Last Of Us Part 1 VS Last Of Us Part 2: Which Is Better?

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Two of the greatest video game franchises of all time are under Naughty Dog’s belt—
The Last Of Us. Both these serial are absolute must-buys for anyone who owns a PlayStation console, and for practiced reason. Both games have the classic Naughty Dog quirks but play quite differently and arm-twist a dissimilar range of feelings and emotions.

However, this hasn’t stopped passionate members of the gaming community from comparing both these IPs to figure out which one is the superior of the two. To put this statement into context, let’s accept an all-encompassing look at both these games and their selling points.


UNCHARTED: An Action-Packed Thrill Ride

1 of the biggest selling points of
is the fact that it’due south an action-packed romp that truly brings life to the adventurous lifestyle of Nathan and Co. Embarking on tomb raids and thwarting evil plans has never been more fun, and the fact thatTomb Raider
itself is using
as inspiration to reinvent itself shows but how incredible this series really is.


THE LAST OF US: A Measured Tale Filled With High Emotions

joel last of us 2

might likewise exist narratively rich, the stakes never feel as high every bit the tense moments in both
The Last Of U.s.a.
games, which truly sport some of the best narratives ever crafted in video gaming. The weight and lucidity of every performance is as captivating as can exist and contributes to a heavy, oppressive temper that ever keeps gamers on the edge of their seats.


UNCHARTED: Humorous Writing Makes The Experience All The More than Calorie-free-Hearted

uncharted sully drake

Naughty Dog has the magical power to make all their characters come to life with some truly infectious and likable personalities.
is no exception to this dominion — in fact, this series might’ve established this rule itself.

The banter that Nathan has with Sully, Elena, or any of his other partners goes a long way in humanizing these characters, making the entire experience experience more than calorie-free-hearted and enjoyable to get through.


THE Terminal OF United states: Hard-Hitting Story Shows What Gaming Tin can Accomplish Equally A Medium

might accept fantabulous performances and characters throughout all iv games, the serial doesn’t actually push the boundaries of video game storytelling beyond what is required. For all intents and purposes, Nathan Drake is the hero of the series, and his actions — while crossing a line at times — are always shown in a practiced light.

This is not the case in
The Final Of Us, where no character has a proper moral compass — including the protagonists themselves. It shows that anti-heroes can evidence to be incredibly relatable characters.


UNCHARTED: Breakneck & Corybantic Combat Sequences

One aspect of
The Concluding Of Us
will never be able to truly replicate is the energetic nature of the gainsay encounters. While
Uncharted 4
might include the option for players to take a stealthy route, the bulk of encounters in
are containment zones of pure anarchy, as bullets wing all around the map and Nathan jumps around the map similar an acrobat to take people out with his flashy gunplay.


THE Last OF U.s.: Tense Encounters Force Players To Play Smart

the last of us 2 seraphite e3 gameplay

The Last Of U.s.
lacks in this frenetic combat pace, it more than than makes upwards for with the oppressive and tense nature of well-nigh combat encounters. Players tin can’t go into a room guns-blazing and look things to work out for the meliorate.

Every combat scenario needs to exist analyzed then that players tin can dispatch of enemies in the quietest and nearly economical ways possible. A total-diddled run across would serve as nothing more than a consummate waste of ammunition.


UNCHARTED: Parkour Is As Fluid As Tin can Be

uncharted delayed

It would exist impossible to talk about the positives of the
games without mentioning the fluid parkour organization. Jumping around the map and climbing obstacles has never been more engaging than when
decided to refine this movement organization to feel every bit satisfying as possible.


THE Final OF US: Crafting Adds A Ton Of Depth To Gameplay

The Last of Us 2 spare or kill Bear

While the crafting mechanic in
The Final Of Usa
might seem similar a tacked-on mechanic at first glance, it’s only through extended gameplay sessions that the player understands just how deceptively brilliant this mechanic is.

The environments of
The Last Of Us
games never feel slow to explore, and materials are never in shortage if the gamer is diligent enough. Forth with this, there’south just an extra level of tension added to the gameplay when the role player needs to craft something in a flash to gain the upper hand.


UNCHARTED: Went Out On A High Note

Drake and elena sharing some time together

Endeavour every bit nosotros might, the discussion of the fanbase’s reaction to these two franchises simply can’t be avoided. For all the criticism it might’ve received from the nitpickiest of games,
was certainly a series that never alienated its fans and ended with a rather satisfying conclusion.

The same can’t exist said for
The Last Of Us… although, at this bespeak, talking nigh the fan reaction to the second game is alike to beating a expressionless horse.


THE Last OF United states: Took Risks Most Games Shy Away From

Ellie VS Mel The Last of Us 2

The Final Of U.s. Part II
doesn’t get enough credit for is something that its predecessor also achieved and was lauded for — subverting expectations. Neil Druckmann took some risks when it came to the narrative, and regardless of the reaction to these decisions, there’s ane indicate that simply can’t be avoided — it got gamers talking like never earlier.

A constant drive to go against the grain and provide gamers with experiences and feelings that they’ve never experienced in the medium is more often than not why
The Final Of U.s.a.
is lauded past many as 1 of the greatest video game series of all time.

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