Iphone 13 Camera Too Sharp

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iPhone 13 Photos Blurry, Low Quality, As well Candy? (Fix!)

iPhone 13 photos blurry consequence

Are iPhone 13 photos blurry? Do they look equally if they’ve been oil painted during post-processing? You’re owning the near avant-garde iPhone Camera ever built but the photos shoot with your brand new device are unnatural? Users as well label it every bit the iPhone 13 water color issue!

iPhone 13 Photos Blurry And Low Quality?

An important number of complaints have started surfacing online most the low quality of pictures shot with the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro low quality photos oil panting issue:
iphone 13 pro oil painted photo issue

  • On Reddit an user has posted a side-by-side comparing with the same subject snapped with an iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 11 showing that the older device is capturing more than natural photos!
  • Fact:
    The thread has over 3000 upvotes, which shows that many agree with this claim!

  • On Apple’s Discussion Forums an user complained that he shot a baby photo shot with an iPhone 13 Pro Max that’southward extremely blurry. The same subject was too captured with an iPhone xi Pro Max. The difference is huge!
  • Fact:
    there are almost yard other people that have reported the ‘I have this question as well’ push, which shows that this blurry photos effect is widespread!

Update (August 22)

iPhone 13 Pro Depression Quality Photos

The “oil painted” image uploaded beneath has been shot a couple of days ago by our staff on an iPhone xiii Pro running iOS 16 Public Beta 4:

iPhone 13 Pro low quality photo

iPhone 13 Pro low quality photograph in low calorie-free.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Blurry Photos

Apple tree might have to address this issue in an upcoming software update, only until then you lot should endeavor the following workarounds and let us know if they help out:

1. Disable Machine Macro

how to disable Macro Photos on iPhone 13 pro

The blurry photos on iPhone thirteen can be caused by the new Macro mode, that automatically kicks-in when y’all arroyo the field of study. A glitch might forestall the photo to exist taken with the appropriate lens.

Since iOS 15.1 you tin disable Machine Macro in:
Settings -> Camera -> Auto Macro.

2. Turn Off Lens Correction

how to turn off lens correction on iPhone 13

Some other setting that can crusade iPhone 13 depression quality photos is Lens Correction. Information technology’s office is to correct lens distortion for the forepart and ultra broad cameras. If it glitches out it might cause the blurry photos issue.

The choice is automatically enabled in iOS 15. Disable it and check if it makes a divergence.

How to:
Scan for
Settings -> Photographic camera -> Lens Correction.

3. Utilise Standard Photographic Fashion

how to use standard photographic style

Photographic styles is an exclusive iPhone 13 & 13 Pro feature. It allows yous to opt from i of five presets that automatically adds or decreases Tone and Warmth settings of a pic. All this is done post-processing.

Aye, if they aren’t fine tuned enough they might lead to oil painted photos! My recommendation is to stick with the Standard style for now, which maintains the default look captured by the iPhone Photographic camera.

How To:
Settings -> Camera
tap on
Photographic Styles
and swipe for
Standard Style. Tap
Utilize “Standard”. Does it brand a difference?

4. Disable ‘View Full HDR’

disable view Full HDR in photos

Some users have complained that pictures display blurry in the Photos app. Obviously, this tin can be fixed by disabling the ‘View Full HDR’ setting. This option is used to permit the iPhone display to show the complete dynamic range of photos.

How to:
Scan for
Settings -> Photos
and turn OFF
‘View Full HDR’, available in the

5. Employ 3rd-Political party Camera App

halide camera app for iPhone 13

Final just not least, yous can employ a tertiary-political party app to snap photos with your iPhone. I that I recommend is Halide:
Download and install
Halide from the App Store. (straight link)

This app comes with a 7-day complimentary trial. Afterward that you lot take to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. Yous also have the option to purchase the app, if you don’t like subscriptions.

Accept you managed to fix the iPhone 13 blurry photos issue? Did the above tips assistance? Practise you have a better solution? Use the comments department to share your thoughts.

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