Marketers Now Can Import Pinterest Ads Into The Microsoft Audience Network

Summertime is speedily coming to a close in the Northern Hemisphere and, in the United States, nosotros’ve just come out of Labour Twenty-four hours weekend. This means many things: It’due south dorsum-to-school time, autumn is fast approaching, and the holidays aren’t far abroad! In gearing up for the upcoming seasons, Microsoft Ad’s hard at work delivering you more product enhancements to ameliorate empower you in your ad.

Since our final update in August, we’ve launched 34 new markets, released some recent vertical tips and a new episode of The Download, but permit’southward at present move on to this calendar month’southward product updates.

Offset, a key programming note: Yous now have
five additional months to migrate to Responsive Search Ads, every bit the deadline has been extended to 1 February 2023. This is an extension of the previously planned 29 August 2022, deadline. Learn more in the blog mail service here.

This calendar month’s top story: Pinterest Import is the latest addition to Microsoft’s suite of Import tools

Import solutions save you fourth dimension, make it easier to become ready, and bring your campaigns to Microsoft Advertizing. You lot may already exist familiar with our existing Import tools, which get in easy to bring over your campaigns, ads, and assets right from Google and Facebook. We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new addition to our import family—Pinterest Import—helping you to seamlessly integrate your marketing strategy across platforms.

With Pinterest Import, you can easily import campaigns from Pinterest Ads to become up and running on the Microsoft Audience Network. This import option provides you with flexibility and scale with our simplified import and advanced import options. The advanced import choice allows you to customise your campaigns for Microsoft Advertizement and make changes to bids, budgets, and other settings. Audiences will not exist imported, so make certain to use our Audience Network Planner to identify the right audiences to target before you launch. Here you can run across a full overview of what gets imported.

If you already advertise on Pinterest Ads and want to level up your creative strategy on Microsoft Advertising, now is the time to use this feature. Work with your account representative or our support team to start using this import choice.

Functioning Max beta: Google Import as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads

In other news in the earth of importing, Microsoft Advertising has built a solution within Google Import to simplify duplicating your efforts across platforms when using Google Ad’southward Performance Max campaigns. This is currently a closed beta, so y’all can sign up for it with your business relationship team and your Google Operation Max campaigns tin import as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads in Microsoft.

The following table illustrates how they would map inside Microsoft Advertising:

Features Performance Max to Smart Shopping Campaigns mapping
Campaign Campaign settings volition be imported as-is from Performance Max campaigns to Smart Shopping Campaigns, including campaign proper name, budget, bid strategy, location targeting, and merchant store.
Advertizing group name Nugget grouping names will be mapped to ad group names; withal, text and image assets won’t exist imported.
Production group Listing groups from Functioning Max campaigns will be mapped as-is to the product groups in Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads.

  • Nosotros’re also working towards supporting multiple product groups.
Product ads Product ads will be autogenerated consequent with today’s experience.

Support for Multimedia Ads in Microsoft Advertising Editor

Microsoft Advertisement’s Multimedia Ads, which are unique in the search ad landscape, are another fantastic way to level up your creative strategy and drive performance (just ask Nissan, Looka, and ADT). We’re excited to now announce that, as of concluding week,
support for managing Multimedia Ads for search campaigns in the Microsoft Advertisement Editor is generally available in all markets! Support for the Microsoft Audition Network is notwithstanding in airplane pilot.

This is a big pace in helping advertisers leverage these unique ad types in their campaigns, and we’re excited to deliver it. Check out your Multimedia Ads in the Microsoft Advertising Editor today!

Example image of how Multimedia Ads appear in the search engine results page.

General availability of Prowl Ads and Tours and Activities Ads

Terminal month, we announced the official release of Automotive Ads to all advertisers globally, and at present nosotros’re delighted to share that Cruise Ads and Tours and Activities Ads are as well by and large available! To learn more about how these ads work and why you should use them, check out our blog Keep performance high with vertical ads.

Example of Cruise Ads as seen on the search engine results page.

Subdomains in Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

Last but not least, subdomains in DSA are now more often than not available in all markets where DSA are available (check that list here). With this update, you lot can now add subdomains like in addition to your top-level domains like This means that y’all can be more than precise with your domains and import campaigns more easily.

That’south all for September—we’ll see you back here on 4 Oct with some other recap. Nosotros hope you all relish your summer—take intendance, everyone!

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