Iphone 13 Won’t Connect To Car Bluetooth

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How to Prepare iPhone thirteen(Pro)Won’t Connect to Bluetooth 2022

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After buying the latest iPhone thirteen pro, you would have been tempted to endeavour its cool features for certain. Only what if these features don’t work properly? Of grade, this situation could be a nightmare for any iPhone user, because they’ve just spent more than than a 1000 dollars on the device. As foreign as this may sound, many iPhone thirteen Pro users are facing Bluetooth connection issue on their device. In some cases,
iPhone 13 won’t connect to a car’s Bluetooth, whereas in others, users are unable to connect their device to a Bluetooth speaker.

If your iPhone’southward Bluetooth is also not working properly, nosotros are here to assist! In this article, nosotros’ll walk you through different solutions to fix the iPhone 13 won’t connect to Bluetooth mistake on your own.

  • Part one. Why Won’t My iPhone xiii Connect to Bluetooth
  • Part 2. What to Practise if Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone 13 [8 Ways]
  • Role 3. One-Stop Solution to Ready Whatsoever iPhone Not Connecting to Bluetooth [No Information Loss] Hot

Function 1. Why Won’t My iPhone 13 Connect to Bluetooth

Now, before we requite away the solutions, it’s of import to understand the reasons that might restrict you from connecting to Bluetooth. In the majority of the cases, Bluetooth connectivity issues arise due to unexpected bugs in iOS. If y’all don’t know already, iPhone 13 is running on the latest iOS 15, which is continuously beingness upgraded by Apple to offer better functioning. So, if you take recently updated your iPhone to the latest bachelor iOS version, it’southward quite possible that the new update might take unexpected bugs. In addition to this, temporary hardware-related errors can also trigger Bluetooth not working on iPhone error.

Part ii. What to Exercise if Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone 13 [viii Means]

Now, it doesn’t matter what caused the Bluetooth error on your device, you tin set information technology by implementing the following solutions.

Fix 1. Toggle Off/On Bluetooth

Now, if the error is triggered past the software update, the easiest way to rectify it is to simply turn off Bluetooth for a while and then turn it on again. This will reset the Bluetooth configurations on your device and you’ll be able to pair it to whatsoever Bluetooth device hands. Here’s how to plow off Bluetooth on your iPhone 13.

  • Step 1: Open the “Settings” app.
  • Step 2: Click on “Bluetooth” and then toggle the switch off next to the “Bluetooth” option. This volition disable the Bluetooth.

    how to turn off iphone bluetooth

Look for a few seconds and so enable “Bluetooth” again. Now, try connecting to the Bluetooth device and see if it works or not.

Set up 2. Restart/Force Restart iPhone

Like many other system errors, you lot can also prepare “iPhone 13 won’t connect to Bluetooth” by simply restarting the device. To do this, press the “Power” push button and swipe the “Power Slider” right to plow off your device. Later 10-20 seconds, press the Power push again to boot up the device. Once the device is successfully restarted, check if the consequence is resolved or not.

If y’all are yet unable to connect to a Bluetooth device, you can too force restart your iPhone to troubleshoot the problem. Start by pressing the “Volume Up” key and then immediately press the “Volume Down” central. Afterward, press the side push and hold it for a while. Once your iPhone’s screen goes black and the Apple logo starts flashing on the screen, release the side button. Once again, open up the Bluetooth panel and try connecting the iPhone to your desired Bluetooth device.

perform a force restart to fix iphone 13 bluetooth not discovering devices

Prepare three. Forget This Device and Pair Over again

In some cases, incorrect Bluetooth setup can likewise restrict the iPhone from connecting to some other device via Bluetooth. If that’southward the example all you have to do is forget the item Bluetooth device and pair information technology again from scratch. Follow these steps to forget a Bluetooth device on an iPhone.

  • Footstep 1: Again, open the “Settings” app and click on “Bluetooth”.
  • Pace ii: Y’all’ll see a list of all the paired Bluetooth devices on your screen. Tap the “i” button next to the desired Bluetooth device.
  • Step 3: Click the “Forget This Device” option and then tap “Forget This Device” to complete the process.

    how to forget paired bluetooth device on iphone

Fix 4. Pair to A Different Device

At that place’south also a possibility that your iPhone’s Bluetooth isn’t the root cause of the problem, instead, the other device is non working properly. To dominion out this possibility, effort pairing your iPhone to a unlike Bluetooth device. For instance, if you are struggling to connect to CarPlay, try pairing your iPhone with the AirPods or elementary Bluetooth speakers. If in that location’s no issue while pairing to a different device, your iPhone isn’t the culprit and you should move on to Fix 5.

