Iphone 14 Launch: What We Expect At Apple’s Sept. 7 Event

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What to await from Apple’s iPhone fourteen event

Gadgets galore

Apple tree’southward iPhone 14 launch upshot is only days away, and information technology’s expected to showcase a range of new devices — not just a new iPhone. Nosotros’re also on the lookout for 3 (yes, nosotros said
three) new Apple Watch models and even a refreshed pair of AirPods Pro earbuds.

Apple tree’s holding a small in-person result at its Apple Park campus and will stream the show online, similar to what information technology did with WWDC in June. Here’due south what we might run across at Apple tree’s hardware-heavy event, which is slated for September 7th, 2022, at 1PM ET.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max get some major upgrades

Apple volition, of course, reveal the brand new iPhone 14 in September, but the standard model likely won’t be the star of the show. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are expected to behave the bulk of the new and exciting features.

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

There are three large features expected in the 14 Pro and Pro Max: a customizable always-on display (a feature Android phones have had for years); a 48-megapixel rear camera with a larger sensor; and a screen that gets rid of the notch in favor of smaller camera cutouts.

Speaking of the cutouts, a study from
indicates the camera and speaker will have separate cutouts when the screen’s turned off only will course 1 long pill shape when it’south powered on. A tipster told
that Apple will use the extra space between the two cutouts to more than prominently display the privacy indicators for the camera and microphone, which users may exist able to tap into for more information almost what’s currently accessing them.
also said Apple may optimize its Camera app for its Pro devices by shifting some of its controls, similar the flash and autofocus push button to the meridian of the screen, with others housed directly below the cutout.

The telephone should too go an upgraded A16 processing flake and potentially take two new colors: blue and deep royal. It’south also rumored to support a faster 30W charger (only the phone itself probably won’t come with USB-C just yet), too as start with 256GB of storage, a leap from the 128GB floor that previous Pro and Pro Max models accept. The Pro line is also rumored to accept slimmer bezels and bigger batteries. It’southward a solid list of new features that Apple tree may employ to justify a rumored price hike for its higher-end iPhones.

Yet, information technology doesn’t seem similar the standard version of the iPhone 14 volition come with many major changes. The biggest update to the non-Pro model is expected to exist the introduction of a larger 6.seven-inch display in the iPhone fourteen Max — if information technology’s fifty-fifty chosen that. Purported telephone packaging from Apple’s manufactory indicates that the company might exist planning to swap the “Max” branding on the standard iPhone model for “Plus,” a moniker Apple hasn’t used since the iPhone 8 Plus.

Naming aside, rumors from annotator Ming-Chi Kuo point that the iPhone 14 (plus the Pro and Pro Max) may also have a better selfie photographic camera that uses autofocus. Operation-wise, the base iPhone 14 will likely utilize the same A15 processor used in the iPhone 13 serial. And if you’re a minor telephone lover, I’1000 sorry to say that a new Mini likely won’t make an appearance this yr.

Rumors take also been swirling about the iPhone xiv coming with satellite connectivity, something users can take advantage of in emergency situations without cellular service. Satellite connectivity was rumored for the iPhone xiii last year, and in Feb, satellite company Globalstar acquired 17 new satellites “to provide continuous satellite services to the potential customer,” which some speculate is Apple. The “Far Out” event branding could besides hint at this possibility.

New Apple Lookout models: Series 8, SE, and “Pro”

Apple’s gearing up to launch three new Apple tree Spotter models: the Sentinel Series 8, a refreshed SE, and a new rugged “Pro” model designed for athletes who partake in farthermost sports.

Let’due south start with the Series 8. According to
reporter Mark Gurman, the next-gen watch will come equipped with a new S8 chip, but it won’t offer a notable performance upgrade over the S7 and S6 chips. While Apple isn’t expected to include a mode to monitor your blood pressure merely still, it may come up with a temperature sensor that volition detect if you take a fever, too equally fertility-tracking features.

The Apple Watch Series 7 in green.

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Meanwhile, the new Apple Watch SE is expected to replace the budget Sentry Serial iii. It will likely come with the same S8 chip, an upgrade over the S5 fleck the 2020 SE model uses. Other than that, it doesn’t look similar any other huge changes are in store — information technology’due south expected to retain the aforementioned brandish size equally the current SE.

As for the rumored rugged Apple tree Sentinel “Pro,” Gurman believes information technology could come up with a larger “most 2-inch display” that’s “more than shatter-resistant.” It may also sport a “strong metal” case instead of a rubberized outside that was hinted at previously. A study from the Japan-based
Mac Otakara

adds more color to these rumors, noting that the Pro model could have a flat-edged display with a larger 47mm instance, an increase from the Apple Watch Series vii’s 41mm and 45mm sizes. It may not fifty-fifty fit into older Watch bands.

