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No affair how many enhancements Apple tree makes in its phones every yr, some event or the other is jump to creep in. iPhone 13 and its other models are no exception to this. There are a lot of complaints from iPhone 13 users that they are facing Wi-Fi connectivity and speed issues. It does not hateful that at that place is some hardware issue on your iPhone 13 mini, iPhone thirteen, or iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max. Several reasons are causing the Wi-Fi speed issues on iPhone 13 and information technology has also been reported that the WiFi is disconnecting later some time.

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Whatever specific problem yous are facing with WiFi in your iPhone 13 variants, nosotros will assist you troubleshoot all of them. In this article, we have mentioned some potential fixes that can assistance you lot troubleshoot the issues that you are facing with your WiFi.
Then without wasting whatsoever time, let’s go through them ane past ane.

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Restart your Router

Before tweaking the settings of your iPhone thirteen, information technology is sensible to troubleshoot your router. Reportedly, most of the iPhone 13 owners were able to get rid of the Wifi issues by but restarting the router.

And then let’due south brainstorm by restarting your router and then attempt connecting your iPhone 13 to the Wi-Fi. It may assistance to resolve the issue.
Later on you turn it off, you should wait for at to the lowest degree 10 seconds before your restart your router. This is recommended to guarantee that the local storage is empty and the capacitor is completely articulate. If there was whatever setting or cache result that was causing the problem, it will be gone forever.

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Update your Router’s firmware

If upgrading your router did non help, you lot should try upgrading your Router’s firmware. Updating the firmware of your router helps resolve a lot of problems and hopefully will fix this issue also.

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Force Reboot your iPhone 13

If the problem persists, let’s begin tweaking your iPhone 13. We can endeavor to hard reboot or force restart our device to get rid of the issue.

The procedure of strength restarting your iPhone 13 is like to the previous iPhone models.

Press the Volume Up and Book Down Push then long press and agree the Side button of your iPhone 13 until you see the Apple tree logo appear on the screen.

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Forget the Wi-Fi Network and Reconnect once again

Are yous unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network and getting the ‘password you’ve entered is incorrect’ mistake repeatedly even if yous are entering the right password? If aye, you lot should try to forget the Wi-Fi network so that the network settings and password are cleared.

Here is how you can do it:

Settings > Wi-Fi > Forget This Network.
You’ll exist prompted to ostend if you desire to forget the Wi-Fi Network. Tap confirm.

Later on you lot remove the WiFi network, try to reconnect to the network again.

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Disable VPN

If VPN is enabled on your iPhone xiii, it may be the culprit here. Try to disable the VPN from the settings.
Here’s how you can disable information technology:

  • Go to the Settings App on your iPhone.
  • Select VPN settings.
  • At present toggle the VPN settings to off position.

You can also disable the VPN from the VPN app to solve the WiFi issue on your iPhone thirteen.

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Enable the Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi assistance is an in-built feature on your iPhone thirteen that helps you resolve Wi-Fi issues and let yous access cellular data when the Wi-Fi connectivity is not up to the mark.

Reportedly, some of the bug with Wi-Fi can be fixed by just turning off the toggle next to it and and so turning it back on.

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Here’s how you tin turn off the Wi-Fi assist feature on your iPhone 13:

  • Get to the Settings App.
  • Open the Cellular settings.
  • Ringlet down and plow off the toggle next to Wi-Fi assist.

Y’all tin re-enable the Wi-Fi in the same way.

The Last Resort

If you are all the same experiencing issues with Wi-Fi even after trying all the to a higher place fixes, the but option left with you is to factory reset your iPhone 13. After yous factory reset information technology, it will turn into a brand new device just brought from the store. Yous can so prepare it up from iTunes. This volition probably help get rid of the problem-causing settings. If the trouble persists, you should contact the Apple Store near you.

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