Iphone 13 Won’t Connect To Apple Watch

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Equally promised, Apple officially unveiled the latest iPhone before last year. And but as e’er, the latest iPhone created a huge corporeality of fizz amid the fans. People were quick to get their hands on the latest iPhone. But given the amount of buzz around information technology, it seems like iPhone thirteen is already in the news for the incorrect reasons. Just months into its release, iPhone thirteen has already come nether immense criticism.

And the latest addition to the list of bug is that the
users are unable to pair Apple watch with iPhone thirteen. Several users take reported that their iPhone xiii cannot establish connection with their Apple tree lookout man.

Meanwhile, many have complained about their Apple watch not connecting to iPhone thirteen later update. If you as well are someone who’s annoyed with this issue, perhaps this troubleshooting guide will come up in handy.

Why is My Apple Sentinel not Connecting to iPhone 13?

Reddit users know that the majority of the Reddit forum is flooded with problems concerning the latest iPhone 13. What’s fruitful virtually the forum is the fact that it has conspicuously laid out the reasons why you are unable to connect your apple watch to iPhone 13.

Correct from a software glitch to a major hardware problem, annihilation can cause this problem. Hither are some of the probable causes why yous are unable to pair apple tree watch

  • Disabled bluetooth connection on both devices
  • Improperly configured network settings
  • Software glitch
  • Hardware malfunction

Ready: Apple Watch not Pairing with iPhone xiii, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, thirteen Pro Max

Now that yous know the underlying causes why you are unable to connect the apple tree picket to iPhone thirteen, yous can arm yourself with the right fixes to tackle this issue immediately. As a result, here are some of the fixes to help solve the outcome at hand.

Earlier you move on to implementing either of the fixes, ensure that

  • Airplane mode is off on both iPhone xiii & Apple tree Sentry,
  • Wifi & Bluetooth is turned On
  • The two devices are in a shut proximity

one. Restart both iPhone 13 & Apple Sentinel

If you are looking for a quick fix, then you must restart both iPhone 13 and your Apple lookout. In case y’all are unable to pair apple sentinel with iPhone thirteen, you can restart both devices at the same time.

This is because a quick restart tin can take care of the modest glitches that are preventing your iPhone thirteen and Apple from establishing contact with each other. To restart your Apple tree Watch,

  1. Printing and agree the
    Side Button
  2. Keeping holding the button till y’all see the
    Power Off
  3. Now, drag the
    Ability Off
  4. After it turns off, press and hold the
    Side Push button
    again till you see the Apple tree Logo

You lot cannot restart your Apple Watch when it is charging. Therefore, unplug your Apple watch from the charger earlier restarting.

2. Unpair Apple Spotter from your Old iPhone

If you lot had previously paired your Apple scout with an older iPhone, then it is probably however connected to the aforementioned. This is why you are unable to pair apple sentry with iPhone 13. To check if your Apple Watch is yet paired with your old iPhone,

  1. Launch the
    app on your onetime iPhone
  2. Select
    My Watch
  3. Tap
    All Watches
  4. Click the
    icon next to the Apple tree lookout you lot wish to unpair from your phone
why is my apple watch not connecting to my iphone 13

  1. Select
    Unpair Apple Sentinel
  2. This volition unpair the selected Apple Watch
  3. When you see a prompt saying
    Start Pairing
    on Apple tree Spotter, you can try to pair information technology with iPhone 13 again.

three. Forcefulness Restart iPhone xiii & Apple tree Picket

At times, fifty-fifty a normal restart won’t be able to help you lot with your phone’southward problems. If you are unable to pair apple watch with iPhone xiii despite multiple restarts, you can opt to force restart both these devices.

To force restart your Apple Watch,

  1. Press and concord both the
    Side Push
    Digital Crown
    for 10 seconds
  2. Release both buttons when the Apple tree logo is visible

To force restart iPhone 13,

  1. Press and chop-chop release the
    Book Up Button
  2. Press and quickly release the
    Volume Down Push button
  3. Press and hold the
    Side Push button
    till the Apple Logo appears on your screen
  4. When the logo appears, release the Side Button
apple watch won't pair with iphone 13

4. Erase Apple Watch

In case you lot don’t take the iPhone to which your Apple watch was previously paired with, you can opt to erase the apple spotter birthday.

This step requires you to enter your
Apple ID and Password
and will erase all the data on the Apple Picket.

  1. Launch
    on your Apple Watch
  2. Get to
  3. Tap
  4. Select
    Erase All Content and Settings
  5. Enter your Passcode when prompted
  6. Look for the spotter to unpair
  7. Now that you have unpaired the Apple watch, yous can pair it again with some other device
apple watch wont pair with iphone 13

5. Reset Apple Watch if y’all Forgot your Passcode

In case you take forgotten your device’s passcode, y’all won’t be able to erase the apple tree lookout man. Here, your but option is to reset the apple watch.

  1. Plugin the Apple tree Lookout to the charger
  2. Printing and agree the
    Side Button
    till you see the
    Power Off
  3. Now, press and hold the
    Digital Crown
    until you lot see
    Erase All Content and Settings
  4. Tap
    & then tap
    again to ostend
  5. Look for the process to complete so set your Apple Watch over again & try pairing it with iPhone xiii.

half dozen. Cheque for Latest iOS Update

Running an outdated version has the power to tamper with your system in i mode or some other. Hence, if yous haven’t updated your iPhone xiii for long, it is probably the reason for your Apple sentinel non pairing with iPhone thirteen. To fix this, all you lot demand to exercise is trace the given steps

  1. Launch
    on your iPhone 13
  2. Select
    Full general
  3. Select
    Software Update
apple watch not connecting to iphone 13 after update

  1. Your iPhone will at present search for available updates
  2. If an update is available, download information technology

7. Reset Network Settings on iPhone 13

This is 1 of the most normally used steps if yous are experiencing any issues concerning your device’s connectivity. The majority of people tend to utilise this pace to fix 5G connectivity bug on iPhone 13 or if their WiFi is not Working on iPhone 13.

Withal, this has as well proven to be a useful fix in case your device isn’t able to pair or find other Apple devices.

This step volition wipe out every network-related setting on your iPhone xiii. Therefore, ensure that you call up all your important passwords (Wifi, Apple Lookout man) before implementing.

  1. Launch
    on your iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, or 13 Pro Max
  2. Go to
  3. Scroll down and tap on
    Transfer or Reset iPhone
Apple watch can't connect to iPhone 13 pro
  1. Click on
  2. Next, select
    Reset Network Settings
  3. Enter your iPhone’s password/passcode when prompted

At present, your iPhone 13 will restart automatically and load up the default network settings

8. Visit Apple Shop

This is perhaps the virtually unfortunate fix any troubleshooting guide has. Only now that naught has worked out for you lot, and so it probably is because there is a deep underlying problem either within your iPhone 13 or your Apple watch altogether.

In such cases, simply an Apple Tech expert can allow you know the problem and guide you in the right direction to get the effect fixed. And then, if your apple tree watch won’t pair with iPhone 13 despite implementing every prepare, we strongly suggest you visit your nearest service centre at one time.


Apple devices come with a start of the fine art architecture. Whether it’s an Airpod or an iPad, every iOS device has the best software and hardware in place. Despite all this, these devices are still prone to connectivity problems such as this 1. So, if your Apple tree watch wont pair with iPhone 13, nosotros advise you lot try out our troubleshooting guide to give it a quick gear up.

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