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How to Activate Your iPhone on AT&T’south Network

And so, you lot’ve got yourself a new  — or at least, new to you — iPhone that yous want to utilize on the AT&T’s cellular network. How you activate volition depend on what kind of phone you have — i you bought directly from Apple or AT&T or an unlocked iPhone.

Here are the different ways to activate that iPhone.

If You lot Bought an AT&T Telephone Through Apple

When yous buy a phone via the Apple Shop (either online or in person at an Apple retail outlet, you get your option upfront of which carrier to buy it on. If you want AT&T, just select that during the purchasing process.

Activating the telephone is office of the Setup Assistant that y’all go through to configure the phone — later y’all’ve chosen your linguistic communication, Wi-Fi network, display preferences, and so on, your telephone volition automatically exist activated.

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If you lot’re purchasing it in a brick-and-mortar store, an Apple rep can probably assist walk y’all through the activation process.

If You Bought Your iPhone Through AT&T

A new iPhone bought through AT&T should arrive with the SIM carte du jour installed and activated. However, if it didn’t, you lot should exist able to actuate it right on the phone itself. (Note: Don’t, utilise these instructions if you are transferring a phone number from some other carrier or bringing your ain unlocked device.)

There are 2 options to activate your telephone: One is to visit AT&T’southward web-based activation tool
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; the other is to connect your telephone to your computer and open iTunes. (Make sure you have the most current version of iTunes by downloading information technology from Apple
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AT&T's online activation site

AT&T’s online activation site

Using AT&T’south online tool, first click “Activate your device.” You’ll be prompted for your wireless number and your billing or shipping Nix code. Enter the information as it appears on your documentation from AT&T and click Continue. You’ll next be prompted to confirm a pair of numbers: your IMEI and ICCID/SIM numbers.

To detect these on your iPhone, open up the Settings app and go to Full general > About. Scroll downward to locate both numbers toward the bottom of the list, and compare them to the numbers AT&T provides to make sure they match.

You lot tin can also find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on the keypad in the Phone app.

Follow the remaining prompts to complete your device activation.

If you lot’re using iTunes, y’all should be able to follow onscreen prompts to activate your phone.

If Y’all Have an Unlocked Device

If you’ve purchased a new, unlocked phone to utilise on this carrier, yous’ll need to first learn the advisable SIM, which you tin order from AT&T
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. You’ll want to insure that you go the right carte du jour to piece of work with your telephone; to place an society, you’ll need to enter your IMEI number, which you lot tin call back from Settings > General > About, or by dialing *#06# on the keypad in the Phone app.

AT&T's SIM Card ordering page, where you order your SIM based on your iPhone model.

AT&T’s SIM Card ordering page, where y’all order your SIM based on your iPhone model.

One time you take the SIM card in manus, y’all’ll want to follow the included instructions to remove the existing SIM card and install the new one. A SIM carte purchased from AT&T should arrive pre-activated; you can test it by trying to make a phone call or using Safari to browse the web.

If y’all’re transferring a number from another carrier, y’all may need to call AT&T’s phone activation line at 1-866-895-1099 and follow audio prompts there. In either instance, you lot may need to likewise restart the phone in society to finish the activation process.

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