Make Up Ultra Fast Shader

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Minecraft has become an incredibly popular game, and its blocky and pixelated worlds and textures have become iconic. As a effect, games that utilize similar looks are often chosen Minecraft ripoffs. Still, for the dozens of hours that players oft put into a single world, the pixelated expect of the game can get quite old, and that’s where shaders come up in.

Shaders are mods that completely overhaul how the game renders lighting, water, and much more. The MakeUp Ultra Fast Shader is one of the shaders that make the game await much improve.

How to install the MakeUp Ultra Fast Shader for Minecraft one.19 (Forge and Cloth)

Install Forge or Textile

Players will first need to decide if they want to download and install Forge and Optifine or Textile and Iris. Forge and Fabric are 2 different foundational bases for mods, including the mods that make the changes that shaders make possible in the first identify.


The Forge website and the 1.19 download (Image via
The Forge website and the 1.nineteen download (Image via MinecraftForge.internet)

Go to the Forge website and navigate to the download section.

Download the right version of Forge for the right version of Minecraft.

Once the download is complete, launch the installer. Make certain that the ‘Install Client’ choice is selected and so permit the installation process to begin.

Once the download is finished, the game’s launcher should be opened, the profile should be swapped over to forge and the game will be launched.


The Fabric Download page (Image via
The Fabric Download page (Image via FabricMC.cyberspace)

Go to the Fabric website and navigate to the download section.

Download the installer for the Os you are using. The Windows installer link is at the top of the website.

Launch the installer later it has been downloaded. Make sure you are on the ‘Client’ tab before selecting the version of Minecraft, in this case 1.19, and and then the Loader version, which should default to the latest 1 bachelor.

Open up the launcher later the installation is consummate, switch to the Fabric profile, and launch the game.

Install OptiFine or Iris


The OptiFine version download list (Image via
The OptiFine version download list (Paradigm via

Get to the OptiFine website and navigate to the download section.

Download the OptiFine version for the version of the game that needs to be modified. The download page should default to the most contempo version of OptiFine.

In one case the .jar file for OptiFine has been downloaded, navigate to the installation files of the game and place information technology within the ‘mods’ folder.

Relaunch the game, and OptiFine should appear on the list of mods.


The Iris Shader download page (Image via
The Iris Shader download page (Image via irisshaders.internet)

Become to the Iris website and navigate to the download section.

Download the Universal Jar using the link at the pinnacle of the website.

Once the Universal Jar file for Iris Shaders is downloaded, place the file into the ‘mods’ binder in their game installation files.

Relaunch the game to ensure things are working properly.

Install MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders


Navigate to the MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders page on the CurseForge website. Players should see download options for all the different versions of the game bachelor. Download the ane.xix version of the shader.

Continue through the pages and prompts until the shader’due south zip file is downloaded.

Once the zip file is downloaded, identify it within the folder labeled ‘shaderpacks.’

Relaunch the game and navigate to the video settings. There should be an option for shader packs. Select the MakeUp Ultra Fast Shader and utilise it to the game.

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