Macbook Pro 16 2019 Case

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So, you’ve got a make new sixteen-inch MacBook Pro, naturally — yous’ll desire to go along it protected. The sixteen-inch MacBook Pro is the most expensive model in the entire MacBook lineup. People that decide to go 16-inch Pro, are those that do good from its premium features and extra-large screen. Even though your MacBook Pro’s got a tough exterior, you’ll want to go the extra mile to protect this investment. Keep your Mac safe and protected with one of the all-time cases for sixteen-inch MacBook Pro.

Protect your Pro

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Which case for your Pro?

First, you’ll need to decide if you desire a snap-on instance that stays on your MacBook Pro while you lot use it or a sleeve you skid it into when not in use (or both!)

If you’re going the snap-on plastic route, we like the Urban Armor Case for 16-inch MacBook Pro because it’south like armor for your laptop. Information technology features a translucent, modern honeycomb design. Plus, a thick exterior to protect from scrapes and scratches, and padded corners to protect your Pro from drops.

If you dear personalizing your devices, yous’ll love the 40 design and blueprint options of the Mektron Matter Hard Shell Case for 16-inch MacBook Pro. This middle-communicable case is sure to plow heads. The summit shell is scratch and scuff resistant and the lesser portion is ventilated to prevent your Pro from overheating.

If you lot want a prissy sleeve for your 16-inch MacBook Pro, the Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve is a smashing selection. With rubber-reinforced corners and a fluffy, soft, padded interior, this sleeve volition protect your precious laptop wherever you go. Plus, yous’ve got lots of color options to choose from. Need something a flake more durable? Cheque out the best rugged cases for MacBook Pro. Whatever you’re looking for in a case, these are the best cases for the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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