Fix five. Reset All Your iPhone Settings

Another way to prepare your iPhone’s Bluetooth is to simply reset the network settings on your iPhone. Resetting the network settings will restore the default Bluetooth settings and you’ll be able to connect to Bluetooth without any hassle. Here’s the detailed step-by-step process to reset the network settings on your iPhone.

  • Step i: Open “Settings” and click “General”.
  • Step two: Coil down and click the “Reset” option.
  • Footstep 3: On the next screen, click on “Reset Network Settings”. If prompted, enter your screen passcode and again click “Reset Network Settings” to complete the process.

    reset network settings

Prepare vi. Update iOS to the Latest Version

As we mentioned earlier, Apple is continuously pushing new software updates for its latest iOS 15. All the latest updates contain fewer bugs and are configured to heighten the overall user experience. Installing the latest software updates will update the Bluetooth pack on your device and eradicate all the compatibility problems instantly.

update ios to fix iphone 13 bluetooth not discovering devices

To cheque for software updates, again open the “Settings” app and click “General”. Select the “Software Update” pick. If there are any pending software updates, select the desired update and click “Install Now”. The update will be automatically installed and yous’ll exist able to pair your iPhone to other Bluetooth devices easily.

Fix 7. Reset Your iPhone to Factory Settings

If your iPhone 13 all the same won’t connect to CarPlay or an external Bluetooth device, you can besides restore factory settings to troubleshoot the trouble. In that location’s a possibility that a hidden third-party awarding is triggering the fault, which is quite impossible to find. So, resetting the device to default settings will delete all the unnecessary third-party apps and you lot’ll exist able to fix the Bluetooth mistake easily. The only downside of this method is that restoring the factory settings will completely wipe out your device and you’ll have to bargain with data loss. So we recommend backing up your telephone data alee of time.

  • Step i: Open up the “Settings” app and click “General”.
  • Step 2: Scroll downwardly and click “Reset”.
  • Pace 3: On the next screen, click “Erase All Content and Settings”. Enter the screen passcode to ostend your actions.

    erase all content and settings

Gear up eight. Disable VPN

Finally, if aught works and your iPhone is unable to connect to any Bluetooth device, there’s a huge probability that something is wrong with the hardware itself. In this situation, instead of troubleshooting the trouble on your own, information technology would be ameliorate to visit the official AppleCare Center and get the device repaired nether an expert’s assistance.

Part 3. One-Finish Solution to Fix Any iPhone Not Connecting to Bluetooth [No Data Loss]

At present, before y’all leave and spend hundreds of dollars on getting the device repaired, you may want to try a troubleshooting solution one last time to gear up the trouble. Nosotros recommend using UltFone iOS Arrangement Repair. It’due south a dedicated system recovery tool for iPhone/iPad that’s designed to automatically diagnose and fix different system errors.

In fact, y’all can use the tool to troubleshoot 150+ system errors, which are hard to fix otherwise. Ane of the biggest advantages of using UltFone iOS System Repair is that information technology won’t crusade any data loss while troubleshooting the iDevice.

Here are some of the key features of UltFone iOS Arrangement Repair that brand it the most reliable system repair tool for all iOS users.

  • Enter or Leave the recovery way on iPhone/iPad with merely ane click.
  • Troubleshoot 150+ iOS error and 200+ iTunes errors.
  • Reset your iPhone/iPad, even if yous don’t remember the iCloud password.
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone 13 and iOS 15.

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Here’s a detailed step-by-step process to fix the “iPhone Bluetooth connexion unsuccessful” error using UltFone iOS Arrangement Repair tool.

  • Footstep i
    Install and launch UltFone iOS System Repair on your system and click the “Beginning” button on its home screen.

    fix iphone 13 not connecting to wifi using ultfone ios system repair
  • Footstep ii
    Now, connect your iPhone to the computer and select “Standard Repair Manner” to become further.

    fix bluetooth not working on iphone without data loss
  • Footstep 3
    Select a destination folder and click the “Download” button.

    update iphone to fix bluetooth not working issue
  • Stride 4
    In one case the process completes, click “Outset Standard Repair”.

    start to fix iphone 13 wont connect to bluetoot
  • Step 5
    The tool will initiate the repairing process then. Later a few minutes, you’ll run into a confirmation message on your screen and your iPhone volition exist able to connect to Bluetooth without encountering whatsoever problems.

    successfully fix iphone 13 pro not connecting to bluetooth


The “iPhone 13 won’t connect to bluetooth” is an unexpected error that whatsoever iPhone xiii user tin come across from time to fourth dimension. But, the good news is that you can easily fix information technology by following the to a higher place-mentioned solutions. And, in case y’all don’t want to deal with any data loss, but install UltFone iOS System Repair and use it to troubleshoot the bluetooth not working on iPhone issue.

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