While we’re not expecting the first variation of this sentinel to come with satellite connectivity, Gurman predicts a future model of the Pro watch could accept satellite features, which is something the visitor has reportedly discussed internally. Fifty-fifty without the satellite features, don’t look this watch to be inexpensive — Gurman expects information technology to cost anywhere from $900 to $999.

The next generation of the AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro haven’t received an update since their initial launch in 2019. Now, nearly three years afterwards, nosotros may finally see the release of the AirPods Pro 2 at the Far Out event.

First off, expect them to look different. The new AirPods Pro may resemble the Beats Fit Pro, potentially with an in-ear wing tip design that drops the stalk. They could also have a focus on fitness tracking thanks to the potential for upgraded motion sensors.

Kuo also hinted at the possibility of the AirPods Pro supporting lossless audio, allowing for college-quality sound. This would also make the AirPods Pro two the kickoff model to utilize the Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) — even the high-end AirPods Max don’t support information technology. If the AirPods Pro ii do finish up supporting the Apple Lossless Audio Codec, information technology’ll be interesting to see how Apple manages to get effectually the limitations of Bluetooth, which generally requires compressing audio quality.

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Nonetheless, reports from
suggest Apple could take a different approach. Apple may instead be working on adding Bluetooth v.2 support, which uses a new codec that’s supposed to transmit audio more efficiently, allowing for either higher quality audio or reduced battery usage. A contempo filing with the Bluetooth SIG products database indicates Apple tree may be looking into adopting the technology for the AirPods Pro, and
says it saw references to the technology in iOS 16’s code.

The AirPods Pro two charging case may also get an upgrade. It may come with a small-scale speaker that makes a audio when you endeavor to locate it via the Find My app. Simply the AirPods themselves make a sound right now, and adding the capability to the case could come in handy if it e’er gets separated from your AirPods.

We may get iOS 16 and watchOS 9 launch dates

We first heard about iOS 16 when Apple announced it in June, and we have a pretty practiced thought of what to expect based on what nosotros’ve seen from the public beta. Gurman says Apple tree wrapped up development final week, and the visitor is probable to launch a finalized version of iOS 16 within about a week of its iPhone 14 effect.

iOS 16 brings a number of new features, including the ability to edit and unsend messages every bit well as a customizable lock screen. It also introduces repositioned notifications that appear at the bottom of your lock screen and a Live Activities lock screen widget that provides updates on real-time events, such as sports scores or food commitment progress.

Oh yeah, and battery percentage is back… but non in the way you might expect (or like). Luckily, Apple tree may find a style to squeeze in the old battery percentage indicator — which shows the bombardment icon and percentage side-past-side — in the iPhone 14 Pro’s status bar now that we’re expecting a design with no notch.

Apple Watch Series 7 showing the Create Workout screen for custom runs

Photograph by Victoria Song / The Verge

In add-on to iOS 16, Apple tree could also launch watchOS ix alongside its iii new smartwatches. The watchOS nine beta has been out for a couple of months now, and information technology’s prepare to bring quite a few improvements to the Apple Sentry. This includes new running metrics, medication reminders, sleep stage tracking, passive AFib monitoring, and enhanced watchface customization.

Is that all?

It looks like this is it for
particular Apple event, but luckily, we shouldn’t have to expect much longer for some other round of new Apple tree products. Apple’southward expected to return to its erstwhile pre-pandemic schedule of holding an iPhone event in September and then a carve up event in October to showcase its new iPads and Macs.

That’s when we can expect a new M2-equipped iPad Pro also every bit an entry-level iPad with the A14 flake. Apple tree’southward also rumored to release three new Macs, including a Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro, all with Apple’s M2 bit. iPadOS and macOS Ventura will likely make it effectually this time as well.

Nosotros’re however waiting for Apple’s long-rumored mixed reality headset, also, and it would be kind of a long shot to expect the visitor to show information technology off this year. Information technology looks similar Apple tree is making some progress, though. Contempo trademark filings point that Apple’s looking into “Reality” branding for its new headset, which its lath of directors reportedly got to test out earlier this year. Kuo predicts the device won’t launch until January 2023.

And remember that rumored iPhone subscription we heard about earlier this yr? There’southward apparently a possibility that it could launch by the end of this year according to Gurman, potentially giving yous the pick to pay a monthly fee to “charter” an iPhone or iPad.

Update August 24th, 12:05PM ET:

Updated to confirm that Apple tree’s event is happening on September 7th.

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Updated to add together new rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming devices.

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Updated to add boosted rumors almost the iPhone 14.

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Updated to add more information regarding the iPhone 14’s cutout.

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Updated to add more iPhone fourteen and Apple tree Sentry rumors.

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