W PSU requirement and features a unmarried HDMI 2.0b and three DisplayPort 2.0 (due west/ DSC) ports. There’s 6 GB of GDDR6 memory which is the highest we take seen on this gen’south entry-level cards and since the whole thing is designed around the ITX form factor, it measures 190 x 124 x 39 mm.





Intel Arc A-Series Desktop Graphics Bill of fare Lineup ‘Rumored’:

Graphics Card Variant GPU Variant GPU Die Execution Units Shading Units (Cores) Memory Capacity Memory Speed Memory Omnibus TGP Price Status
Arc A770 Xe-HPG 512EU (TBD) Arc ACM-G10 512 EUs (TBD) 4096 (TBD) 16 GB GDDR6 16 Gbps 256-fleck 225W $349-$399 US Officially Announced
Arc A770 Xe-HPG 512EU (TBD) Arc ACM-G10 512 EUs (TBD) 4096 (TBD) viii GB GDDR6 16 Gbps 256-bit 225W $349-$399 Usa Confirmed Through Leak
Arc A750 Xe-HP3G 448EU (TBD) Arc ACM-G10 448 EUs (TBD) 3584 (TBD) 8 GB GDDR6 16 Gbps 256-bit 225W $299-$349 U.s. Officially Announced
Arc A580 Xe-HPG 256EU (TBD) Arc ACM-G10 256 EUs (TBD) 2048 (TBD) 8 GB GDDR6 16 Gbps 128-bit 175W $200-$299 U.s. Confirmed Through Leak
Arc A380 Xe-HPG 128EU (TBD) Arc ACM-G11 128 EUs 1024 6 GB GDDR6 15.5 Gbps 96-flake 75W $129-$139 US Officially Launched
Arc A310 Xe-HPG 64 (TBD) Arc ACM-G11 64 EUs (TBD) 512 (TBD) four GB GDDR6 16 Gbps 64-bit 75W $59-$99 United states Confirmed Through Leak

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